N.B. These Rules will be superseded by new Rules which will be implemented March 1st, 2020

Old Rules and Regulations

Any player failing to obey the following rules/regulations of the Payne Park Tennis Facility is subject to immediate expulsion/revocation of his/her pass/playing privileges

  1. PASS HOLDERS AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC MUST CHECK IN with the Attendant before entering the facility.

  2. Pass holders must present their pass to the Attendant on duty for court assignment.

  3. 2 players must be present to be assigned a court.

  4. Players may not be on a waiting list while playing on a court. Players may request another court assignment, only after the original time is up. Prior to starting a new session, players must check-in and pay the appropriate fees at the front desk.

  5. Play must be continuous and not stop for longer than 5 minute interval. Racquets and personal items left on court do not hold claim to court.

  6. Players in the #1 waiting position have 5 minutes to claim an open court.

  7. Court priorities may not be transferred from one player to another

  8. Only tennis shoes (soft soles) are permitted on the tennis courts.

  9. When the net is lowered the course is closed.

  10. A player's court assignment and allowed time can be altered by the facility attendant when deemed necessary.

  11. Improper etiquette (I.e. swearing, excessive loudness, damaging property, violence or threatening behavior) can result in expulsion and/or revocation of pass or playing privileges.

  12. Smoking, alcohol and animals (except guide dogs) are prohibited a Payne Park Tennis Center.

  13. A maximum of 4 tennis balls are allowed per court except by the Payne Park Tennis Center staff.

  14. Court playability is determined by the attendant on duty.

  15. Absolutely no soliciting of tennis business by patrons.

  16. Tennis lessons are provided only by Sarasota County Parks and Recreation. For more information please see staff or call 861-8193.

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