SALAM, Kawther. Palestinian journalist slams Palestinian collaborator furtherance of Palestinian Genocide

Kawther Salam is a is a Palestinian journalist but after  a career of over 20 years working for various newspapers and TV stations in Palestine she was forced to live in the exile in Vienna since 2002 (see: ).

Kawther Salam on US-Israeli-backed West Bank Palestinian leadership deferral of the Goldstone UN Human Rights Report on the Gaza Massacre (3 October 2009): “Decision of collaborators furthers Palestinian Genocide. Yesterday, 2 October 2009, the Palestinian leadership, under heavy international oessure led by the United States, deferred the draft proposal at the Human Rights Council endorsing all the recommendations of the UN Fact Finding Mission (the Goldstone Report). This deferral denies the Palestinian peoples’ right to an effective judicial remedy and the equal protection of the law. It represents the triumph of politics over human rights. It is an insult to all victims and a rejection of their rights. The crimes documented in the report of the UN Fact Finding Mission represent the most serious violations of international law; Justice Goldstone concluded that there was evidence to indicate that crimes against humanity may have been committed in the Gaza Strip. Violations of international law continue to this day, inter alia, through the continuing Israeli-imposed illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip. The findings of the Mission confirmed earlier investigations conducted by independent Palestinian, Israeli and international organizations.
The injustice that has now been brought upon Palestinians has been brought upon everyone on this globe.” [1].

[1]. Kawther Salam, “Decision of collaborators furthers Palestinian Genocide”,  Palestine Think Tank, 3 Octpber 2009: .