CIEMPOZUELOS, Madrid, Spain, proposed Palestinian Genocide observance day blocked by Zionist pressure on Spanish Government

Ciempozuelos is Spanish town south of Madrid with a population of about 18,000 in 2005 (see: ).

Israeli press report on Ciempozuelos observing Palestine Genocide Day (January 2007): “This past January 27th, the municipality of the Madrid suburb of Ciempozuelos announced that all ceremonies and public events scheduled for the day would be dedicated to the atrocities committed by the Jews, rather than those committed by the Nazis. The town, home to 20,000 people, attracted global attention as a result… The decision caused heated debate within Spain, and finally the national government stepped in to pressure the town to cancel the public Palestinian Genocide observances. The town cancelled all public observances on January 27, including Holocaust memorials, to protest the move.” [1].

[1]. Ezra HaLevi, “Spanish town observes “Palestinian Genocide Day”, Arutz Sheva, 31 January 2007: .