Hello, and welcome to everyone!

My name is Sally A Wolf. I am a happily married woman, and the mother of four wonderful kids. For a profession I school my children and work from home shipping the items my husband sells.  In my spare time (the little I do have) I read whatever I can get my hands on and write. I wrote this little blurb that explains my passion for writing a bit.

There once was a little girl who was lost and in pain.
One day she picked up a book and got transported into another world.
When she finished that book she read another, until the problems on the outside
hurt less.

That little girl soon grew up and decided to write stories of her own.
She wanted to provide the help she had found, to someone else.
So that is what she set out to do.
You can find all of those stories here.

 I have created this web site to share my work with every one. By that I mean my writing not the packing and shipping I do for my husband. I have always wanted a central location to display my writings and photos and here it is.

As you can see from the Navigation bar to your right I have created several places for you to explore.
Site News
Latest site updates.

My Stories
A filing cabinet  where I have put all of my stories for you to download an enjoy.

Diary of Matilda the Sock Monkey
A little fun place about our basset hound.

Photo albums This is a place to see my photos.

Book Reviews
This is a place where I review the books I have read and rate them.

Have something thing to say or a question for me drop me a line.

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