HOWARD, Andrea. US social justice activist slams “Israeli immunity for genocide” in Lebanon and Palestine

Andrea Howard is a psychiatric case manager in the central US. She has organized for local and national organizations focussing on social justice issues (see: .)


Andrea Howard on “Israeli immunity for genocide” in Lebanon and Gaza (2006): “Having no concept of the rule of law and no sense of humanity or morality, Israel continues its adventure in Palestine. Violating every crime of war and human rights known to man with the tacit approval and complicity of the international community, the military might of Israel collectively target  a civilian population and the infrastructure of a nation … The United States continues to absurdly define genocide as Israeli self-defense, and a blind eye continues to be turned to the systematic subjugation and slaughter of innocent people.” [1].


[1]. Andrea Howard,  “Israeli immunity for genocide” (2006) republished as  Chapter 9 in “The Plight of the Palestinians. A long history of destruction”, edited by Willam Cook, Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2010: .