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Moroni's Trumpet

Op.35 is "Moroni's Trumpet - Concertino for Trumpet and Orchestra".

The symbol on the front cover of the Book of Mormon that we used to print for investigators showed the angel Moroni standing on the world (globe) holding a long trumpet.  It represents him speaking to the people of the world 'with a voice like a trumpet' of the restoration of the Gospel in the latter days.  One day I looked at the symbol and thought, 'If he is holding a trumpet, what is he playing on it?'  This work is my answer to that question.

It is in 4 sections (a short pause between each one) and is in concerto form, but shorter, so I sub-titled it a 'concertino'.

Strangely enough, when I composed the 3rd section (with the solo Trumpet fanfares) I imagined hearing that section played on loudspeakers at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, the notes rolling overhead just like Moroni's message rolls across the earth.

Another bit of trivia - in section 4, when the Strings enter in mid-section, bars 323-338, the sound calls to my mind the phrase 'dancing on clouds' and I have so labeled that section in my master printout of the score. 

For the music, go to the Music Files page (on this site) and select the file called 'Op35-MoronisTrumpet.mp3'.