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Will the 2024 Region IV Fair be in person?

Yes, the fair will be in person.

What should I prepare in order to enter the Region IV Fair?

The "How to Enter" tab should be read carefully to learn how to enter the fair. 

You should follow these research plan guidelines from MSEF. If your project needs pre-approval, then make sure to register on zFairs to obtain pre-approval from the Region IV SRC through zFairs before starting experimentation. All other projects only need your teacher's approval before starting. 

What types of projects need prior SRC approval to start the experiment?

Click here to view the types of projects that need to be pre-approved before starting experimentation. It is important to note that all summer research  done at an institution must be pre-approved when you start the research by emailing the project plan to src@scifair.com in order to be eligible to enter the Region IV Fair, MSEF, and ISEF. All other projects should be approved by your teacher at school for safety and ethics. Projects must adhere to the MSEF safety and ethics policies as laid out by the MSEF Handbook. 


I'm having trouble with registration on zFairs. Are there directions to help me?

Watch this video tutorial about how to register for zFairs.

Does my school have to hold a science fair to enter the regional fair? 

No, there are many schools who do not hold a fair. Some choose the projects that will enter the regional fair, some have an after school club, and some students work independently. But the school contact/teacher must endorse the students entering the fair.

I did a science fair project, and I want to enter the regional fair. How do I enter? 

You must be chosen by your school to represent them in the regional fair. If you are a student chosen for the regional fair, please contact your science teacher and have them register for zFairs first. Then you can register your project on zFairs.

How do I qualify for ISEF, the International Science and Engineering Fair?

You can qualify for ISEF through either the Region IV Fair or through MSEF.

I want to enter MSEF, the state science fair. Do I have to enter the Region IV fair to compete in MSEF? 

Each school can choose 2 projects to directly compete in MSEF without competing in the Region IV Fair. If you are not chosen as one of these 2 direct entries to MSEF, then you have to compete in the Region IV Fair, and the top 40 projects at Region IV move on to MSEF. Even if you are entered directly into MSEF by your school, we highly recommend that you compete in the Region IV Fair for two reasons: 1) as an opportunity to present to professional judges that will provide feedback so that you can improve your project and presentation for MSEF, and 2) to compete for a spot in ISEF, the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair.


How long will the presentation be?

You should prepare a 10-15 minute presentation of your project using a science fair board and anything else you would like to show. Judges will usually ask follow-up questions during or after the presentation.

Can we show a judge a demonstration?

Absolutely! Anything that demonstrates to the judges what you have done will be helpful to them.


What should the research paper be like? Format, sections?

The MSEF "How to Guide" has a lot of information on writing the research paper and presentations.

Can I keep a digital notebook instead of a handwritten copy?

A handwritten notebook is preferred, but yes, you may keep a digital notebook. However, you must print out your digital notebook as a hard copy to show to the judges during your presentation if they ask to see it.