Spring / Summer 2011

The second issue of the PhilWP Journal showcases how storytelling can help teachers sustain themselves and strengthen their practices. Some of the stories are from classrooms--classrooms in other languages, classrooms in other countries, and classrooms without walls. These stories demonstrate the power of reflecting on moments with students and colleagues. Others stories are from outside the traditional classroom--in West Texas, at a meeting with Colin Powell, or in the years after retirement. These stories too illustrate the power of words, of writing, and of sharing one's experiences as a way to make sense and find meaning.

by Andrea Gray

El Español y Yo
by Edward Levenson

Fikas and Gyomushils
by Luke Zeller

by Mattie Davis

Reflective Practice: Considering Community and Contemplating Learning
by Ted Domers

by Joan Asprakis

by Kathleen Murphey

by Trey Smith

by Robert Rivera-Amezola

by Loretta Solomon

by Annette Sample

by Tamara Anderson