2011 / September / 28  YIDL Fellowship OFFICAL WEB PAGE Statement

 " The present negative campaign is obviously launched by some persons
    who openly declared and recently repeated in public that their goal is 
    to destroy Yoga in Daily Life and Swamiji's work. "

It  is very important emphasize  this construction/ disinformation is from yidl official web site. 

No one has ever ever said, wished,  " declared " or  " repeated in public " such a thing,  
nor that has ever been our intention or desire - to destroy YIDL or Swamiji's (positive) work.

in case yidl tries to hide this from their web site check this screenshot.

Also check - one and only Swami's response to the allegations (  Vancouver, 17. march,  2011,  moderated, and prepared radio interview )  Swami-interview 2011.mp3 - Download

           This interview is very important material to be analyzed : All his ''answers'' are so fragmented, you can feel he is unprepared , or, better say, prepared ( he probably wrote the questions himself, and the questions were already asked in a way that they point to the desirable answers ) , but still  he was not ready to give a straight, convincing answer.

1st q/answer : Answer is in the question, making it very comfortable for him , all he has to do now is just to accept the proposal, 
" Yes you are right", you can feel his joy,triumph, like a little child when asked in a way that he already has an answer, served on a plate, ,however, he is still stuttering to the end of the sentence , using broken grammar and insecure expressions, which is not typical for swampy, his public talks/lessons talks are always very flowing and secure.
2 nd q/a: Again , this is not a straight question though it may seem so at first - there's no direct question, did you do it or not? Only , can you say something on those sexual allegations ( something wise of course ) , btw. it was not just "sexual relations" but the sexual abuse allegations.
Now , first , he uses a cliche proverb, and avoiding the direct answer, actually he is avoiding to lie- he's just telling us a tale :" so, when someone begins to do the good things /one can harm /and then one of the best weapon of a...aaa.. dirty politic..to acuse or harm someone with the word.../ the sexual ...things/.. and this is the completely false.. information..it's..there's no any truth in it." 
So much stuttering again, so insecure and broken sentences, and in the end- what is"completely false", WHERE " there's no any truth in" ?
Actually there's no truth in his answer, in his explanation and that's what he's actually telling us, that way factually not lying in that moment!"

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Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Sri Swami Maheshwarananda Puriji of Panchayati Maha Nirvani Akhara