This is a call to all the officials of the organization.

We particularly address these lines to the people who have a legal duty of care to the members and practitioners of YIDL e.g. presidents, vice presidents, club treasurers of the local organizations, as well as all members, who hold any position of responsibility within the organization.

Please address the following points:

*As members of this organization we request clear communication of the processes and actions taken by board to investigate the numerous allegations raised publically in recent weeks and months concerning inappropriate conduct of Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda with students.

*We ask you to clearly outline the efforts the board/organizers have made to communicate and respond appropriately to the concerns which have been raised by many YIDL members.

*From the official and unofficial correspondence we have received as YIDL members so far there appears to be significant efforts to conceal and contain these concerns but little or no indication that they are being adequately addressed and investigated.

*Please indicate to us when an appropriate investigation will commence and the proposed time frame for a report to be provided to members.