A Specific Use Permit (SUP) allows the local zoning authority (i.e. City Council), at their discretion, to approve uses based upon site conditions and other specific characteristics of the request within zoning districts that do not currently allow the use by-right. The uses permitted through the approval of a SUP are identified by the symbol 'S' in the Land Use Schedule located in Article IV, Permissible Uses, of the Unified Development Code (UDC).

Below is the list of approved SUP's. Links to the ordinance associated with the SUP and other related information is provided. All documents are in PDF format and may take several minutes to load depending on the size of the file and the browser being used.  For questions about these files please feel free to contact the Planning and Zoning Department of the City of Rockwall at (972) 771-7745 or email planning@rockwall.com.

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SUP #Project NameCase NumberAddressStatusOrdinance
SUP #Project NameCase NumberAddressStatusOrdinance
S-001 Municipal Airport  1701 Airport Road Active  
S-002 Kindergarten & Day School  501 Austin Street Active Minutes 
S-003 Day Care Facility Z1973-001 915 N. Goliad Street Active Minutes 
S-004 Recrational Areas w/in Cambridge Co. Property  810 Walnut Ridge Drive Active 74-32 
S-005 Home Occupation Restaurant (Boots Burgers) PZ1976-001-01 701 Austin Street Active 76-06 
S-006 Auto-Laundry PZ1977-009-01 705 Rusk Street Active 77-19 
S-007 Mini Warehouse PZ1977-011-01 N/A [Abstract] Active 78-10 
S-008 Sewage Treatment Plant  N/A [Abstract] Active 79-16 
S-009 Concrete Batching Plant  2010 Kristy Lane Active 80-18 
S-010 Day Care Facility PZ1982-003-01 302 E. Boydstun Street Active 82-31 
S-011 Private Club (Bejars) PZ1982-011-01 400 S. Goliad Street Active 83-01 
S-012 Car Auction (Outside Storage) PZ1983-011-02 1730 E. IH-30 Active Minutes 
S-013 Baley Pool Cabana Z2004-022 5135 Bear Claw Lane Active 04-45 
S-014 Bon Appettite Z2004-023 804 N. Goliad Street Expired 04-46 
S-015 J. Ford Detached Garage Z2004-030 12 Crestview Circle Active 04-53 
S-016 Duggan Horse Barn Z2004-036 2716 S. FM 549 Active 04-60 
S-017 Accessory Building Z2004-038 2548 S. FM 549 Active 04-61 
S-018 Ice Train (Sno Cone Stand) Z2005-011 907 S. Goliad Street Expired 05-15 
S-019 Horizon Lube Center Z2005-012 2581 Horizon Road Active 05-20 
S-020 Accessory Building Z2005-015 2625 Rolling Meadows Drive Active 05-23 
S-021 Roberts Oil Change Facility Z2005-017 2325 S. Goliad Street Active 05-24 
S-022 Antique Collectable Sales for Shirley Black Z2005-020 502 N. Goliad Street Amended 05-26 
S-022 Antique Collectable Sales for Shirley Black Z2006-024 502 N. Goliad Street Active 07-01 
S-023 T-Rock Digital Path Towers Z2005-024 1411 S. Goliad Street Active 05-34 
S-024 Panda Express @ Horizon Ridge Z2005-035 2420 Horizon Road Active 05-55 
S-025 Accessory Building Z2005-041 241 Williow Crest Active 06-07 
S-026 Ice Train (Sno Cone Stand) Z2006-002 907 S. Goliad Street Expired 06-11 
S-027 Deck for Micheal Brown in the Takeline Z2006-003 1160 Crescove Drive Expired 06-12 
S-028 Enterprise @ Rockwall Towne Centre Z2006-006 710 E. IH-30 Active 06-18 
S-029 Dallas Towboys @ 291 National Drive Z2006-011 291 National Drive Active 06-28 
S-030 Deck for Brian Walker in Takeline Z2006-010 1170 Crestcove Drive Active 06-30 
S-031 Mirror Mirror Hair Studio Z2006-014 802 N. Goliad Street Active 06-34 
S-032 Detached Garage Z2006-018 2364 Saddlebrook Lane Active 06-41 
S-033 Carport Z2006-019 711 Stillwater Drive Active 06-48 
S-034 Life House Hair Salon Z2011-017 506 N .Goliad Street Active 11-37 
S-034 Sterling Tea Z2006-022 506 N .Goliad Street Amended 06-52 
S-035 Ice Train (Sno Cone Stand) Z2007-005 907 S. Goliad Street Active 07-11 
S-036 7-Eleven @ Hillcrest Center Z2007-013 3250 Goliad Street Amended 07-23 
S-036 7-Eleven @ Hillcrest Center Z2010-015 3250 Goliad Street Active 10-29 
S-037 Landing/Stairs for J. Roy in Takeline Z2007-015 1320 Coastal Drive Active 07-21 
S-038 Deck/Patio for J. Roy in Takeline Z2007-016 1320 Coastal Drive Active 07-20 
S-039 Landing/Stairs in the Takeline Z2007-017 1290 Costal Drive Active 07-22 
S-040 Stairway in the Takeline Z2007-020 1340 Costal Drive Active 07-25 
S-041 Honda Dealership Z2007-021 1030 E. IH-30 Amended 07-26 
S-041 Honda Dealership Z2010-007 1030 E. IH-30 Active 10-12 
S-042 Archer Car Care Z2007-029 306 E. Washington Street Amended 07-44 
S-042 Archer Car Care Z2011-014 306 E. Washington Street Active 11-34 
S-043 Animal Boarding and Kennel Z2007-030 711 W. Rusk Street Active 07-45 
S-044 Stairway in the Takeline Z2007-032 1200 Crestcove Drive Active 07-47 
S-045 Rockwall Marine Z2007-035 2325 SH 276 Active 07-54 
S-046 Firestone Complete Auto Care Z2007-033 740 E. IH-30 Active 07-50 
S-047 Accessory Building Z2007-038 2040 Broken Lace Lane Active 08-10 
S-048 Jacket Grafix for Misty Phillips Z2008-002 909 N Goliad Street Active 08-14 
S-049 Sonic Restaurant Z2008-005 3260 N. Goliad Street Active 08-22 
S-050 Sonic Restaurant Z2008-006 2155 SH 276 Active 08-25 
S-051 Deck for Michael Brown in the Takeline Z2007-022 1160 Crestcove Drive Active 08-29 
S-052 Concrete Patio in Takeline (Jungels) Z2008-009 1200 Crestcove Drive Active 08-31 
S-053 Jeffus Wind Turbine Z2008-011 1903 FM 549 Active 08-33 
S-054 Tennis Courts @ 530 Cullins Road Z2008-008 530 Cullins Road Active 08-36 
S-055 Vigor Way Hotel (Height > 36 Ft.) Z2008-013 690 Vigor Way Active 08-37 
S-056 Walkabout RV Dealership Z2008-014 2260 E. IH-30 Active 08-38 
S-057 Daycare (Perserve) Z2008-015 1292 E. Fork Drive Active 08-39 
S-058 Lakewood Garden Center and Alamo Waiver Z2008-016 1001 N. Goliad Street Active 08-40 
S-059 Accessory Building Z2008-018 507 Wildwood Lane Active 08-46 
S-060 Legacy Coach Inc. (RV Park-It) Z2008-020 1750 E. IH-30 Active 08-51 
S-061 Accessory Building Z2008-021 2855 Rolling Meadows Drive Active 08-55 
S-062 Grazing Animal Land Area @ 2625 Rolling Meadwos Drive Z2008-024 2625 Rolling Meadows Drive Active 08-58 
S-063 Horizon Village (NTB) Z2008-027 750 W. Ralph Hall Parkway Active 08-59 
S-064 Rayburn Country Electric (Wind Turbine) Z2008-026 960 Sids Road Active 08-61 
S-065 Ice Train (Sno Cone Stand) Z2009-003 901 S. Goliad Street Active 09-18 
S-066 Detached Garage w/ Separate Living Unit Z2009-009 3815 Pinebluff Lane Active 09-26 
S-067 Solar Panels @ 606 Shoreview Drive Z2009-014 606 Shoreview Drive Active 09-27 
S-068 Renda's Place Z2009-013 907 N. Goliad Street Active 09-28 
S-069 Heritage Christian Academy Portable Buildings Z2009-015 1408 S. Goliad Street Expired 09-34 
S-070 Solar Panels @ 748 Black Oak Lane Z2009-021 748 Black Oak Lane Active 09-45 
S-071 Accessory Building Z2010-002 315 Rolling Meadows Drive Active 10-05 
S-072 7-Eleven @ Horizon Road and Tubbs Road Z2010-004 3520 Horizon Road Active 10-09 
S-073 The Consignment Shop Z2010-009 201 Alamo Road Active 10-15 
S-074 Kim Hoegger's Home Z2010-010 106 N. Goliad Street Active 10-16 
S-075 Solar Panels @ 4 Soapberry Lane Z2010-011 4 Soapberry Lane Active 10-22 
S-076 Rockwall Honda Z2010-013 1030 E. IH-30 Active 10-26 
S-077 Rest Have Crematory & Call Center Z2010-019 2720 E. SH 66 Active 10-34 
S-078 Bail Bonds Office Z2010-022 811 Yellow Jacket Active 11-01 
S-079 McDonalds (Stone Creek Retail) Z2010-023 3066 Goliad Street Active 11-02 
S-080 Retail Flower Shop (Rock Ridge Plaza) Z2010-024 1014 Ridge Road Active 11-04 
S-081 Christian Brothers Z2010-025 129 E. Ralph Hall Parkway Active 11-05 
S-082 Accessory Building Z2011-001 2585 Rolling Meadows Drive Active 11-08 
S-083 Emmaus Church Z2011-003 316 Goliad Street Active 11-09 
S-084 J.K.W. Winery, LLC Z2011-006 2083 Summer Lee Drive Active 11-15 
S-085 Sno Cone Stand Z2011-008 2002 Goliad Street Active 11-26 
S-086 Buffalo Ridge Storage Z2011-017 5543 FM 3097 Active 11-33 
S-087 Congregate Care Facility Z2011-018 963 Yellow Jacket Lane Active 11-38 
S-088 Blasé Family Farm Z2011-021 1232 East Fork Road Active 11-44 
S-089 Hair Salon Z2011-022 4037 Goliad Street Active 11-45 
S-090 Rockwall Marine Z2011-023 2319 SH 276 Active 11-46 
S-091 Crestcove Takeline Z2011-026 1210 Crest Cove Drive Active 12-04 
S-092 Bella's House Z2012-002 206 E. Rusk Street Active 12-06 
S-093 J.W. Winery Z2012-003 301 N. San Jacinto Active 12-07 
S-094 Young Hyundai Z2012-005 1540 E. IH-30 Active 12-11 
S-095 Hair Salon Z2012-008 906 N. Goliad Street Active 12-15 
S-096 Accessory Building Z2012-009 2490 Day Break Drive Active 12-18 
S-097 Learining Academy Z2012-010 502 N. Goliad Street Active 12-19 
S-098 FUMC Community Garden SUP Z2012-011 1200 E. Yellow Jacket Lane Active 12-20 
S-099 Seattle's Best Coffee Z2012-015 778 E. IH-30 Active 12-29 
S-100 QuikTrip Gas Station Z2012-017 2012 S. Goliad Street Amended 12-30 
S-101 507 N. Goliad Street Z2012-018 507 N. Goliad Street Active 13-01 
S-102 103 S. San Jacinto Street Z2013-001 103 S. San Jacinto Street Active 13-02 
S-103 Tuff Shed Z2013-009 1780 E. IH-30 Expired 13-05 
S-104 RaceTrac Z2013-004 2205 Ridge Road Active 13-09 
S-105 606 Shoreview Drive Z2013-010 606 Shoreview Drive Active 13-10 
S-106 Eastridge Church of Christ Z2013-012 588 Stodghill Road Active 13-11 
S-107 Hyundai Z2013-013 1530 S. Interstate Highway 30 Expired 13-13 
S-108 QuikTrip Gas Station (Sign Amendment) Z2013-014 2012 S. Goliad Street Active 13-14 
S-109 The Vault Self Storage Expansion Z2013-015 1280 Ralph Hall Parkway Active 13-15 
S-110 Dunkin Donuts Drive-Through Z2013-017 3035 Ridge Road Active 13-29 
S-111 Fenton Nissan Z2013-019 1700 E. IH-30 Active 13-36 
S-112 5866 FM-549 Z2013-021 5866 FM-549 Active 13-38 
S-113 The Vault Self Storage (Truck Rental) Z2013-025 1280 Ralph Hall Parkway Active 13-41 
S-114 HCA Temporary Buildings Z2013-027 1408 S. Goliad Street Active 13-44 
S-115 Rockwall Fast Cash Z2013-028 1901 S. Goliad Street Active 13-46 
S-116 Groom Senior Living Center Z2013-029 182 Jeff Boyd Circle Active 13-47 
S-117 904 N. Goliad Street Z2013-032 904 N. Goliad Street Active 14-01 
S-118 1970 Copper Ridge Circle Z2013-033 1970 Copper Ridge Circle Expired; S-156 14-02 
S-119 109 St. Mary's Street Z2014-003 109 St. Mary's Street Active 14-10 
S-120 Fenton Nissan (Additional Property) Z2014-014 1700 E. IH-30 Active 14-24 
S-121 Platinum Self-Storage Z2014-012 4028 N. SH-205 Active 14-25 
S-122 921 Alamo Road Accessory Building Z2014-015 921 Alamo Road Active 14-27 
S-123 Marigold Learning Academy Z2014-018 401 W. Washington Street Active 14-33 
S-124 American Trooper Z2014-019 803 & 805 N. Goliad Street Active 14-34 
S-125 109 Weston Court Carport Z2014-020 109 Weston Court Active 14-36 
S-126 Cavendars Boot Warehouse Z2014-024 1880 E. Interstate Highway 30 Active 14-43 
S-127 406 N. Goliad Street Z2014-026 406 N. Goliad Street Active 14-44 
S-128 Christian Brothers (Outside Storage) Z2014-033 129 E. Ralph Hall Parkway Active 14-53 
S-129 Indoor Automobile Sales Z2014-037 1200 E. Washington Street Active 15-02 
S-130 503 N. Goliad Street Z2014-038 503 N. Goliad Street Active 15-03 
S-131 Hyundai of Rockwall Z2015-006 1530 E. IH-30 Active 15-05 
S-132 Jackson Automotive Z2015-001 608 White Hills Drive Active 15-06 
S-133 Avis Rental Car Z2015-002 898 Steger Towne Drive Active 15-07 
S-134 Spring Hill Suites by Marriott Z2014-040 Pending Active 15-08 
S-135 GearHeads Hot Rod Garage (U-Haul) Z2015-007 3920 E. IH-30 Active 15-10 
S-136 Blase Detached Garage Z2015-009 1220 East Fork Drive Active 15-12 
S-137 907 N. Goliad Street (General Retail Store) Z2015-012 907 N. Goliad Street Active 15-14 
S-138 Crush It Sports Z2015-017 1551 Airport Road Active 15-18 
S-139 Lilfe Spring Church Z2015-020 John King Blvd Active 15-21 
S-140 Children's Lighthouse Z2015-021 3011 N. Goliad Active 15-22 
S-141 LaJolla Pointe Addition Car Wash Z2015-031 La Jolla Pointe Dr. Active 16-02 
S-142 Rockwall Gold and Silver Z2015-032 1901 S. Goliad St. Active 16-05 
S-143 513 Windsor Way Z2015-033 513 Windsor Way Active 16-06 
S-144 5133 FM549 Z2015-028 5133 FM549 Active 16-12 
S-145 First United Methodist Church Z2015-037 1200 E. Yellow Jacket Ln. Active 16-14 
S-146 Residence Hotel Z2015-039 White Hills Rd. Active 16-16 
S-147 453 Cullins Road Z2016-002 453 Cullins Road Active 16-20 
S-148 Service King Z2016-003 1780 E. IH30 Active 16-21 
S-149 803 N. Goliad Z2016-004 803 N. Goliad Active 16-22 
S-150 303 Renfro Z2016-006 303 Renfro Active 16-26 
S-151 2225 Ridge Road Z2016-009 2225 Ridge Road Active 16-27 
S-152 735 Davis Drive Z2016-008 735 Davis Active 16-29 
S-153 Kroger Fuel Station Z2016-012 2901 Ridge Road Active 16-38 
S-154 509 Sunset Hill Drive Z2016-020 509 Sunset Hill Drive Active 16-44 
S-155 SPR Packaging Z2016-022 1480 Justin Road Active 16-46 
S-156 1970 Copper Ridge Circle Z2016-023 1970 Copper Ridge Circle Active 16-53 
S-157 5133 S FM549 Z2016-029 5133 S FM549 Active 16-56 
S-158 1910 Copper Ridge Circle Z2016-030 1910 Copper Ridge Circle Active 16-57 
S-159 Rockwall CCA Z2016-035 John King Blvd Active 16-62 
S-160 1950 Copper Ridge  Z2016-038 1950 Copper Ridge  Active 17-02 
S-161 Towneplace Suites Z2016-045 IH-30 Active 17-07 
S-162 Sonny's Car Wash Z2016-044 Ridge Road Active 17-09 
S-163 Rockwall Hotel on Vigor Way Z2016-033 700 E. IH-30 Active 17-12 
S-164 2260 E. IH-30 Z2017-008 2260 E. IH-30 Active 17-20 
S-165 506 N. Goliad Street Z2017-006 506 N. Goliad Street Active 17-21 
S-166 SUP for Car Dealership Z2017-009 1501 W. IH-30 Active 17-27 
S-167 2180 Airport Road Z2017-013 2180 Airport Road Active 17-29 
S-168 901 N. Goliad Z2017-014 901 N. Goliad Active 17-30 
S-169 Starbucks Z2017-018 782 IH-30 Active 17-31 
S-170 Hyatt Place Z2017-028 East of the intersection of La Jolla Poine Dr. and Laguna Dr. Active 17-38 
S-171 Freddy's Frozen Custard Z2017-029 3611 N. Goliad Street Active 17-39 
S-172 Mint Julep Z2017-030 406 N. Goliad Street Active 17-40 
S-173 Hyatt House Z2017-027 East of the intersection of La Jolla Poine Dr. and Laguna Dr. Active 17-43 
S-174 Rockwall School of Music Z2017-033  Active 17-45 
S-175 1310 Summer Lee Z2017-036 1310 Summer Lee Active 17-52 
S-176 302 Ranch Trail Z2017-038 302 Ranch Trail Active 17-54 
S-177 1785 IH-30 Z2017-044 1785 IH-30 Active 17-57 
S-178 259 Ranch Trail Z2017-048 259 Ranch Trail Active 17-59 
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