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2018-12-14 Terry Alsasua Memorial, results posted
The second annual Terry Alsasua Memorial Tournament finished; 17 players had signed up. After 6 rounds, Jerry Weikel wins clear first with 5.0/6 followed by Danill Fedunov and Kevin Chung sharing 2nd with 4.5/6 and a clear third for Fred Casten with 4.0/6. See Results>>.
2018-10-23 Western States Open cross table results posted
The 36th Annual Western States Open featured attendance by about 200 players. In the Open Section, GM Fidel Corrales Jimenez won clear first with 5.0/6. Class winners included Stephen Pulley (5.0/6) in Expert, Kevin Yanofsky (5.0/6) in Class A, William Wijaya (5.0/6) in Class B, Jason Gold (5.5/6) in Class C, and Kyria Kypriotakis (5.5/6) in Class D. Mechanics Institute - Team A (36.5) won the team competition a half point ahead of Seattle Chess Club A (36.0) and Oregon Chess (35.0). Top Senior went to Jeff Andersen (4.5/6). See the cross tables>>.
2018-10-11 Western States Warmup, results posted
The second annual Western States Warmup finished; 10 players signed up, 3 rounds $5 entry, for ratings only. Jeff Bilyeu and Kagan Uz tie for first. George Fischer, Don Meyer and David Toste tie for 2nd. Bob Bennett and George Smith tie for 3rd.
2018-09-25 Fedunov wins Nevada State Championship!
Daniil Fedunov's winning ways culminated in his winning the Nevada State Championship from the defending champion Mike Zaloznyy this past weekend in Tonopah. As a result, he crossed into a master's rating at USCF 2209 and earned the National Master title. Congratulations to our champion and newly minted Master!
2018-09-21 David Ryba Memorial, results posted!
David Ryba Memorial Tournament is complete, Danill Fedunov the winner with 6 points, Fred Casten 2nd with 5 points for 3rd Jerry Weikel and Richard Ash tied with 4 points each. See Results>>
2018-08-11 Fedunov Club Champion!
Defending club champion Daniil Fedunov won Jerry Weikel on their 4th game. Fedunov has won his second straight club championship and his third overall; congratulations Danill.
2018-08-05 WolfMan Swiss, results posted!
The WolfMan Swiss is complete, Fred Casten at the top, followed by George Fischer, and an impressive 3rd for George Smith! See Results>>
2018-07-13 Class Championships
The Class A champion is George Fischer.The Class B Champion is Jack Hayes. The Class C Champion is David Toste. The Class D champion is George Smith. See the Class Championship Match Page>>.
2018-06-14 May Day Swiss, results posted!
The May Day Swiss is complete, Angel Lopez comes out on top, Richard Ash in second; See Results>>
2018-05-10 Class Championship Qualifiers
Sixteen players contested the Class Championship Qualifier in a marathon 15-round single round robin. Newcomers Allen Stokes and Jack Hayes finished atop the leaderboard with 12.0/15, but Stokes won the berth into the Club Championship match against George Fischer by virtue of the head-to-head tiebreak. Jack Hayes will play Don Meyer for the Class B championship. David Toste will play Paul Mortlock for the Class C championship. George Smith will play Dylan Giesler in the Class D championship.
2018-03-22 Fedunov dominates Club Championship Qualifier
Defending club champion Daniil Fedunov wrapped up the top seed into the club championship bracket with a perfect 8.0/8 in the 5-man Club Qualifier Round Robin. Congratulations to Daniil, who was within 15 rating points of a National Master certificate.
2018-04-03 Larry Evans Memorial results posted!
The 7th Annual Memorial for the late, great Larry Evans took place March 30-April 1, 2018. 206 players appeared on the field of battle. GM Fidel Corrales Jimenez and NM Chao Zhang tied atop the Open with 5.0/6 (Jimenez won the Armageddon). Clear first place winners in all the sections included Abhishek Handigol in the Expert Section, Vladysl Shevkunov in the A Section, Felix Liu in the B Section, Abraham Martinez in the C Section and Robert Hill in the D Section. Top team went to Seattle Chess Club A. Top senior was Philip Harshman. See Results.
2018-01-11 Fedunov wins Holiday Swiss
Daniil Fedunov has won the 2017 Holiday Swiss with a score of 4 1/2 points. The 1/2 point was a bye. Don Meyer had a fine tournament and scored 4 points. George Fischer and Jeff Bilyeu were equal 3rd at 3 1/2 points. Click link for crosstable 2017 Holiday Swiss. Jeff Bilyeu made a deluxe crosstable in PDF format complete with ratings graphs. Click here to view the Deluxe PDF.
2017-12-08 Fedunov wins Alsasua Memorial
Daniil Fedunov is the overall winner the Terry Alsasua Memorial with a perfect 6-0 score! Congratulations are in order.
Tentative section results indicate A-B section was won by Don Meyer with 4.5 points. The C players found Jason Thoel with 3.5 points ahead of David Toste on tie breaks....I think. I will update final results once I confirm with Jerry. We have another new member! Dylan Giesler moved to Reno from Las Vegas a couple of years ago and found us! He will be playing in the Holiday Swiss. Thank you to the three young gents that came in and watched Thursday. Please come back! We would love to have you be part of the club. And, finally to Jake from Starbuck’s. A 2300 player from Ohio that just moved to Reno and has not played in quite some time. He played one game at Starbuck’s and rusty or not, he could be quite a force if he comes and joins us. So far, we have about 15 sign ups for the Holiday Swiss. See you next week. Terry Alsasua Memorial, October 26-December 7, 2017
2017-12-01 Houser resigns as VP, Wheat steps in
Unfortunately, Mike Houser has resigned as the Vice-President of the club due to some health concerns. We wish Mike all the best and hope to see him at the club at least occasionally. Bob Wheat will serve as VP for the remainder of Mike’s term.
2017-11-11 The new phone number is here
The club has a new phone number! 775-870-2856. Thanks to new member Adam Shisgal for making this possible!
2017-10-18 Western States Open results are in!
GM Carlos Matamoros won the Open Section in clear first with 5.0/6. Section winners included Michael Walder in the Expert Section with 5.5/6, Jaisuraj Kaleeswaran in the A Section with 5.0/6, Cailen Melville and James Bennett in the B Section with 5.0/6, Alan Howe in the C Section with 5.5/6, and Kaushik Ghosh in the D Section with 5.5/6. East Bay Area Chess Club won Top Chess Club. James Bennett won Top Senior. Seth Garcia won Top Unrated. Click here to see the cross table>>. Randy Hough wrote a nice wrap-up for the USCF website.
2017-09-23 Tonopah goes south
The team match didn't go our way. Congratulations to the South team. We'll get 'em next year.
2017-09-22 Annual Meeting
There was a change in the club officers: President Jerry Weikel; Vice President Mike Houser; Treasurer George Smith; Secretary Norm Wyatt; Sergeant-At-Arms Jeff Olson.
2017-09-22 David Ryba Memorial, Final Round 6
New member Angel Lopez Barajas finished in clear first with 5.0/6 atop the field of 18. See results>>.
2017-08-10 Summer Swiss, Final Round 5
George Fischer finished with 4.0/5 in sole lead atop the 12-man field. See results>>.
2017-08-10 Club Championship: Daniil Fedunov is Club Champion!
Daniil Fedunov won game 3 with black against Ernie Hong. Hong resigned the match, so Fedunov is the new Club Champion! Hong and Fedunov advanced past Jerry Weikel and Fred Casten, respectively in the semifinals. In the wildcard match, Jerry Weikel won 2-0 to advance past Patrick Nadon. See the club championship bracket>>.
2017-07-24 Library Management
George Smith, who already does treasurer duties, has volunteered to manage our growing chess book collection. Please check out library books and media with George Smith.
2017-07-06 The Club has a New Home! - with a couple limitations
The club has moved into the new space next door to the old place. At $200 per month, the bridge club is giving us most, if not all, of the week for chess events. It's going to take a little organization and the space is a little smaller, but the potential of having more events such as classes and weekend tournaments is exciting! The bridge club seems to have reserved Tuesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons, though, so leaving our chess gear unpacked is no longer an option. Polling seems to indicate that Tuesday nights might be a time to build a critical mass for a second weekly event, probably with fast time controls. 
2017-07-06 David Sheryka Memorial, Final Round 5
George Fischer had already clinched first place last week, and took a rest, but there were 4 games played in the swiss and the field expanded to 10 players. See results>>.
2017-06-29 Class Championships finished!
The 4-game Class Championship matches started on June 1. Class B had Jason Thoel clinching the 4-game match 3-1 over Paul Mortlock. Class C had Jeff Bilyeu clinching the title with a third win 3-1 over Jeff Olson. Class D had Lin Gold clinching the title with a draw 2.5-0.5 over Norm Wyatt. Congratulations to Jason, Jeff, and Lin! Their names have been added to the Champions page. See results>>.
2017-05-25 Class Championship Qualifier, Final Week 16
Patrick Nadon clinched the Class Championship Qualifier with 10.5/14 atop a field of fifteen U1800 rated players in a single round robin format. See class qualifier results>>.
2017-05-18 Club Championship Qualifier, Final Week 14
The 4 Experts qualified in convincing fashion, winning 21 of 24 points against the 3 Class A players in the 14-round double round robin. Ernie Hong clinched the top seed out of the Club Championship Qualifier with 10.0/12. Fred Casten got the #2 seed based upon record against Hong. Daniil Fedunov got the #3 seed. Jerry Weikel got the #4 seed. See club qualifier results>>.
2017-04-18 2017 Larry Evans Memorial results are in!
227 players braved some hazardous traveling conditions on I-80 to battle in Reno, some opting for the new 2-day schedule. In the open section, GM Alex Yermolinsky won clear first with 5.0/6. There were also clear winners in the Expert Section (Chinguun Bayaraa), Class B (Stephen Pulley), Class C (Guerrero Silvestre), and Class D (Trinidad Cruz). Class A had a 3-way tie among Lawrence Martinez, Aaryan Deshpande, and Addison Lee. Sacramento Chess Club won the team prize, edging out Seattle Chess Club A by half a point. See results here>. GM Yermolinsky gave a nice write-up for his winning Reno experience at
2017-02-17 Reno chess hangouts shifting
Daniil Fedunov invited chess players to hang out at Bazaar restaurant/grocery starting at 9AM on Sundays. It is located north of the Atlantis Casino, near Popeye's Chicken on Moana and Virginia. Reportedly, Shopper's Square still has chess players in their upstairs space above Marshall's after noon on Saturdays. Games Galore in Meadowood Mall has meetups on Thursday evenings and Saturday noon, probably with emphasis on dice rolling tabletop games. Go players meet on Sundays at 1pm.
2017-02-07 Terry Alsasua passed away
Eleuterio "Terry" Alsasua, a longtime club member, passed away on Tuesday. Terry was a National Master, an Original Life Master, and Reno Club Champion in 2006. Terry was my (EH) chess nemesis as I won 2 out of the first 3 games we played in 2005, but since then he racked up 9 wins, 4 draws, and 0 losses against me. He was 79 years old.
2016-12-15 Holiday Swiss
Ernie Hong finished atop the 18-player swiss with 5.0/7. Find results here>>
2016-10-26 Reno Western States Open in the books!
The 34th annual Western States Open has concluded. GM Melikset Khachiyan, GM Alexander Ivanov, and IM John Bryant finished atop the Open section with 5.0/6. Other winners included Michael Taylor in Class A, our own Bob Wheat in Class B, Guy Sirak and Joseph Levine tied atop Class C, and unrated Patrick Nadon in Class D/under. Team winners were #1 Seattle, #2 Mechanics 1, and #3-4 Mechanics 2 and Sacramento (tied). Farid Watson won the Senior prize. Click here>> for results.
2016-10-08 Tonopah Match - RENO WINS!
Results are available courtesy of Las Vegas Chess Center here>>. The trophy will be proudly featured at our club once again for the year!
2016-09-22 Western States Warmup
Fred Casten and George Fischer finished atop the 17-man field with 3.5/4. Results are posted here>>.
2016-09-15 Annual Meeting / David Ryba Memorial / Houser Donation
The only change in officers this year was a role reversal between Jerry Weikel and Vernon Young. You can observe the changes on the current members page here>>. Fred Casten finished in sole first place in the David Ryba Memorial. Results are posted here>>. Mike Houser graciously donated many books to the Reno Chess Club. It is really an amazing collection and thank you for that! Philip Dennis had done the same 15 years ago and most have disappeared. Lets all get the instruction that we need by keeping the books in good condition and recirculating them. Dan Shapiro donated and built a bookshelf for the books and even created a library system for us to use. Thanks guys!
2016-08-04 Hot August Knights (Fire Cracker Continued)
Olson continued his rampage and shared first overall with Fischer! Fischer and Shapiro tied for second as a standalone tournament. See the results here>>.
2016-08-01 Club Championship - Kevin Gafni wins!
On July 21, Kevin Gafni won with black in game 4 of the Club Championship to clinch the 6-game match 3.5-0.5 against Fred Casten. Congratulations to Kevin Gafni, the new Club Champion! See the club championship bracket here>>

2016-07-17 David Sheryka Memorial
David Sheryka, a longtime member of Reno Chess Club, passed away on May 25th. David once sported an Expert rating and continued to play Class A chess for the past 20 years. In his honor, and with the generous sponsorship of David's relative, Jerry Weikel held a G/30 swiss tournament with six rounds over two club nights on July 7 and 14. Daniil Fedunov took a bye in round 1 and went on to win five games, finishing with 5.5/6 and $100. Fred Casten took second with 4.5 and $50. There was a 3-way tie for Class A Prize among Vernon Young, Kevin Chung, and George Fischer, each winning $15. James Mann won Class B and $40. Bob Bennett and David Toste split Class C with $20 each. Norm Wyatt won Class D and $40.
2016-07-01 Fire Cracker, Final Round 3
Paul Mortlock beat George Fischer to finish alone atop the 7-man field with a perfect 3.0/3. In just 3 games, Paul gained 84 rating points. Jeff Olson gained 48. See results here>>.
2016-06-10 May Day Swiss, Final Round 5
Grant Giovannetti beat closest rival Bob Turner to finish alone atop the field of 9 players with 4.0/5. See cross table here>>.
2016-05-20 Class Championship Matches
Class Champions included Chris Hebein for Class B, David Toste for Class C, and Andy Pease for Class D. Their names have been added to the champions page. See the class championship matches here>>.
2016-05-06 April Showers Swiss, Final Round 5
George Fischer won the April Showers Swiss with 4.0/5 atop the field of 14 players. See cross table here>>.
2016-03-30 Larry Evans Memorial Results!
About 172 players showed up for the 5th Annual Larry Evans Memorial. In the Open Section, there was a four-way tie among GMs Kudrin, Khachiyan, and Sevillano, and IM Bryant, all with 5.0/6. Khachiyan won the tiebreak rapid games. See Results>>.
2016-03-11 Class Championship Qualifier, Final Round 13
The club calendar>> has been updated to show details through September.
After 13 rounds, Jason Thoel with 10.5/12 edged David Toste who had 10.0/12. Thoel wins the U1800 Championship Title and advances as wildcard to the club championship bracket to challenge #8 Dan Shapiro. Since Thoel declined the Class C simul prize, it goes to David Toste. James Mann earned the Class B simul prize. Andy Pease, who won the Class D simul prize, may challenge Norm Wyatt for the Class D Championship. See class qualifier results here>>. The qualifier is now rated! David Toste jumped 156 rating points! Jason Thoel gained 83, and James Mann gained 74.
2016-03-11 Club Championship Qualifier, Final Round 11
After 11 rounds, Kevin Gafni finished with 9.0/10, clinching first seed. Rounding out the rest of the bracket are #2 Casten, #3 Weikel, #4 Chung, #5 Fischer, #6 Peterson, #7 Chinnici, and #8 Shapiro. Chung edged Fischer on the head-to-head tiebreak and gets the Class A simul prize. Chung and Fischer will contend for the Class A Championship. See club qualifier results here>>.
2015-12-18 Holiday Swiss, Final Round 7
Attrition reduced the swiss tournament to 4 players last Thursday. Dan Shapiro caught Arlo Mann (who didn't play). They split first place atop the 14-man field in the Holiday Swiss. See results>>.
2015-10-23 Western States Open Results!
157 players competed in the 33rd Reno Western States Open. GM Jesse Kraai and WGM Tatev Abrahamyan shared first place with 5.0/6 in the Open Section. Kraai won $100 extra for winning the G/10x2 playoff. See Western States Open Results!>>
2015-09-27 Vegas retakes Team Trophy in Tonopah
Congratulations to the Las Vegas team for winning the annual team match. Defending state champion Elliott Liu and last year's runner-up Mike Zaloznyy defeated experts Virgil Reyes and Ernie Hong, respectively. Liu and Zaloznyy will have a rematch of last year's state championship later in October.
2015-09-24 Annual Meeting
The current slate of officers were re-elected except Jeff Olson replaced Rick Arteaga at Sergeant at Arms. 2015-2016 officers are: President - Jerry Weikel; Vice President - Vernon Young; Treasurer - George Smith; Secretary - Norm Wyatt; Sergeant-At-Arms - Jeff Olson. A few issues were discussed, namely that the club will likely return to 30/90,SD/60 time controls and that the events calendar should be more detailed. Please pay annual dues to Treasurer George Smith by Thursday, October 8.
2015-09-18 David Ryba Memorial, Final Round 6
Jerry Weikel beat Kevin Gafni while Grant Giovannetti beat George Fischer; both finished 5.0/6 to split the top prize of the David Ryba Memorial. Giovannetti gained 143 rating points! See the results HERE>>.
2015-09-06 Club Championship - Hong repeats!
Defending club champion Ernie Hong won with white against Fred Casten to clinch the club championship 4.5-3.5. This is the second year in a row Hong has won the club championship. See the Club Championship bracket HERE>>.
2015-08-07 Summer Swiss, Final Round 6
Jason Thoel finished atop the field of 12 with a score of 4.0/6 and a performance rating of 1830! Jason's pre-tournament rating was 1388 and he gained 148 rating points to 1536! See the Summer Swiss results HERE>>
2015-07-31 Class Championships
Congratulations to George Fischer who clinched the Class A Championship 2.5-1.5 over Barry Brandt! This is George's third year in a row of winning the Class A Championship. Congratulations to Kevin Chung who clinched the Class B Championship 3-0 over Bob Turner! In Class C, Mike Houser, down 0-1, conceded the match to Grant Giovannetti. Congratulations to Grant Giovannetti, Class C Champion! Congratulations to Norm Wyatt who clinched the Class D Championship with a draw to finish 4.5-1.5 over Jim Hunt. This is Norm's second year in a row of winning the Class D Championship. See the Class Championship results HERE>> George's, Kevin's, Grant's, and Norm's names have been added to the Champions page.
2015-04-13 Larry Evans Memorial Results
GM Alexander Ivanov won clear first in the open with 5.0/6. Results are now posted HERE>>.
2015-03-25 Club Championship Qualifier, Final Round 9
After nine rounds, the open section round robin rankings ended as follows: 1. Casten, 2. Alsasua, 3. Fedunov, 4. Young, 5. Fleming, 6. Hong, 7. Weikel, 8. Fischer, 9. Peterson, 10. Brandt. Kevin Chung advanced out of Section 1, while Bob Turner advanced out of section 2. As a result of performance in the qualifier, Vernon Young (Class A), Grant Giovannetti (Class C), and George Smith (Class D) won a clock simul against GM Sergey Kudrin at the Larry Evans Memorial (Wednesday 4/1, 7pm). The Class B prize was a tie between Paul Mortlock, Arlo Mann, and James Mann (Talk to Jerry for tiebreak). Grant Giovannetti started at 1540, gained 76 ratings points, and crossed into Class B for the first time with a rating of 1616. Bob Turner started at 1672, gained 80 points, and reached 1752. Vern Young started at 1920, gained 70 points, and reached a peak of 1990. Fred Casten started at 2000, gained 82 points, and reached 2082. See the rated tournament HERE>>. See results HERE>>
12-24-2014 Holiday Swiss Final Round 7
Original Life Master Terry Alsasua finished with 5.5/7 and clear first atop the field of 23. See results HERE>>.
10-28-2014 Terry Alsasua wins 2nd Annual October Swift Quads
David Peterson organized a 1-night, 3-game quad using newer increment time controls G/30+10 seconds. Perhaps because of the speed or the short notice, only about 7 players participated, but only four ended up playing. Terry Alsasua smoothly swept Shapiro, Chung, and Young to finish at 3.0/3. Likely one-night quads will become more regular happenings at the club, especially before or after major tournaments.
10-19-2014 Western States Open Results!
174 players gathered for the 32nd Annual Western States Open at the Reno Sands Regency. It was a six-way tie at 4.5/6 atop the Open section among GM Melikset Khachiyan, IM Andrey Gorovets, GM Alexander Ivanov, GM Alex Yermolinsky, GM Enrico Sevillano, and GM Walter Browne. William Sartorio and Raymond Muller tied at 5.0/6 atop Class A. Scott Poling won Class B outright with 5.5/6. Josiah Perkins and Alekhine Nouri tied at 5.0/6 atop Class C. Hailey Riley won Class D outright with 5.0/6. See all results HERE>>.
10-9-2014 Club Championship Finals - Hong wins the 2014 Club Championship!
Ernie Hong won with Black to win the match for the Club Championship against Jerry Weikel 3.5-2.5. In the semifinals, Weikel won 4-2 against Grant Fleming while Ernie Hong won 5-3 against Daniil Fedunov. In the quarterfinal best-of-4 matches, Club Champion Jerry Weikel took care of business going 3-0 against Paul Mortlock, Grant Fleming went 2.5-1.5 against Kevin Chung, Ernie Hong went 3-0 against George Fischer, and Daniil Fedunov beat Fred Casten 2.5-0.5. The club championship bracket is HERE>>.
10-7-2014 North Team Wins in Tonopah!*
The North team won the championship by a final score of 11-9, although we were pivotally helped by 6 forfeit points in our favor. The team trophy returns to the North for the first time in about 6 years. In the Nevada State Championship Semifinals, Las Vegas masters Elliott Liu and Mike Zaloznyy won convincingly over Ernie Hong and Jerry Weikel, respectively. For the Finals, FM Elliott Liu drew with Black in the first game and won with White in the second game a week later to win the Nevada State Chess Champion title against NM Mike Zaloznyy. In the Nevada Quick Chess Championship, Juan Jauregui won clear first ($200) while Virgil Reyes won clear second ($100) atop the field of 13 players. There was a 4-way tie for the $50 U1900 prize: Tony Chinnici and Kevin Chung claimed two of those shares.
9-28-2014 David Ryba Memorial, Final Round 6
Jerry Weikel won his fifth game in a row to finish in clear first with 5.0/6 atop the field of 17. Fred Casten was slowed by a draw with George Fischer and got clear second place with 4.5/6. See results HERE>>.
9-28-2014 Annual Meeting
Last year's officers were largely re-elected by acclamation. The exception was that Vern Young was newly elected to Vice President. Here are your officers: President - Jerry Weikel, Vice President - Vern Young, Treasurer - George Smith, Secretary - Norm Wyatt, Sergeant-At-Arms - Rick Arteaga. Two changes were proposed and will likely be tested in the Holiday Swiss during November and December. Games should start closer to 6:30pm, with exceptions given to players that cannot arrive that early. We will also be trying a shorter time control 30/90, SD/30 (instead of SD/60).
8-25-2014 Class Championships
Congratulations to Kevin Chung who won the Class C Championship! Congratulations to Norm Wyatt who won Class D Championship! Congratulations to George Fischer who won the Class A Championship! Congratulations to Matt Herald who won the Class B Championship! Their names have been added to the Champions page. The results of the class championship are HERE>>
8-23-2014 Summer Swiss, Final Round 8
George Fischer finished atop the field of 16 with 5.0/8. See results HERE>>
6-13-2014 Inaugural Nate Garingo Memorial Tournament complete!
A weekend swiss was held in Nate's honor on June 7-8, 2014. With some generous donations, especially from Tony Chinnici and Corazon Real Estate, the prize fund swelled from $315 of entry fees to $590 dollars total. Nate's aunt and uncle bought trophies for the top winners in each section. Except for one controversy, the tournament was an overall success especially in drawing some faces that haven't been so familiar lately including a visit by Edgar Reyes and players Eric Shoemaker, Phil Dennis, Craig Christensen, and Bill Case. Ernie Hong won clear first in the Open section. Bill Case won clear second. In the Reserve section, there was a three-way tie for first. Jeff Olson won the trophy on tiebreaks, but shared the money with Craig Christensen and George Smith. Phil Dennis won the Under 1600 prize. Bill Case won the brilliancy prize for Casten-Case in round 2. There were some eye-popping ratings jumps: Phil Dennis gained 101 points. George Smith gained 97. Results are HERE>>.
4-25-2014 Larry Evans Memorial Results!
196 chess players played in the 3rd Annual Larry Evans Memorial, April 18-20. GM Timur Gareev won the open section outright with 5.5/6. Aaron Grabinsky won the U2200 prize with 4.0/6. Samir Alazawi won Class A with 6.0/6. Sridhar Seshadri won Class B with 5.5/6. Kristian Clemens and William Bodnar shared 1-2 in Class C with 5.0/6. Eric Johnson won Class E with 5.0/6. Team Seattle crushed the club competition with 36.5 points. Russell Crenshaw won the top senior trophy with 4.0, but split the money with three other seniors. Results have now been posted. Follow THIS LINK for details.
4-4-2014 G/15 Tournament Concluded - Maybe Another in June
It was a fun, informal night with no ratings at stake, yet there was money to play for thanks to the generosity of Dennis Elrod. Four experts competed in a double round robin. Daniil Fedunov took the top prize with 4/6 and pocketed $125. Ernie Hong took second with 3.5 ($75), and Fred Casten took third with 2.5 ($25). Tony Chinnici was unstoppable in the 22-man swiss going 6.0/6 on the night and winning $50. There was another $25 class prize for U1600, but I didn't hear who won that, possibly a 3-way tie if you scored 3.0 and are rated below 1600. There was a pizza intermission near the halfway point. There was talk of having another G/15 night with pizza and money prizes in June. Also thanks to Dennis, the top A (Fischer), B (Herald), C (Chung), and D (Jackson) players in the Club Championship Qualifier will win a coupon for a clock simul with GM Sergey Kudrin on April 16th, valued at $30 each. The simul coupon is transferable.
3-20-2014 Club Championship Qualifier Final Round 9
The Club Championship Finals are set. The matches will be #1. Weikel vs. #8. Mortlock; #2. Hong vs. #7. Fischer; #3. Fedunov vs. #6. Casten; #4. Fleming vs. #5. Chung. The qualifier results are HERE>>.
2-17-2014 Nate Garingo Passed Away
Nathaniel Garingo, Reno Chess Club Champion in 2010 and 2011, and Nevada State Champion in 2010, passed away this week. He was 29. Nate, we'll miss your big smile and brilliant combinations.
12-31-2013 Holiday Swiss, Final Round 8
Fred Casten and David Peterson finished atop the field of 20 at 5.5/8. See results>>.
10-20-2013 Western States Open finishes in 6-way tie for first!
In the Open section, GM Jesse Kraai, GM Alexander Ivanov, GM Melikset Khachiyan, GM Sergey Kudrin, GM Enrico Sevillano, and FM/SM Ronald Cusi scored 4.5 out of 6. Jesse Kraai won the playoff. There were clear firsts in each of the other sections: Aaron Grabinsky 5.5/6 in Expert, Drayton Harrison 6.0/6! in Class A, Cailen Melville 5.0/6 in Class B, Brian Burkhart 6.0/6! in Class C, and Mike Farrill 5.0/6 in Class D. See results>>
10-11-2013 October Swift G/35 Quads
Ten people played in a second week of rapid time controls. Nate Garingo and Bob Bennett (2nd week in a row) took home $20 prizes. Norm Wyatt won $10 in a 3-game match against Lonnie Garcia. You can see the results here>>
10-4-2013 Get In Gear G/30 Quads
Inaugural quads saw a decent turnout of 11 players arranged into 3 quads. Daniil Fedunov, Bob Bennett, and Jeff Olson won their respective quads, each taking home a $20 cash prize ($5 entry). You can see the results here>>
9-28-2013 North vs. South Match
Almost all the news out of Tonopah was bad for the North as the South won both the State Championship and the match. Congratulations to Nevada State Champion David Lucky and the South Team who won 10.5-9.5.
9-22-2013 Annual Meeting
2013-2014 officers remain the same: President Jerry Weikel, Vice President Phil Dennis, Treasurer George Smith, Secretary Norm Wyatt, and Sergeant at Arms Rick Arteaga.
9-22-2013 David Ryba Memorial - Final Round 6
Club Champion Jerry Weikel beat George Fischer to make a clean sweep to 6.0/6 atop the 23-player swissResults are posted on this page>>.
7-26-2013 Reno Chess Club Championship
Congratulations to three-time Nevada State Chess Champion and now seven-time Reno Club Champion Jerry Weikel who won the crucial game 6 against two-time Club Champion and 2010 State Champion Nate Garingo in the Club Championship Finals Match. Final tally was 3.5-2.5. Weikel defeated the past two champions on his way to this seventh club title. See the club championship bracket. Click here for club championship rules.
7-26-2013 Hard Luck Swiss, Final Round 6
After six rounds, Fred Casten, James Mann, and Jeff Olson finished atop the 13-player field. See results here>>.
7-26-2013 Class Championships
Congratulation to George Fischer who won a second game in a row in game 3 of the Class A Championship finals against Dan Shapiro and clinched the Class A Champion title 2.5-0.5 in the 4-game match. In Class D, Kevin Chung clinched the Class D Champion title winning 3-1 in his 4-game match against Andrew Pease. Matt Herald claimed the title of Class B Champion by winning 3-0 against James Mann. In Class C, Paul Mortlock won game 3, clinching the match 2.5-0.5 against Mauricio Amaya and claiming the title of Class C Champion. See the results page>>
4-6-2013 Larry Evans Memorial
167 players came to play in the second year of the Larry Evans Memorial, formerly the Far West Open which would be in its 13th year. The 62-player open section was won by GM Alexander Ivanov (winner of the rapid playoff), GM Sergey Kudrin, GM Walter Browne, and IM Ray Kaufman with 5.0/6. Winning teams were Mechanics (35), Sacramento (32), and Foster City (31.5). See results>>.
3-15-2013 Reno Chess Club Championship Qualifier
Defending club champion Daniil Fedunov finished with an 8.0/8 record and top seed in the bracket. The Cinderella story is James Mann who went 3.0/4 against high-rated players and gained 112 rating points. See Results>>.
12-14-12 Alsasua Wins Holiday Swiss
No. 2 seed Terry Alsasua finished with a score of 5.5/6, winning the 20-player 2012 Holiday Swiss. For the cross table, click on Results.
10-26-12 Reno Chess Club Places Second in the Western States Open
The Seattle Chess Club took top team prize with 33.5 points in the 2012 Western States Open. The Reno Chess Club was second with 33 points, followed by the Sacramento Chess Club, with 32.5, and the Utah Chess Club with 32. GM Alexander Ivanov took home the trophy in the Open section. See all the Western States Open results.
10-1-12 It's a Repeat for the South
In spite of forfeiting 2 points in Class C, the South defeated the North, 11.5-8.5, on Sept. 29 in Tonopah. The South has now won two years in a row. FIDE Master David Lucky held off Daniil Fedunov, of the Reno Chess Club, to retain his state title for the second consecutive year. The 14-year-old Fedunov was shooting at becoming the youngest-ever Nevada state champion. Nevertheless, Fedunov tied the record, held by former Reno Chess Club prodigy Philip Xiao Wang, for youngest challenger for the state title. Wang, now a FIDE Master with three IM norms, unsuccessfully challenged for the title in 1997, when he was 14. Fedunov tied Wang for the record of youngest-ever Reno Chess Club champion, which Wang set in 1997. Other results: In the open section, Jerry Weikel split with the South's Glenn Bidari, while Virgilio Reyes topped the Reno Chess' Club's George Fischer, 1.5-0.5. Class A: The South's Ryan Phillips topped David Peterson, 1.5-0.5, and Juan Pablo Jauregui beat the North's Matt Herald, 2-0. Class B: Reno's Paul Mortlock split with Royce Pereira and the South's Jonathan Zavala topped Tony Chinnici, 1.5-0.5. Class C: the South's Jonathan Mikolic saw double duty, defeating George Smith in his first game, but losing to Rick Arteaga in Game 2. The South also forfeited two games. Class D: The North's Jeff Olson and Kevin Chung split with their Southern counterparts — Olson 1-1 with Chris De La Vega and Chung 1-1 with Alexander Malin.
9-27-12 Fedunov Wins David Ryba Memorial On A Tiebreaker
Top seed and 2012 Reno Chess Club champion Daniil Fedunov edged out No. 8 seed Matt Herald on a head-to-head tiebreaker to win the 2012 David Ryba Memorial. The 14-year-old Fedunov and Herald both finished 5.0/6. Click Results for the cross tables.
9-27-12 Reno Chess Club Officers Elected
The Reno Chess Club voted in the following officers on Thursday: President: Jerry Weikel; Vice President: Mike Houser; Treasurer: George Smith; Secretary: Norman Wyatt; Sergeant at Arms: Rick Arteaga. Assistant Sergeant at Arms: George Fischer.
8-9-12 2012 Class Champions
The 2012 Class Champions are as follows: Class A: Edgar Reyes (who topped Dr. Dan Shapiro via coin flip after a tiebreaker failed to solve the contest, which was tied 5-5 after classical, rapid and blitz); Class B: Wayne Smith (who defeated Arlo Mann, 3-0); Derrick Ferguson (who defeated Mike Houser 2.5-1.5); and Class D: Jeff Olson, who made it two Class D titles in a row, beating Edi Von Engeln. 2-1. Click Results for the cross table for each class.
7-16-12 Policy Notification for Rated Side Games
Though the policy has been in effect for some time, the issue of club members each paying $1 a game for a rated side game now needs to be addressed. A game will NOT be rated unless BOTH players pay their $1 per game to club treasurer George Smith. The nominal amount, which helps pay for the ratings fee charged by the USCF, is MANDATORY and MUST be paid to Smith BEFORE a rated side game is played. Far too many members are either forgetting or ignoring this long-standing policy. Because of the actions of some, ALL club members will now have to be reminded to pay the fee when they request to play a side game. If you plan on playing a rated side game, please take steps to remember to bring your $1 with you, as the officers will no longer be paying the fee for those who forget, nor should they have to remember to ask for the fee the next time they see the player. Also, please be sure to mark down your results on the cross tables, as players have been forgetting to do that as well. Thank you for your cooperation.
6-8-12 Fedunov Ties Record in Win
Fourteen-year-old Daniil Fedunov (2062) came of age on Thursday, defeating the Sicilian Defense of two-time defending champ Nate Garingo (2131) to win the 2012 Reno Chess Club Championship Match, 3.5-0.5. Fedunov, the 2010 Class A titlist, tied the record for the club's youngest champion, first set by Philip Xiao Wang. Wang was 14 when won the 1997 Reno Chess Club Championship. Wang is now an FM with three IM norms. Fedunov will now have the opportunity to become the youngest-ever Nevada state champion when he competes in the 2012 North-South Tournament, scheduled for either Saturday, Sept. 29 or Saturday, Oct. 6 in Tonopah. Click Results for cross tables and schedule.
6-8-12 Endgame Classes Now Offered Weekly at the Reno Chess Club
Tired of playing a winning game only to give it away in the endgame? Pay a visit to George Smith's Endgame Corner at 5 p.m. every Thursday at the Reno Chess Club. In addition to the free lessons offered by club president Jerry Weikel at 6 p.m., George has been devoting his time and encouraging members to bring in endgame problems to be reviewed. Join the arms race and improve your game, after all, the price for both is right — free, free, free.
5-11-12 Under-1800 Championship
Top seed Wayne Smith won the inaugural 2012 Under-1800 Championship with a score of 14.0/17. No. 3 Matt Herald took second at 13.0/17, followed by No. 4 Arlo Mann at 12.5/17. Click Results for standings and cross tables for the U/1800 Championship.
2-26-12 Former Reno Chess Club Prodigy Scores Third IM Norm
Former Reno Chess Club prodigy FM Philip Xiao Wang notched his third International Master norm in the 16th Metropolitan Club FIDE Invitational in Los Angeles. The 28-year-old Wang took clear first in the 10-player tournament, scoring the requisite 6.5/9 to earn the norm. Wang, who carried a 2452 USCF Elo entering the tournament, had a FIDE Elo of 2378. In addition to securing three IM norms, Wang must also have at least a 2400 FIDE rating in order to earn the IM title. In addition, he must pay a fee and have his title awarded to him in a FIDE meeting. Following the tournament, Wang gained 18 points to rise to 2470 in the USCF. The next bi-monthly FIDE ratings will be released on May 1, when it will be clear if Wang has indeed crossed the 2400 FIDE threshold. (Postscript: Wang reached 2390 in FIDE's May ratings.)
12-29-11 G/29 Alsasua Tops G/29 Swiss
Terry Alsasua took first place in the four-round, nine-player Reno Chess Club G/29 Swiss. Alsasua finished with a perfect 4.0/4.


12-15-11 2011 Fischer Wins 2011 Holiday Swiss
No. 4 seed George Fischer finished with a near-perfect 5.5/6 to win the 24-player, six-round 2011 Holiday Swiss. Fischer finished a full point ahead of No. 2 seed Daniil Fedunov, who finished second at 4.5/6. Click Results for the cross tables.


10-21-11 Chinnici Equals GM Kudrin In Clock Simul — Again
They have become the three words that GM Sergey Kudrin may be hearing in his dreams: "Ya wanna draw?" Kudrin, ranked No. 28 by the USCF, may not have have wanted the draw against the Reno Chess Club's Class A scrapper Tony Chinnici, but he chose to take that route anyway during the Oct.19 clock simul at the 2011 Western States Open. Chinnici, who now has played Kudrin to a draw two consecutive times, was the only player out of the challenger pool to do so. Way to go, Tony!


10-2-11 The South Regains State Title From The North, FM Lucky Tops Garingo
The Clark County Chess Club defeated the Reno Chess Club 11.0-9.0 on Oct. 1 in Tonopah. Reno fielded only eight players and won 9.0-7.0 in over-the-board competition, but two empty boards in the Class C ranks cost Reno four points and the title. FM David Lucky unseated Nate Garingo to claim the Nevada State Championship. Lucky won, 2-0. In the open section, Reno's Terry Alsasua split 1-1 with Ryan Phillips and Clark County's Glenn Bidari scored a 1.5-0.5 victory over Reno's Edwin Straver. In Class A, Reno's Jerry Weikel and Clark County's Juan Pablo Jauregui split 1-1, while the South's Reymundo Teves took a 1.5-0.5 victory over Reno's David Peterson. In Class B, Reno's John Clifford took a 2-0 win over Clark County's Emmanuel Orozco, and Reno's Wayne Smith split 1-1 with Clark County's Cameron Patterson. In Class C, Clark County's Royce Pereira and Jonathan Zavala each collected a pair of forfeit wins. In Class D, Reno's Phil Dennis swept the South's Marshall Ros Rosten and Reno's Jeff Olson split with Jonathan Mikolic.


9-29-11 Reno Chess Club Elects Officers
There will be one new face in the officers' ranks in 2011-12. The Reno Chess Club elected Jeff Olson to his first term as Sergeant at Arms. Jerry Weikel remains President, Mike Houser remains on board as Vice President, George Smith is back as Treasurer, and Norman Wyatt abides in his position as Secretary. The elections took place on Sept. 29.


9-23-11 Nate is Once Again Great
Nate Garingo made it two titles in a row, defeating Terry Alsasua 4.0-1.0 in the 2011 Reno Chess Club Championship Match. Garingo was the 2010 Nevada state champion. Click here for the 2011 Championship Playoff Bracket.
• For the final standings of the 23-player Club Championship Qualifier, click here for the cross table.
• Click here for the championship rules. Note: Beginning with the Class Championship Playoffs, future side games will be $1 per game.


9-23-11 2011 Class Champions
The 2011 Class Champions were: Class A: David Peterson (who beat George Fischer); Class B: Tony Chinnici (who topped John Clifford); Class C: Jim Mann (who who defeated Mike Houser); and Class D; Jeff Olson (who trumped Norman Wyatt). Jerry Weikel was uncontested in winning his second consecutive Expert Championship.
Click here for the Class Championships page, which contains the cross tables and schedule.


9-23-11 2011 David Ryba Memorial Tournament
David Cater took clear first in the 2011 David Ryba Memorial Tournament, scoring 5.0/6. Cater earned $170. There were 19 paid entries. Click here for the cross table.


1-7-11: 2010 Holiday Swiss
Bill Case and Hadi Soltani shared first place in the nine-round, 20-player 2010 Holiday Swiss with identical scores of 6.0/9. Click on Results for the cross table.


1-2-11: 2010 Class Champions
Grant Fleming topped George Fischer to win the 2010 Reno Chess Club Class A Championship. Fleming joins the other 2010 club champions, including Nate Garingo (Reno Chess Club and Nevada State champion), Jerry Weikel, who beat Daniil Fedunov for the Expert championship, Ryan Van Reken, who defeated Tony Chinnici for the Class B title, Bob Bennett who took down Arlo Mann for the Class C championship, and Phil Dennis, who conquered Jeff Olson for the Class D title. Congratulations, gentlemen! Navigate to the left sidebar and click on "Champions" to get a look at the Reno Chess Club's past club and class rulers. Click here to see the cross tables of the Class Championships.

10-25-10 — Western States Open is in the books: The 28th Annual Reno Western States Open had about 230 players participating. GMs Alexander Shabalov and Melikset Khachiyan shared top honors with 5.0/6 in the Open section. See Results for more details. 

10-14-10 — Alsasua Wins WSO-Warm-up Swiss: In spite of giving up an upset draw to tough Tony Chinnici, Terry Alsasua took clear first place after the fourth and final round of the WSO Warm-up Swiss Oct. 7 at the Reno Chess Club. Alsasua went 3.5/4, while Chinnici finished in a second-place tie with Edwin Simanis at 3.0/4. Click on Results for the cross tables.

9-25-10 — Emperors of the North: Six years of misery came to end for the Reno Chess Club in the 2010 North-South Tournament. The Reno Chess Club rallied from a 6.0-4.0 first match deficit to score an 11.0-9.0 victory over the Clark County Chess Club Saturday in Tonopah, putting an end to the South's six-year reign. Grant Fleming topped Francisco Vela, 2-0, in Class A to send the North over the top and ensure its 10-man squad would be returning with the trophy. Fleming is going on Bobby Fischer hot, having now won his last nine rated games, including six in the Reno Chess Club Class A Playoffs, one in the Class A Championship Match and the two against Vela. The North was paced by five players who scored 1.5/2: FM Edwin Straver (over Virgil Reyes in the Expert class), George Fischer (also in Class A, over Tim Galima), David Peterson (over rival George Nicholas in Class B), Chris Harrington (over Oswaldo Rodriguez in Class C) and George Smith (over Royce Pereira in Class D). Reno Chess Club Class C champion Bob Bennett, returning from serious health problems, went 1.0/2 against Tre Shannon in the other Class C match. Reno Chess Club Class D champion Phil Dennis picked up the North's other half-point, going 0.5/2 against Rocky Watson. The South's biggest bright spots were Juan Pablo Jauregui and Walter Churchill, who each went 2.0/2 (against Jerry Weikel in Expert and Tony Chinnici in Class B, respectively). Here's to the Reno Chess Club Ten, who brought the title back where it belongs. The North has risen again! Visit for complete games.

• Nate the Great Deposes King Bidari: While not playing a part in the team scoring Saturday, Reno Chess Club champion Nate Garingo added one more laurel for the North. Garingo defeated two-time defending titlist Glenn Bidari, 2.0-0.0, to become the Nevada state champion. Bidari had been in fine form and with a career-high 2175 Elo, had an 85-point advantage over Nate the Great, who would not be denied on his quest for state bragging rights. Bidari also had a huge edge in experience, with 431 USCF-sanctioned events to Garingo's 39. Garingo became the first Reno Chess Club champion to win state since Arkia Bayati pulled off two in a row in 2004 and 2005. Congratulations, Nate. Here's to even bigger things in the future!

9-23-10 —  Club Officers for 2010-11 Announced: The Reno Chess Club held its annual meeting on Sept. 23. Three officers kept their respective offices: Club President Jerry Weikel, Club Treasurer George Smith and Club Secretary Norm Wyatt. New officers include Mike Houser, now Vice President, and Rick Arteaga, now Sergeant at Arms.

9-16-10 — 2nd Annual David Ryba Memorial Tournament: Top seed Terry Alsasua and No. 3 Daniil Fedunov topped a field of 24 players with a first-place tie. Alsasua and Fedunov, both of whom finished 5.0/6, shared a $300 prize. It was the second time in as many years the 12-year-old Fedunov finished first in the David Ryba Memorial TournamentClick Results for the cross tables. 

4-23-10 Reno Chess Club Championship Qualifier, final round 11: The Group A qualifiers were Garingo (10.5/11), Fleming (8.5/11), Brandt (8/11) and Chinnici (7/11). Group B qualifiers were Fedunov (8.5/10), Van Reken (8/10), and Fischer (7.5/10). For various reasons, Tournament Director Jerry Weikel has been seeded directly into the Finals which include reigning champion Edwin Straver. See Championship Qualifier>> for results.

4-9-10 Far West Open is done!: Despite a snowstorm, there was decent turnout of 181 players. GM Jesse Kraai won clear first with 5.0/6 in the Open section. The cross table is now posted in results>>.

12-17-09 Our wunderkind: Daniil Fedunov played in the National K-12 Championships in Dallas, TX and got 20th place among 104 seventh graders! Plus he got his picture in Chess Life Online.  

12-17-09 Holiday Swiss, final round 6: Ernie Hong finished with 5.0/6 atop the 22-player field. Jeff Olson increased his rating by 187 points! See results>>.

10-30-09 October Swiss, final round 4: Daniil Fedunov and George Fischer finished with 3.0/4 atop the 15-player field. See results>>.

10-27-09 Western States is done!: About 250 players showed up for the 27th annual tournament including a strong field of GMs Khachiyan, Ibragimov, Perelshteyn, Kudrin, Ehlvest, Ivanov, Simutowe, Van Wely, and Gurevich. Khachiyan and Ibragimov topped the field at 5.0/6 with Khachiyan winning the G/10 playoff. See results>>.

10-12-09 Tonopah Match result:  The South extended its possession of the team trophy to six years in a row with a 10.5-9.5 match score.  Glenn Bidari repeated as state champion against Jerry Weikel. See results>>.

9-25-09 Tonopah Warm-Up, final round 4: Jerry Weikel topped the 18-player field with 3.5/4. See results>>.

9-13-09 Class Championships: The first game of the Class A championship ended with Grant Fleming drawing with black against Daniil Fedunov. Fedunov later won the match by forfeit. Congratulations to Daniil Fedunov! In Class C, Chris Harrington conceded the match making Rick Arteaga the Class C Champion. Congratulations to Rick Arteaga!  In Class D, Mike Houser won the match against Norm Wyatt. Congratulations to Mike Houser, the 2009 Class D Champion! See results>>.

8-28-09 Club Championship: Congratulations to Edwin Straver who is the Club Champion for the second year in a row.  He drew the fourth game of the 6-game finals match against Terry Alsasua to clinch the title and finish an amazing run of 9 wins, 1 draw, and 0 losses. See the championship bracket>>.

8-22-09 David Ryba Memorial/Hot August Knights: 11-year old Daniil Fedunov topped the 18-player field with 5.5/6, winning $180 and gaining 113 rating points in the inaugural David Ryba Memorial.  He's now just 17 points short of Expert.  See results>>.

5-14-09 Club Championship Qualifier, final round 15: The qualifiers were Gafni, Garingo, Fleming, Weikel, Alsasua, Case, Hong and Shoemaker. See results>>.

4-13-09 Far West Open results are in!: 179 players showed up to fight for six rounds on Easter Weekend. GM Sergey Kudrin, IM Enrico Sevillano, and IM Gergely Antal finished atop the open section with 5.0/6. Sevillano outblitzed Antal, but he was in turn outblitzed by Kudrin in the playoff. The cross table is here>>.

12-19-08 Holiday Swiss, final round 6: Nate Garingo swept his closest rivals going 6.0/6, 2 points ahead of a field of 19. See results>>.

10-24-08 Watch George's Rating Fall Swiss, final round 5: Nate Garingo finished with a perfect 5.0/5 atop the 13-player field. See results>>.

10-24-08 Western States Open 2008 is in the books! 246 players showed up to compete. Sergey Kudrin won sole first in the Open section. See results>>.

9-30-08 Annual North-South Nevada Team Match: Unfortunately, the South won yet again by a match score of 7-5. Edwin Straver was also defeated by Glenn Bidari.

9-18-08 Beat GM Kudrin Swiss, final round 7: Jerry Weikel was finally slowed by a draw with George Fischer, but finished at 5.5/7 atop a field of 20. See results>>.

9-11-08 Annual Meeting results: The finances were adequate enough to maintain club dues at $40/year. The officers remained pretty much the same except Norm Wyatt replaced Robert Pearson at Sergeant-At-Arms. President -- Mike Filipas; Vice President - Grant Fleming; Treasurer - George Smith; Secretary - Ernie Hong; Sgt. at Arms -- Norm Wyatt.

8-22-08 Club Championship Finals, 6-game match: Edwin Straver won the Final match 3.5-0.5 against Vern Young. Congratulations to Edwin Straver, the new Reno Chess Club/Northern Nevada Champion. See results>>.

8-3-08 Hot August Knights/David Ryba Memorial: Rick Arteaga, who began seeded 4th, finished atop a six-player field and gained 160 rating points! See results>>.

7-25-08 Dark Knight Swiss, final round 4: George Fischer and Eric Shoemaker drew against each other and finished 3.5/4 atop a field of ten. See results>>.

6-26-08 Crystal Skull Swiss, final round 4: Eric Shoemaker cleaned up with a perfect 4.0/4 atop of a field of 11. See results>>.

5-29-08 Merry May, final round 5. David Parreira beat Mauricio Amaya to knock him out of first. Craig Christensen edged him at the finish with 4.0/5 atop the field of ten players. Congratulations to Mauricio for gaining 150 rating points!!!. He's within 26 points of Class C. See results>>.

5-16-08 Club Championship Secondary Qualifier, final round 7: Edwin Straver finished in sole first at 6.0/7. Straver, Alsasua, Gafni, and Fischer were joined by Weikel, Simanis and Young for the club championship finals with defending champion Bill Case. See results>>. Congratulations to Edwin Straver for obtaining his FIDE Master title this week. Also congratulations to Vern Young for crossing the threshold into Class A.

4-24-08 April Tears Swiss, final round 4. Soltani and Smith finished tied at 3.0/4 atop a field of seven players. See Results>>.

3-26-08 Far West Open 2008 is done! 193 players competed for $20,376 in prizes. GM Melikset Khachiyan ran away with the Open prize, finishing at 5.5/6 a full point ahead of the field. The results are in>>.

3-13-08 Club Championship, Primary Qualifier, final round 4: Vern Young finished with a perfect 4.0/4 followed by Chris Harrington at 3.0 and Robert Bennett at 2.5. Robert Pearson has the best Modified Median tiebreak among the 2.0s. See Results>>.

3-13-08 Warm-up Tournament Kevin Gafni defeated each of the other three players in the Warmup Tournament>>. If he holds his own at the Far West Open, he should stay in Expert rating territory.

2-14-08 Class Championships!: Congratulations to Class B Champion Robert Pearson, Class D Champion George Smith, Expert Champion Nathaniel Garingo, Class A Champion Kevin Gafni, and Class C Champion Chris Harrington. Their names have been carved into the Champions page. See Results>>.

12-27-07 Return December, final round 4. Kevin Gafni took a bye, while George Fischer won to both finish at 3.0/4 atop the 9-player 1800+ section. Craig Christensen put an end to Norm Wyatt's remarkable run and finished atop the 13-player U1800 section, with a perfect 4.0/4. See results>>. There were some notable ratings jumps: Norm Wyatt gained 162 points and Craig Christensen gained 95.

11-29-07 Sweet November Swiss, final round 4. Terry Alsasua and Alex Hall finished atop the field of 22. See Results>>.

11-16-07 New Blog Links page Please note a new page to link to blogs authored by six members.

10-25-07 Quick Championship: Continuing his good results lately, Kevin Gafni won the Quick Championship with 4.0/4 atop a field of 14. See Results>>.

10-19-07 Blitz Championship Ten players showed up, including some visitors. Nathaniel Garingo and Jennifer Acon finished at 13.0/16. Nathaniel won the mini-match playoff and so he is this year's Blitz Champion.

10-19-07 25th Annual Western States Open is DONE! 341 players did battle royale at the Sands Regency last weekend. There was a seven-way tie in the Open Section. Our own Kevin Gafni won clear first in Class A. See results>>.

10-19-07 North vs. South Match. Pretty much bad news all around for us as everything went the South's way. Congratulations to the South team and James Schuyler, the Nevada State Champion.

10-4-07 Indian Summer Swiss, final round 5: Nathaniel Garingo finished ahead of the field of 19 at 5.0/5. The simul prize winners are Nathaniel Garingo, Kevin Gafni, Hadi Soltani, George Smith, Chris Harrington, and Norm Wyatt. See Results>>.

9-27-07 Club Championship: Congratulations to Bill Case who won the Final match 4-2 against Terry Alsasua. Bill gains the title of Reno Chess Club/Northern Nevada Champion and will face James Schuyler of Southern Nevada during the Tonopah match on October 6. Club Championship Bracket>>

9-13-07 Annual Meeting: It was a rather perfunctory meeting with relatively little controversy. Club finances are healthy. Dues remain at $40/year. Last year's officers were unchallenged and so they were unanimously re-elected by acclamation. President - Mike Filipas; Vice President - Grant Fleming; Treasurer - George Smith; Sergeant-At-Arms - Robert Pearson; Secretary - Ernest Hong.

9-1-07 Calendar Set 'Til New Year's Check out the proposed schedule of events. The annual meeting is set for September 13. October will bring a change of pace with some fast time control events such as the blitz championship and the quick championship.

8-30-07 August Scorcher Swiss, final round 5: David Ryba finished at 4.0/5 atop the field of 18. See Results>>.

7-26-07 Midsummer Knights Swiss, final round 4: Jerry Weikel finished at 3.5/4 ahead of the field of 18. See Results>>.

6-28-07 Summer Blockbuster Swiss, final round 6: Ernie Hong finished 4.5/6 ahead of the field of 15. See Results>>.

5-18-07 Club Championship Qualifier, final round 5: Twenty players contested the club championship qualifier. Bill Case, David Ryba, Arkia Bayati, Jerry Weikel, Eric Shoemaker, and Robert Bennett, join Terry Alsasua for the championship playoff. Grant Fleming and Mike Filipas play a wildcard match to see who plays Bill Case. See Results>>.

4-17-07 Far West Open is done! 185 players played in the Far West Open. GM Melikset Khachiyan won the tiebreak playoff over three others to win the open section. See the crosstable in Results>> and an excellent recap written by Michael Aigner at Chess Life Online>>.

3-30-07 Class Championships, done! Congratulations to the new Class Champions: Bill Case in Expert, George Fischer in Class A, Steve Kesti repeated in Class B, Hadi Soltani in Class C, and George Smith in Class D. Case and Fischer both started slow with 1 point out of 3 games and then they each won 5 straight games. Kesti won a hard-fought six-game match. Both Soltani and Smith had perfect scores in their respective sections. See Results>>. The names of the new champions have been added to the Champions page>>.

2-9-07 White Knights, final round 6: George Fischer finished 5.0/6 to win atop a field of 19. See Results>>.

12-29-06 Upcoming events scheduled: I have taken the liberty of making a schedule for the coming year. White Knights 6-round Swiss starts next week. This will be followed by about six weeks of class championships leading up to the Far West Open. Following the Far West Open, there will be a skittles week which will also be the deadline to sign up for the club championship qualifier. The formats will likely be similar to last year. See Calendar>>.

12-29-06 December Swiss, final round 4: Terry Alsasua and George Fischer dispatched their final round opponents to share the lead at 3.5/4. However, Grant Fleming had built an almost insurmountable lead going into the December phase of the Grant Prix. Grant finished first in the Grand Prix X/A section with 9 points. Craig Christensen finished first in the B/C section with 6.5 points. And George Smith finished first in the D/under section with 5.5 points. Since the prizes were based on participation, Grant wins $17, Craig wins $18, and George wins $12. See Grand Prix>> and December Results>>.

11-30-06 November Swiss, final round 4: Grant Fleming and David Ryba finished atop the field of 17 players. See Results>>.

10-27-06 October Swiss, final round 4: Grant Fleming upset Terry Alsasua while David Ryba and Ed Simanis drew, so Grant finished in sole first at 3.5/4. See Results>>.

10-26-06 Tonopah result: Unfortunately, the only good news is that we played to a 6-6 draw with the South. The South retains the trophy in the tie and also Terry Alsasua lost the third mini-match (games 5&6) giving the state championship also to Virgil Reyes.

10-9-06 Western States Open is done! Despite the last-minute cancellation of Boris Spassky's appearance for health reasons, the tournament seemed to go well and as a TD I heard a lot of nice comments. 312 players met in Reno to fight in the 6-round marathon. Except for a two-way tie in the C section, every section had a clear winner. Sergey Kudrin won clear first in the Open section. As far as I know, no one in the Reno-Sparks area finished above 4 points, but we also didn't fare too poorly in the low-score department. Apparently it was enough for Reno to win the top team prize. The cross table is now available in Results>>.

9-21-06 Annual Meeting Summary: Dues remained at $40/year. Members who bring in another dues-paying member get a $10 discount for next year's dues. Officers elected were Mike Filipas for President, Grant Fleming for Vice President, George Smith for Treasurer, Ernie Hong for Secretary, and Robert Pearson for Segeant-at-arms.

9-8-06 Club Championship Finals Congratulations to Terry Alsasua, the new Northern Nevada Chess Champion for 2006 who defeated two-time defending Nevada State Champion Arkia Bayati in a match 4-0. See Results>>. Terry's name has been added to the Champions>> page.

8-31-06 August Swiss, Final Round 4: George Fischer withstood Craig Christensen's dangerous looking pawn storm to take second behind Kevin Gafni who coasted in Round 4 with a bye. See Results>>.

8-13-06 Hot August Knights: Fifteen players competed for $270 in prizes during the Friday-Sunday weekend. George Fischer rolled to a 4-0 start before finally being stopped by Arkia Bayati in round 5. Arkia started slow with a draw against Craig Christensen but then got into form with a brilliant win in round 2 against Class A player Ted Belanoff visiting from the bay area. George and Arkia shared first and second prizes $72.50 each. Arkia got an additional $10 brilliancy prize. Grant Fleming missed some wins against David Ryba and Terry Alsasua, but still finished Top U2000, $44. Rick Arteaga came from the U1400 section to top all the U1600 players and win their prize of $44 plus the $10 upset prize for his round 5 win over Kevin Gafni rated 466 points higher. Mauricio Amaya won the $15 U1400 prize. See Results>>.

8-10-06 Blitz and Brats Polish sausages served as the brats eaten before a dozen players battled in a 5-round double swiss. Ten games later, Kevin Gafni stood alone at 9.0/10 ahead of five experts. See results>>.

7-27-06 July Swiss, Final Round 4: David Ryba made it a clean sweep at 4.0/4 among the field of 14. See Results>>.

6-29-06 June Swiss, Final Round 5: George Fischer pulled out another win in time trouble to finish the June swiss with 5.0/5 atop a field of 13. Norm Wyatt should earn close to 75 rating points. See Results>>.

4-14-06 Class Championships concluded: The 2006 class champions are Terry Alsasua in Expert, David Peterson in Class A, Steve Kesti in Class B, John Clifford in Class C, and Mike Kirkhouse in Class D. See Results>>. The names of the new champions have been added to the Champions>> page.

4-10-06 Far West Open is done!: Crosstable is now posted! 183 players showed including several GMs and IMs. GM Alex Yermolinsky and GM Jaan Ehlvest tied atop the open section. See Results>>.

2-24-06 February Swiss, Final Round 4: Terry Alsasua made a clean sweep and finished at 4.0, a full point ahead of the field of 29. See Results>>.

2-10-06 Chess Blog and a new essay: Robert Pearson has started a chess blog on his quest for chess improvement. Read it here Blog>>.

2-7-06 Quarantine: "Chess is not a game but a disease." - Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman. Sometimes, when my head aches after the second six-hour game of the day in the middle of a weekend swiss, I wonder if I haven't begun to tresspass on the zone between the realms of Obsession and Masochism. Here's a nice vignette of the big picture by Arthur C. Clarke. Quarantine>>

1-27-06 January Swiss, Final Round 4: George Fischer left little doubt about who is Mr. January, beating Laroy O'Doan and finishing a point ahead of the field of 26. See Results>>.

12-30-05 December Swiss, Final Round 5. The final round matchup saw Ernie Hong and George Fischer draw for the first time in their 18-game series, leaving them at 4.0/5 atop the field of 27. See Results>>.
11-17-05 November Swiss, Final Round 4: George Fischer had the upper hand but couldn't deliver the knockout. Instead, Terry Alsasua turned the tables and finished atop the field of 24 with 3.5/4. Several major upsets occurred. See Results>>.

10-17-05 Western States Open 2005 is done!: The overall event was a success, although the turnout was shy of what we hoped for. 10th World Champion Boris Spassky entertained chess enthusiasts again with colorful game analysis and a 27-board simul. 355 players including 11 Grandmasters and 12 International Masters gathered at the Sands Regency Reno. Alexander Ivanov went 4-0 until he was defeated by Alex Yermolinsky in round 5. Yermo was clear leader going into round 6, but then he lost to Ildar Ibragimov. Ivanov and Ibragimov had a two-game G/10 match for bragging rights. Ivanov won the first game and Ibragimov won the second. In a final blitz game with 7 minutes for White and 5 minutes for Black, Ibragimov conceded the draw to Ivanov, so Alexander Ivanov won the tournament. Click here for the crosstables.

10-7-05 Tonopah Warm-up Swiss, Final Round 7: Terry Alsasua could only manage a draw against Ed Simanis, but it was good enough to take first by a full point ahead of the field of 21. See Results>>.

10-1-05 Tonopah match result. In a repeat of last year's news, the South team won the match by a score of 7.5-6.5. Arkia Bayati defeated Dewey Maynard in an 11-hour 6-game match and retained the title of Nevada State Chess Champion! See coverage of the matches on the Nevada Chess website.

9-15-05 Annual Meeting: The elections were held and results were: President - Mike Filipas; Vice President - Jerry Weikel; Secretary - Ernie Hong; Treasurer - George Smith; Sergeant At Arms - Steve Kesti. A tournament committee was formed among Jerry Weikel, Ernie Hong, George Fischer, Eric Shoemaker, and Grant Fleming to carefully consider the options as well as member preferences. Please contact any member of the tournament committee to express your opinion.

8-25-05 Quick Finals: Eleuterio Alsasua beat George Fischer 2.5-0.5 in the finals to become the Reno Quick Chess Champion.

8-14-05 Hot August Knights results: Ernie Hong took first prize ($100) while Eleuterio Alsasua ($25), David Ryba ($25), and George Fischer shared second (U2000 $40). A single round robin playoff between Rick Arteaga, Craig Christensen, and Paul Gafni ended in a tie between Christensen and Gafni, so they split the U1600 prize and took home $20 apiece. See Results>>.

8-4-05 Midsummer Knights, Final Round 6: David Ryba and Eleuterio Alsasua finished off their respective opponents to top the field of 21. Results>>.

7-28-05 Club Championship: Arkia Bayati beat Jim McCormick three games in a row to take the match 3.5-1.5, thus clinching the Northern Nevada Championship. Club championship information page>>.

6-24-05 Jedi Knights Tournament, Final Round 5: Kevin Gafni made it a clean sweep by finishing off late entrant Ernest Hong and topping the field of 21 players. See Results>>.

6-9-05 Quick Intro As a prelude to the upcoming Game/29 championship, eight players each played four rounds in one night! The Game/29 tournament was won by Jerry Weikel with a perfect 4.0/4 score. See Results>>.

5-5-05 Class Championships: Congratulations to George Smith who won the Class D Championship 5.0-3.0 over Norm Wyatt. In the Class C Championship, Chinnici beat Christensen 2-0 in their semifinal two-game match and awaits Bellegarde-Filipas to resolve a tie at 1.0-1.0. View Class C progess here.

5-13-05 Tax Free Swiss: Steve Kesti beat Joe Bellegarde in the fourth and final round to top the field of 13. Results>>.

3-21-05 Far West Open results! 192 players including 4 GMs and 6 IMs met at the Sands Regency Reno for a weekend of chess battling for a $20,000 prize fund. GM's Atalik and Yermolinsky traveled to the tournament together and left together with the top open prizes. Atalik won the 3rd playoff game with Black on draw odds and claimed an extra $100. There were clear winners in the Expert, Class A, Class B, and Class D sections. See the final standings here>>.

2-17-05 Club Championship Qualifier: Hong, Fleming, Simanis, and Reyes advanced to the championship, none of them losing any games in the qualifier. See the finished qualifier results in Results.

2-10-05 Champ Warmup: 7-time Washington State Champion Jim McCormick finished with the highest points in a double round robin warm-up. Former NV state champs Jerry Weikel and David Ryba were 2nd and 3rd with current NV state champ, Arkia Bayati in 4th. Results>>

12-2-04 Burnout Swiss fifth and final round results are posted>>. James McCormick once again topped the field of 19.

10-17-04 Western States Open: Hikaru Nakamura won the open section with 5.5/6. Having bested GMs Wojtkiewicz, Kudrin, and Yermolinsky in rounds 3-5, he was a full point ahead of the field going into the last round and only needed a draw with Alexander Ivanov to clinch clear first. Reno Chess Club scored third in the team competition. Yours truly, Ernest Hong, tied for first in the A section and took the top trophy on tiebreaks. It was truly a privilege to meet Boris Spassky, a courageous, decent, and humorous man and great chessplayer. Click here>> to see the Western States crosstables.

10-8-04 Spassky Six, Final Round 6 results>>. McCormick steamrolled all challengers with 6.0 atop the field of 26.

10-1-04 Tonopah Results Well, unfortunately, the South team came to play and they took the match by a fairly convincing score of 12-8. On the brighter side, Arkia Bayati won the Nevada State Championship.

9-18-04 Championships Arkia Bayati won the first four games against Jerry Weikel in their six-game match making him the Reno Chess Club/Northern Nevada Champion for 2004. See club championship Results>>.  Congratulations to Arlo Mann, the 2004 Class C Champion, and Hadi Soltani, the 2004 Class D Champion! See class championship Results.

9-16-04 Election returns: Jerry Weikel was voted President. Grant Fleming was voted Vice President. George Smith, Ernie Hong, and Steve Kesti were re-elected to Treasurer, Secretary, and Sergeant-At-Arms.

8-26-04 New Chess Sayings page up! Ever wondered who said, "I'd rather have a pawn than a finger"? Find out from my collected chess sayings page.

8-15-04 Hot August Knights: James McCormick topped the field of 18, yielding only a last-round draw. Class winners included Ernie Hong(A), Steve Kesti(B), Joe Bellegarde(B), Dan Kiely(B), Craig Christensen(C), and George Smith(D). See Results.

7-22-04 Summer Puzzler: Ernie Hong topped the field of 22. See Results.

5-18-04 Far West Recovery: Some newcomers did well, but Mike Goffe won with 4 wins and one bye atop a field of 13.

5-1-04 Far West Open crosstable and tournament bulletin! Here is the cross table. If you want to check out Far West Open games, there are now 75 games from Class A, B, and C posted in the games section of the FWO website.

4-2-04 Far West Open Warm-up: George Fischer knocked off David Ryba and Michael Kahan quietly accumulated points to finish at the top of the field of 21. See Results.

12-19-03 Halloween Special: Ernie Hong topped the field of 21. Check out Results>>.

10-25-03 Western States Open: 406 players showed up at the Sands Regency including 12 GMs and 9 IMs. Hikaru Nakamura and Sergey Kudrin won the Open Section with Nakamura taking an extra $100 in the playoff. Reno Chess Club took second in the team competition. Courtesy of Victor Flashman, you can now check out the cross table in Results>>.

10-10-03 WSO Warm-Up: Dan Wermers topped the field of 21. Check the standings in Results>>.

9-27-03 The North Won!!: The Annual North vs. South Nevada Team Match was won by the North, but the new individual state champion is IM Enrico Sevillano of Las Vegas. See the report including all 20 games of the matches on Nevada Chess, Inc.'s website.

9-11-03 Tonopah Warm-Up results: David Ryba topped a field of 14. The results are available in Results>>.

9-6-03 Tournament of Northern Nevada Champions: Jerry Weikel topped the four-way round robin. See details in Results>>.

8-17-03 Hot August Knights results: It was a four-way tie at the top among Jerry Weikel, David Ryba, Edgar Reyes, and Steve Kesti. The results are now available in Results>>.

8-7-03 Results of Championships: Arkia Bayati started off in the hole, but finished strong to defeat David Ryba 3.5-1.5 for the Club Championship and the title of Northern Nevada Champion. See details in the club championship Results>>. In the Class A Playoff, George Fischer won 3-1 against Ernest Hong. Mike Goffe finished ahead of the field and became Class B Champion. In the Class C Championship, Brandon Wimbley beat Robert Bennett 2-0 in a playoff for second seed of the finals and then went on to take the Championship by beating Karl Bohlmann 1.5-0.5. Rick Arteaga beat Norm Wyatt in the match for the Class D Championship. See details in class championship Results>>.

11-3-02 Website Live: The official Reno Chess Club website came on line. Email Ernie Hong,, to make announcements or post games.

Jun 6, 2009, 8:45 AM