How To Enter
The Region IV Massachusetts State Science Fair is open to students in grades 9-12 in any public, private, parochial, or charter school in Northeastern Massachusetts (most of Middlesex and Essex counties). The Registration fee of $200 will allow up to 5 students to be submitted from each school (more may be submitted for an extra fee of $30 per student). Students must enter through their schools but the school does not have to have a science fair for students to participate.

Registration is a three (3) step process which includes completing the following ...

  1. School Registration Form
  2. Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair Forms
  3. Online Project Registration
1. School Registration Form [download] Please mail payment no later than December 31st.
By completing the accompanying School Registration Form and enclosing a check for $175, your school can register as many as five students for the Region IV Science Fair. In an effort to accommodate those schools wanting to send more than five students, a nonrefundable fee of $50 is required for each additional student up to a total of 15 students. Note: team projects may have two or three students @ $50 each. For schools requesting more than 15 total students, please contact Joe Tarello at to make arrangements. The fee will cover the cost of lunch, participation certificate, gift, display table and set-up. If possible, please send the School Registration Form to us by January 1st. Registrations received after January 1 may be assessed a $50 late fee. If any of the faculty at your school are interested in judging at the Region IV Science Fair, please have them register online at Judging will need to be available on Saturday morning, March 10th, from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM (followed by lunch).

2. MSSEF State Forms:

All schools must now have a designated safety review coordinator who is responsible for conducting an initial safety review, checking all forms for accuracy & completeness, completing the Region IV Cover sheet and submitting the forms to Region IV. Forms will not be accepted from students directly, all forms must be submitted by the school safety review coordinator. The Exhibitors must complete the “MSSEF” forms prior to beginning their Research Project and any projects needing prior approval must be submitted no later than January 15th. This is a basic requirement mandated by the State Science Fair Committee and no registration exceptions can be made. ALL REQUIRED FORMS CAN BE OBTAINED ON THE INTERNET AT under the Forms Tab. These forms must be dated and signed by the proper science department official of your school prior to the start of the research and submitted with a cover sheet attached by the school safety review coordinator. Forms must then be uploaded to . All SRC review will happen online this year.

All forms can be found and submitted at .

All entries MUST submit the following:
1.) Form 1A “Research Plan & Attachment” (either Individual or Team)
2.) Form 1B “Approval Form”
3.) Form 1 “Safety Checklist”.  
4.) Forms 1C –  7 may also be required according to the type of project selected.
5.) Project Abstract

Please review the Consent Form Checklist to determine which 1C - 7 forms must be completed.  Please review the official Mass Science Fair Manual at for additional rules and regulations and check back periodically for any changes in procedures.

3. Online Project Registration [go to online registration] : must be submitted no later than March 1.

Project Registration Forms must be completed online at by selecting Register above by students with the assistance of their teachers.  A valid teacher email address is required for registration, which must be completed by March 1. Copies of all MSSEF forms must also be presented at the Region IV Fair if they have not been submitted online.  For additional information please contact Chris Angelli at