Quilting Feb 9th

Post date: Feb 11, 2016 1:56:22 PM

Dear Son's Chapel Quilters,

FEBRU-BURY is defined, in the latest Citiscapes, as a month of burying New Year's resolutions... with a nose-dive in our motivation. Sure NOT true, thankfully, for today's 20 very active and dedicated quilters/stitchers! For even with a rather cold-start (without heat), we celebrated Mardi Gras, enjoying a delicious, "King Cake" baked and decorated by E, and Ohio Buckeyes and chocolate sugar cookies, and warmed up with OH! such entertaining lunch-time stories (synopsis later)! Thanks to B for sweeping up/clening up today.

QUILTING NEWS: Six "wise" embroiderers came from a-far to the Chapel bearing 11 completed embroidery gifts; B - All Creatures squares; B - baseball center; D - farm animal, sea creatures and wild animal squares, and Mother Goose center; L - transportation squares; ME - bouquet center; and M - Mother Goose and Noah's Ark center (already sold). WOW! Let my sewing begin... with lots of NEW, completed embroidery work! Ten quilt tops have been sewn, and 8 already marked/sandwiched, with 6 in frames and 2 being quilted at home by N and S. And the 4 unfinished quilts from Dec. were taken home by A - bear/block, G - All Creatures, and N - sea animal and animal squares are quilted and bound. Thanks to ALL for your extra sewing time at home! And thanks to S M. for donating fabric.

Add another quilt to the Record 2015 Quilt statistics, for a total of 78 quilts SOLD! (The additional quilt was sold during the flood clean-up of which I was unaware). The income $ is accurate, per Treasurer-Jeanette.

Copies of "Why Do Quilts Cost So Much?", forwarded from N, were distributed. Using their stats, our baby quilts (approx. 1/2 the size) would be priced @ $400.00+. With NO intention of charging this and/or raising our current price, but FYI, just noting the cost of materials ALONE is more than we charge for an entire, finished baby quilt (material and labor).

Our latest, "something new" is a Sharing/Lending Library of quilting books and stories. Librarian G has a book list and sign in/out sheet. Our batting scraps were donated to the First Christian Church's "breast pillow project", with S as the couier.

S brought in a BIG, oversized, king quilt for quilting. It was discussed, but NO definitive answer; as our Chapel frames will NOT accomodate the 105" x 120" quilt. A decision will await M's return.

NOW... moving on to our "table-talk" (with absolutely NO reflection on or judgment of Son's Chapel or Volunteers)... Also well aware that WE normally avoid discussing politics and religion... BUT a local political candidate's integrity is being questioned... thus not justifying our female vote/support? With added color and laughter, as we then disputed our First Female Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's recent comment at the New Hampshire Primary, "A place is reserved in hell for those who don't support other females." So it became indeed a very unusual day... prompted by?

This said, will try to continue on for a brief synopsis of our lunch discussion: (names are intentionally omitted for anonymity to protect the innocent, ha! ha!, with many having been reared in homes of abstaining/ tea-toddlers/ Baptists) * One's mother never/ever would drink ginger-ale, as it was only used for a mixer with alcohol! * A mother visiting the son's new apartment, saw to her dismay, and questioned a bottle of vodka prominently being displayed on a shelf. He replied, asking was Jesus' 1st miracle "changing water into wine?" Then referring to the vodka simply as purified water! * A very prim and proper lady felt indemnified to accept and drink a "Pink Lady", connecting with the name! * At a 1st ever visit to an officer's club, she was offered to share a large glass of Long Island ice tea, only to realize the effects as she got in the car to drive home! * At a new college girl's 1st fraternity party, handed a glass of punch, she took a sip, saying it tasted funny. At that same instant, in walked the college president, (with quick thinking and wit) tossing the glass behind her, she extended him a welcoming handshake! * Wine glasses were strategically placed on the dinner table at only specific places; leaving/returning from the kitchen, the hostess saw that Auntie didn't have anything to drink. So asking, Auntie pointed to the wine glass next to her, saying "She said I'd like some of that." Thus the host immediately knew she'd sneaked a sip! * A CA mum liked the drink, named Tom Collins, never realizing the contents of the beverage! * A son walked into the house carrying a case of beer, asking mother where he was to put it? Her answer as she pointed to the door, "Back in the car!" * For mom's 80th birthday, it was a special dinner of surf/turf (being frugal she'd never before had such a treat) and ended the meal with Irish coffee. After 2 cups, she said,"This was the best coffee ever, and wanted a third!"

OH! How naive and innocent are these tales... surely most never knew!!!! Our hilarious discussion ended ironically with T's arrival and inquiry about our laughter and what she'd missed; and there she had in hand, a package of "Hurricane" mix... a fitting end, indeed!