Spring / Summer 2012

The fourth issue of the PhilWP Journal addresses issues of education reform. Some pieces speak to specific policies. Others address the nature of education and the power that it has to transform lives and communities. Each piece is written by an educator--and even some students.  

Escribe, José-Manuel, Escribe!
by the ancestors of José-Manuel Navarro

Reforming School Reform
by Matthew L. Mandel, NBCT

Pushing Back on “Pushing Down”: Early Childhood Education and Reform
by Yvette Jimenez

Spring Puts New Life into Writing
by Rita Sorrentino

Reflections on the Invitational Summer Institute
by PhilWP Teacher Consultants

An Afternoon with Bill Ayers
by Lois McGee

by Tamara Anderson

by Trey Smith

TAG: Teacher Action Group
by Sam Reed

Teachers' Voices
by Robert Rivera-Amezola

by Suzanne Simons