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Sam Schaperow, M.S.'s photographs were displayed in a gallery in Boston, MA, and both East Lyme, CT, and Waterford, CT.  Sam was also hired by Connecticut College to place his leaf photos in one of their buildings.  To hire Sam, contact him here: Contact Sam

Please select the photos to see at a larger size.

 It is said to hover just above the water.  This giant lily flower is one of my favorites.
This flower was in the gallery in Boston, MA.
Picture photographed in San Francisco.

This pink flower is so rich and full.  Imagine it framed in white at a size 16"x20" in a bedroom Picture photographed in San Francisco.

  Taken in New Mexico, I noticed how the contrasting hills, clouds, and rain looked almost like a painting.  I then thought to see how it would look as a photo.
  While on an airplane, I took this interesting picture.  Can you guess what it is?
  Wow!  The colors of these blossoms matched well with the background, and the crisp contrasting colors really did well as a close-up photograph.  This one was seen in Boston's 13Forest Gallery.  Location of photo: San Francisco.
  When printed with a sharper & darker professional printing process, then framed in silver, this leaf brings about an almost metallic vibrance.  This is the one that is in Connecticut College.  Pic location: San Francisco.
  Here are two red flowers with pinks and yellows in the background.  I feel the pair look good together, almost cuddling.  Pic location: San Francisco.
  The below yellow flower, found in San Francisco, is good for those who like yellow.  The trouble is that it is very hard to get a good print of it.  Fortunately, I do have one, and it is hung up at my office. 
  Taken in my nephew & in-law's backyard, this dragonfly came out better than many could have envisioned.  The secret was my camera's macro mode, and zoom lens.  Dragonfly's location: Stonington, CT.
  While driving home from work, I encountered this nice sunset on I-95 around Waterford and East Lyme, CT. 
  Taken in the mountains of New Mexico, the entire reflection is actually the top of my silver car! 
  These giant lily pads are able to carry a grown human, and the flowers are the same as the one I took a close-up of on the top of this page.  Location: San Francisco.
  The evening primrose has a primrose moth in its center.  Download file and view in windows picture viewer or equivolent, otherwise the colors might be altered by your web browser.  Location: My home in CT

Here we have something I put together using a turnip, carrot, leek, and cabbage.

Pricing ranges from  $225-$550 for framed professional-grade prints, depending on the size (largest size available is 20"X30", however even larger prints can be made on a case-by-case basis).  For a pair (mirror image is recommended, allowing two of the same picture, but facing opposite directions), the second is 50% off.  For two entirely different photos, the 2nd is 25% off, and each there after are 50% off if purchased at the same time.  Options for photos on canvas or stretched canvas are also available.