Membership Information

Reno Chess Club dues are $60 per year and $50 total for out-of-state family membership. USCF membership ($49 with magazine, $40 without $30 with magazine $22 without for youth under 16.) is required for rating purposes in events. Visitors are welcome to try the club two times for free. USCF rated Swiss tournaments are held every one to two months. For an explanation of how ratings are calculated by the United States Chess Federation, click this link.
A new membership level has been added "Social Membership" $20 for 6 months; $40 for a year with the limitation no rated games.

Membership roster and ratings as of 9/3/2019, 30 members.
USCF ID Member Name Regular Quick Expiration Notes
12582988Arteaga, Rick142414772020/01/31
12498299Bennett, Bob143515582020/02/29
16044728Bilyeu, Jeff157614292020/04/30Secretary
10102570Casten, Fred200021462019/06/30
12662705Chinnici, Tony188517752021/03/31
14677331Chung, Kevin187516012020/11/30
12872768Fedunov, Daniil220319992020/08/312019 Club Champion, 2018 NV State Champion
12516864Fischer, George17831837Life 2018 Class A Champion
12594657Fleming, Grant19181243Life Senior TD
14304058Hayashi, Michael126812722020/01/31
16522686Hayes, Jack15990Unr2019/11/30
12552302Hong, Ernie212919712019/12/31Local TD
12510736Inman, James190117112019/08/31
16989900Marsh, Charles13690Unr2021/03/31
12815273McPhail, Sean14960Unr2019/07/31
12422934Meyer, Don17201618Life
12496915Mortlock, Paul157116172020/05/312019 Class C Champion
12575990Olson, Jeff140713792020/11/30Vice President
12206190Parreira, David13440Unr2019/12/31
15477865Rodriguez, Herberardo167917842019/06/30
12500860Roscher, Frederick139914762019/12/31Treasurer
12548515Schaeffer, Michael12530Unr2020/03/31
10428599Smith, George13251347Life Treasurer
15668570Tao, Nathaniel140213542021/03/31
12572273Thoel, Jason15511541Life
12053280Toste, David162815852020/05/312019 Class B Champion
16434922Uz, Kagan162714012020/09/30
10429170Weikel, Jerry19851984Life President, National TD
12622392Wyatt, Norm124010602020/06/302019 Class D Champion
12463693Yocom, Michael135413672020/06/30