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The 2016 Region IV Science Fair was held on Saturday, March 12th, 2016.

"A Tale of Two Viveks"

It was a beautiful spring-ish afternoon.  Judging was taking place at the Region IV Science and Engineering Fair.  A judge worked her way towards her second to last project when she noticed the student, later found out to be Vivek Bhupatiraju was not at his station.  The noble judge informed the high council of this matter, and after consulting it was discover that Vivek had been falsly convinced he was already judged three times.  The brave members of the high council formed a fellowship to search out Vivek, in order to right this wrong.  After braving a cafeteria full of hungry students, and a library full of Minecrafting adolescents, Vivek was found and returned to the high council.  All believed the day was saved.  However the universe was not ready for this story to end, and the Vivek that was found, was a different Vivek (don't worry, this Vivek also performed very well in the fair).  The fellowship took up their quest again, and with the help of the sciencefolk, the Vivek their were searching for was found. The fellowship and the high council could now rest as the integrity of the fair was intact.  Little did they know how important their quest was, seeing as after hours of analysis by the almighty and all knowing DataKeeper, it was revealed that Vivek Bhupatiraju was the one and true First Place Winner of the 2016 Region IV Science and Engineering Fair.

This year's First place winner was Vivek Bhupatiraju from Lexington High School with his project entitled Tracing Evolutionary Patterns in Western Africa: A Phylogenetic Analysis of the HIV-1 and HIV-2 Strains. Second Place was awarded to Ann Le from Medford High School with her project: Viability of co-cultured Mycobacterium smegmatis and THP-1 cell derived macrophages following infections in-vitro.  Rounding out the students moving on to the International Fair was 3rd Place winner Linnea Warburton from Lexington High School and her project Mapping the Spread of Invasive Plants by UAV.

2016 Intel Representatives

All three projects will move on to the Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair along with 40 other representatives of Region IV.  By finishing in the top three, Vivek, Ann and Linnea also automatically advance to the INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix, Arizona.

out all of the top projects on the 2016 Winners Page.

The 2016 Massachusetts Region IV Science Fair, sponsored by the Tufts University, the Rotary Club of Somerville, DistriGas and the Somerville School District was held in the Somerville High School Field House on Saturday, March 12th. The six Regional Science Fairs serve as qualifying competitions for the Massachusetts State Science Fair to be held at MIT in May. At the Region IV Competition the first 43 placements received over $5,000 in awards and advanced to the State Competition where the awards this year will total over $175,000. Are you a company or person interested in contributing to the Region IV Science Fair? If so check out the variety of ways that you can sponsor the Region IV Fair.

Please make sure all forms are completed where necessary. If you are not sure what needs to be done, visit our HOW TO ENTER section, or contact Chris Angelli in the Somerville High School Science Department.

We have a new How-To RESOURCES section to help you through your science fair experience including presentations from MSSEF and videos from the Archimedes Initiative (http://archimedesinitiative.org).

If you are ready and your school has paid for students to participate,

For any questions regarding the Science Fair, contact Chris Angelli.

For more information about the Massachusetts State Science Fair visit http://www.scifair.com/

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