PETRAS, James. Outstanding sociology professor on "Palestine like Auschwitz" and slams genocidal racist Zionist mission of "the expulsion of all Palestinians from their Promised Land"

Professor James Petras is emeritus professor of Sociology at Binghamton University, New York; adjunct professor at Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia; author of 67 books published in 31 languages, of 600 articles in professional journals and of over 2,000 articles in non-professional journals,  mainstream media and extensive Internet commentary. His latest book is  “World Depression Regional Wars”(see: and ) .

Professor James Petras on the final solution applied to Palestinians in Palestine with reference to anti-racist humanitarian and Literature Nobel Laureate José Saramago comparing the Palestinian Genocide with Auschwitz (2002): “The Israeli public, its media, intellectuals, and journalists were scandalized when the Portuguese Nobel prize winning author, Jose Saramago, confronted them with the historical truth: “What is happening in Palestine is a crime that we can compare to what occurred in Auschwitz.” The Israeli public, instead of reflecting on their violent deeds instead turned on Saramago for daring to compare them with the Nazis. In his moral blindness, Amos Oz, the Israeli writer and sometime pacifist-until Israel goes to war-accused Saramago of being an “anti-Semite” and “incredible moral blindness”… In the world’s forums-from the European Union to the United Nations and throughout the Third World-Israel is condemned for acts against humanity. Israeli apologists will discover that calling critics “anti-Semites” no longer intimidates people. World public opinion has seen and read too much. We are realizing that victims can become executioners; that military occupation leads to ethnic cleansing and mass expulsions; that scratches can become gangrene… What is absolutely clear is that while Tel Aviv has the leverage of the Israeli lobby in Washington and Bush’s support, any number of United Nations resolutions, Geneva Conventions and European appeals will be completely ignored. In the bunker mentality of Sharon and his paranoid Israeli followers-they are all anti- Semites, followers of the Protocols of Zion, attempting to demoralize the Israelis from realizing the Biblical mission of a Greater Israel, one people, one nation, one God; the expulsion of all Palestinians from their Promised Land. World public opinion must not stand passive and repeat the tragedy of the 20th century Jewish Holocaust in the 21st century. There is still time. But how long can even a heroic people resist without food and water? Sharon’s offer to Arafat-freedom to leave without return, is meant for all the Palestinian people.” [1, 2].

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