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Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary Legacy Inc. is an incorporated Association, established in 1987. It is wholly owned by contributing members of the RPNGC and currently provides assistance with funeral expenses and operates solely for the educational benefit of the children of Police Officers who are killed or die while serving.

One of the ways in which Police Legacy currently supports legatees is through the function of the Commandant’s Scholarship Trust. Through the Commandant’s Scholarship Trust, Police Legacy is currently aiding in the education of children of deceased officers.

What Police Legacy Do?

When a police officer dies, Police Legacy is there to help the legal spouse and children who are left behind.

Police Legacy recognises the important role a police officer’s family plays in supporting them in their occupation and we seek to maintain the bond that exists amongst all police families that is so often severed when the officer dies. For the widow/widower and their children, we hope to preserve the feeling of belonging and being a special part of the police family by;

    • Financing educational grants for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education through the operation of the Commandant’s Scholarship Trust.
    • Financing welfare grants through funeral contributions of K500 in the event of a serving members death.