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  • "As a former patient of Sam Schaperow’s, I wanted to write a review to capture my experiences and thoughts of my therapy experience. I initially sought out Sam for his ability in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Working with Sam helped me get through a particularly difficult time in my life with much greater success than I would ever had on my own. Sam is methodical and invests a considerable amount of effort and energy in his patients. His ability to provide constructive feedback is only rivaled by his ability to listen and absorb details. Throughout my time with him, Sam would regularly reach back and recall details I mentioned months previous. This ability made for a strong foundation from which Sam offered direction, and guided me to overcome challenges. Even after I worked through much of the issue that initially plagued me, I decided to continue with Sam to work on areas of my life that could benefit from my sessions with him. I owe much of my success in my personal and professional life to the work in his office. Though Sam's not in any network (I did, however, get some post-deductible reimbursement without having to fill out insurance forms), his extensive number of areas of expertise made it clear it would be worth the investment. Actually seeing him proved it was, for nothing I read about him was in the least exaggerated. I experienced first hand that he really does invest about twice the effort an in-network therapist possibly could, thus giving me the kind of results that exceeded my expectations. Sam is a well-qualified and effective therapist whom I would highly recommend for anyone seeking personal therapy 


    JTM  "

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  • "Excellent clinical psychologist!!!

    By Danielle February 28, 2008 at 08:46 PM"
  • "You are very good at what you do.  Tracy really helped me become the person who I am today. Helped me to become more comfortable in my own skin. Very good for helping with transitions in life. Really helped me task alot of issues. She's a really down to earth, sweet person. Recommend her for people who are going though transitions in their life and who want to change their life around" (6/06: Adult client who just completed treatment).

  • “I just thought I’d let you know that my kids complained how we occasionally miss a session, unlike when they used to see a different counselor that we went to religiously.  All of us really like coming to see you.  You’re a very smart man” (6/06: Mother of two boys).

  • “We’ve made so much progress!  Finding a therapist who is a good match is very difficult.  …. Thank you!” (8/05: Parents of a girl who had reached many of her goals in dealing with fears & phobias).
  • "We have done a 180 degree turn.  Some of my children were out of control, but now they are consistently well-behaved and respectful of our authority.  Implementing your [behavioral] step plan really worked.  I even showed my neighbor your step plan.  Thank you so much” (9/05: Mother referring to her son and daughter). 

  • "It helped to see you.  I feel like you really did care about how I was doing, and you helped me through the times when I needed to see someone.  If I need to see you again for a little while, you'll be called or emailed" (1/06: Adolescent girl).

  • "It was lots of fun to come and visit you.  There was even a little seat just for me" (2/05: seven-year-old boy). 

  • "We got a very thorough evaluation for my son.  This was not like many evaluations that attempt to figure everything out in an hour.  Instead it lasted a few sessions, and let us learn that he has several not yet known diagnoses, including Asperger's.  Sam agreed to collaborate with doctors if ever needed in the future, and from past experience I know that if he says he'll do something, he'll do it" (2/05: Mother of seven-year-old boy).

  • "Dear BLTPC:  I didn't always like coming in, but my mom brought me, so I went.  Sometimes [Sam] was tough on us.  He challenged us a lot.  He did work with my psychologist (Dr. Tracy Colsen) and psychiatrist.  I was using drugs all along and didn't tell him.  One day I wasn't using drugs and was mad at everyone.  I didn't come in, so he wrote me a long letter.  I never thought he'd do something like that.  Yeah, he's a cool guy, but I don't know when I'll be ready to deal with his help again, because I don't always get what I want.  Its kinda hard to be in family therapy when I have bigger priorities" (4/06: Almost adult-aged boy).

  • "I wasn't always comfortable with the process of coming in to see someone about our private family issues.  But, I think Sam did give out some really good suggestions and was always willing to go the extra mile (he was even willing to do a home visit when times were really tough).  He was able to look at situations from more than one angle and provide feedback based on each angle"  (5/06: Adult male client).

  • "[In completing a course of treatment for our son, we know that] the sessions are not as critical as they were in the beginning. We both appreciate all your help in getting us to this point; I'm sure we wouldn't have achieved the open relationships and discussions we've had with [our son] had it not been for your therapy.  I hope we can leave things open with you and at the first indication of any difficulty with him that we can pick up where we left off with you.  Please accept our thanks and gratitude for your professional services.
    Thanks again and keep in touch" (9/06: Two divorced parents).  
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