We have run DBT, anxiety, confidence, and many more groups.              

Currently available/planned are:

I. Anxiety and confidence group:

If you have difficulty speaking your mind, it may be due to anxiety.  Anxiety is defined as “apprehensive expectation about the future”.  Not knowing how  a person will react to your needs, or knowing it won’t be easy to express yourself can make it easier in the short run to keep quiet.  But most of the time suppressing your needs leads to relationship difficulties and unfulfillment.  This group is a small group (the range has been 2-4 people) where like minded people can get help from an experienced counselor to overcome these issues and improve your confidence.  Please contact Sam Schaperow, MSMFT, LMFT at 860-447-2047x1 for more information.

II. Seeking safety:

Are you dealing with unresolved trauma and using drugs or alcohol to cope?

What is Seeking Safety: Lisa Najavits, the founder of Seeking Safety, noticed that “When a person has active substance abuse and PTSD, the most urgent clinical need is to obtain safety.” Seeking Safety is a group treatment model geared toward helping people free themselves from negative behaviors they engage in, thus allowing them to move forward, freeing themselves from trauma. Seeking Safety is an evidenced-based treatment model, meaning it has been studied and shown to be effective for some people with active substance abuse and trauma history.

Who can participate: The groups are open to anyone ages 18 and older with substance abuse and a trauma history. However, the group is capped at 10 people and no new people will be admitted into the group once the 13 week module has begun. If a module is already in progress, new referrals will be put on the wait list for the next module, which will begin the week after the current one ends. In order to participate, clients will need to first go through a screening to ensure they are a good fit for the treatment. Please contact Meg Berry, LCSW, to complete an intake screening, and to discuss the fee for participation. Some insurances are accepted.

Sessions: Seeking Safety is a group based treatment that meets for 1.5 hours two times per week for 13 weeks. It meets Tuesdays and Fridays from 7:00-8:30pm. It lasts 13 weeks with the next module beginning the following week on Wednesday.

About the Facilitator: The groups are run by Meg Berry, LCSW, in her private practice, (HEAL: Holistic Encouragement for the Authentic Life), located in Waterford, CT. Meg has worked with clients engaging in substance abuse for nearly a decade, and has a passion for, and specialty in, trauma-focused treatment. She has been working in the field since 2006 in various capacities from outpatient treatment to inpatient psychiatric treatment to in-home therapy.  

An important part of therapy is modeling good self-care. Despite her busy schedule working a full time job and maintaining a private practice evenings and weekends, Meg takes care of her emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being on a daily basis. Her practice’s foundation uses a holistic approach; ensuring clients take care of all aspects of themselves.  

Call me today to learn more or get enrolled in the group.

Meg Berry, LCSW

567 Vauxhall St Ext, Suite 207

Waterford, CT 06385