Sept 6

Post date: Sep 7, 2016 1:36:11 PM

Dear Son's Chapel Volunteers,

"September days are here... with summer's best of weather and Autumn's best of cheer!" (Helen Hunt Jackson's quote)This was a bustling, busy, very productive and fruitful day, preparing for out 9/10 Open House, with 25 quilters/stitchers. Sweet, fresh, home-grown figs were our lunch treat from S!

QUILTING NEWS: You 'all were optimists, responding to the challenge with real dedication... perseverance... and your "nimble fingers" invigorated our production and sure "Made My Day" (as Clint Eastwood would say), getting the FOUR quilts finished and out of the frames today! It sure was a challenging goal! THANK YOU! Now to get binding... forSaturday... SEE, you pessimists, we are multi-dexterous, ("talking/walking/chewing gum"), having permission to quilt during the meeting, while still actively participating, attentively listening, "hearing/seeing/working", too!!!!!!

Two quilts were bound this week (baseball/fireman and dinosaurs) and both sold; the 3rd quilt (Chevron pattern) was sold to a return shopper. Two quilts sandwiched, going home for quilting with M and N.

AUGUST QUILT REPORT: Quilt inventory - 27 quilts completed/for sale (25 baby, 1 breast cancer and the raffle quilt), 6 quilts in-progress, and 35 quilt tops sewn/available. And 6 quilts were sold for $528.46.

Year-to-date: 37 quilts sold, $1,100 quilt donations, total quilt income $4,125.10.

NEWS: Sat., 9/3, 7:02 am was a very rude awakening to start the day with a 5.6 magnitude earthquake at Pawnee, OK (tying the record of the strongest quakes in OK history)! Most were startled, some were even "moved", but a few slept thru the "shake...rattle... and roll"?!?! Thanks to A for donating batting, already put to use today. Our own"Sleeping Beauty" - B's medical perplexities continue with still NO answers and another referral now for a sleep disorder? B and G's craft price tags are really unique/ creative and cute too, incorporating a Chapel photo! DJ/S are off to Iowa for his accounting reunion and her visiting family where she'd grown up in the Boise area. Congratulations to M's husband, H, the State Horseshoe Pitching Tournament CHAMP! So sorry about M/N losing their beloved, 15-yr-old, West Highland Terrier, Annie.

HOW... WHY... The taffy was credited to S, hearing her story at our end of the lunch table about melted taffy and asking, "How to get taffy out of her carpet?" occurred as the taffy was being passed/shared.

OZARK QUILT FAIR at Shiloh this Saturday. B and I will be displaying our quilts in the morning, if you'd like to join us.

CHAPEL OPEN HOUSE - Saturday noon - 5 pm.


Woo... Pig... Sooie...Razorbacks! With a winning start for the season - AR 21/20 LA Tech!

P.S. Hopefully I've successfully mastered "modern technology" and this will be transmitted as a Bcc (blind copy) omitting the trail of names/e-addresses. "We'll see..." keeping my fingers crossed!