Fall / Winter 2013

This issue of the Journal features articles that reveal what teachers find both inspiring and challenging in today’s educational landscape. Selections range from reflecting on educational policies that dim opportunities for students to taking action and advocating for needs of students and those who teach them. Several pieces illustrate how teachers and students sustain themselves and strengthen their practice through art, travel and poetry. In varied ways, these articles attest to PhilWP’s commitment to teach and practice writing as a path to educational equity and social justice.

What Would Mandela Do?
by Tamara Anderson
(Published courtesy of Examiner)

A Wake Up Call for Our Soul
by Judith Marks

Imagine Africa
by Darlene Murphy

Teaching through Tears
by Ben Lewis

by Colleen Lawson-Thornton

Reframing Literacy
by Steve Petro

Kindergarten Counts ???
by Nicole Traore

Daily Rituals
by Rita Sorrentino

How to Find Meaning in Art (Hint: You Don't Need a Tour Guide)
by Luke Zeller
(Published courtesy of Newswork.org)

Hourglass and Pyramids
by Matthew Ridley
(Published courtesy of Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, 2013 Silver Key)