Z-word banned. Zionist War Crimes Censorship

Gideon Polya, “Z-word banned. Zionist War Crimes Censorship”, MWC News, 29 July 2006, partly cached by Google.


Z-word banned. Zionist War Crimes Censorship

FREE SPEECH is something that has made America great. Americans are very lucky in having the First Amendment that guarantees freedom of speech. In the British Commonwealth World defamation laws have compromised free speech.  The “sedition” sections of recent anti-terrorism laws in Australia provide for 7 years in prison for saying things the authorities don’t like - although anti-violence, peace-loving commentators such as myself have been personally assured that these laws are only going to be used against “terrorists” or  “terrorist sympathizers”. However it now appears that comment on Zionist war crimes are automatically being censored in the US and the UK by automatic, robotic rejection of anything containing a particular word (the Z-word) linking Zionist and Nazi war crimes (for the Z-word that I do NOT want to use now, see MWC News ). Let me amplify.    

I had an interesting experience recently in writing a comment in the UK Guardian’s “Comment is free” on Israel’s war on the People of Lebanon and Gaza. The Israeli war crimes are so horrendous that comparison with other war crimes becomes inevitable. The “gold standard” for war criminality is that of the Nazis in World War 2. Thus an upper estimate for the current Israeli War  is that about 950 Palestinians and Lebanese have been killed (so far) as compared to about 50 Israelis, this  giving a “death ratio” of 950/50 = 19.

By way of comparison, 335 Italian men and boys (including 75 Jews) were executed in the Ardeatine Caves Massacre in Italy in March 1944 in reprisal for the killing of 33 German soldiers by Italian Partisans. This gave a “death ratio” of 10, exactly what was ordered personally by arch-fiend, Nazi leader Adolph Hitler. Indeed the “Allied civilians deaths”/”Axis military deaths” ratio achieved by the Nazis and their Axis allies in World War 2 was only about 9. These Nazi figures are half of those achieved by the Israeli Wehrmacht in Gaza and Lebanon (so far).

However if Lebanon and Palestine are bombed back to a “UK-US-occupied Iraq” situation, it is estimated that the annual avoidable under-5 infant deaths will total about 26,000 and the total annual avoidable mortality will be about 43,000 (man-made of course).

 The number of Israelis killed by Palestinians each year BEFORE the present escalation was about 190. Accordingly after “peace” is established over shattered Palestine and Lebanon, the Holy Land “Arabs killed” /”Israelis killed” death ratio returns to the pre-Escalation value of about 1,000/190, and Bush, Blair and Dr Condoleezza Rice (Dr Death) are awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, the ongoing “Arab deaths”/ “Israeli deaths” ratio will be 44,000/190 = 232 – about 25 times greater than that achieved by the Nazis in World War 2.

However to be fair to the Israelis we should consider other contemporary wars.  Thus the “post-invasion Occupied Iraq avoidable deaths”/ “Coalition military deaths” =  0.5 million/3,000 = 167 (rather less than the predicted Israeli score for its “patch” of the Middle East killing fields). However the “post-invasion Occupied Afghanistan avoidable deaths”/ “Coalition/NATO military deaths” = 2.0 million/200 = 10,000. These horrendous avoidable deaths (excess deaths) are evidence of gross Israeli, UK, US, Coalition and NATO violation of the Geneva Convention which demands that the Occupier does everything within its power to preserve the health and life of the conquered Subjects (see: here ).

At all events, comparisons of Nazi war crimes with the contemporary war crimes of Israel, the UK, the US, Coalition countries and complicit NATO countries would appear to be quite reasonable on the basis of these appalling figures.

However some people have used the Z-word  transmutation of the word “Zionism” to describe the horrendous crimes of Israel against the Palestinians over the last 4 decades – the post-invasion avoidable mortality (avoidable deaths) and under-5 infant deaths in the Occupied Palestinian Territory have totalled 0.3 million and 0.2 million, respectively (see MWC News ).

The Z-word transmutation – which I will NOT use for reasons that will become apparent - involves inserting “az” between “Zion” and “ism” and constitutes an efficient conjoining of the terms “Zionism” and “Nazism”. “Zionism” has involved the race-specific colonization of Palestine as a race-specific Jewish-dominated ethnocracy,  this involving 20 years of non-state terrorism followed by 60 years of Israeli state terrorism, 39 years of colonial subjugation of the West Bank and Gaza, 6 major wars, and massive ethnic cleansing to produce 6 million Palestinian refugees in the Middle East alone. “Nazism” also involved wars, occupation and genocide – including industrial genocide such as that at Auschwitz and elsewhere – but had a Continental theatre.

However the Z-word  has been made verboten by the Zionists and the Israel Lobby. Thus read the following account of censorship of this presently quite accurate descriptive (see: “Google site bans slurs against Jews not Arabs” by Paul Kilduff ) - this increasingly appropriate term is verboten but terms such as “Islamofascist” are quite OK.

NOW for my recent experience. The UK Guardian has an initiative called “Comment is free” that enables readers to comment on articles written by a “stable” of journalists and other writers they permit through the “media gate”.  This is an excellent innovation. Thus racist, lying Mainstream media will simply NOT report the horrendous post-invasion avoidable mortality (avoidable deaths) in the Occupied Palestinian, Iraqi and Afghan Territories that now total 0.3, 0.5 and 2.0 million, respectively (e.g. see MWC News ) – but via “Comment is free” such important information can at least be “formally” presented to whoever in a Mainstream audience chooses to read such a “comment” buried among a hundred or so other comments for each article.

However several days ago I discovered that 2 such “posts” I made to “Comment is free” did not appear but were withheld in cyberspace. I am very upset over the Israeli crucifixion of Lebanon – the more so because 25,000 of my fellow Australians have been cowering under war criminal Israeli bombing and shelling for 2 weeks.

Perhaps as a result of this upset, a further adjective appeared in my pantheon in addition to “Nazi-style” and “Ultrazionist”, specifically the Z-word that I now understand is apparently forbidden by a Google site (see above).  I decided to re-submit my comment but with   “Nazi-style”, “Ultrazionist”, the Z-word and related words removed and replaced by BLANK. This experiment was successful and the EDITED comment appeared immediately (see: here). My comment is reproduced below for your convenience:

QUOTE: “Comment is Free? This is an EDITED version of a Comment-is-free comment apparently withheld (perhaps automatically by a robot) for the possible reason that it contained particular non-gutter and accurate descriptives (denoted BLANK below) of current Israeli actions against the defenceless civilian citizens of Palestine and Lebanon. This is also by way of an EXPERIMENT, to test this hypothesis (by removing these terms)(several corrections included as well).

Decent Britons should be angered over Israel Lobby, BLANK and other supporters of the war criminal, genocidal, BLANK Israel Establishment - perhaps 750 Lebanese and Palestinians dead, thousands wounded, 800,000 homeless and massive infrastructure and economic damage that is predicted to cause 43,000 avoidable deaths annually if Palestine and Lebanon are devastated to a "UK-US-occupied Iraq level"  50% of the civilians being targeted by the BLANK are Children and 75% Women and Children? What sort of BLANK-style monsters make "endless war" on defenceless Women and Children, whether for OIL or WATER?

In comparison, Israeli deaths - while deplorable - total about 50. Indeed the "annual Israeli homicide deaths from all sources" yields an "annual homicide rate" of 44/million as compared to 54/million for the United States. However the overall "annual homicide rate" for the WHOLE of the BLANK-occupied Holy Land - BEFORE the latest genocidal Israeli Escalation - was 124/million with over 80% of deaths caused by Jewish Israelis (see: MWC ). Who are the "terrorists" the BLANK, the Israel Lobby, BLANK and their supporters endlessly salivate about?

Britons should be well beyond anger over the reality that 20,000 British citizens (plus 25,000 Australians, 25,000 Americans, 50,000 Canadians and 20,000 French citizens) have been cowering for weeks under war criminal, civilian-targetting BLANK bombing and shelling - yet only the French Government has demanded immediate cessation.

Those who support the sustained, war criminal bombing and shelling of tens of thousands of their OWN citizens by foreign State Terrorists are TRAITORS and TERRORIST SYMPATHIZERS - and should be dealt with by the Law, Boycotts and the Ballot Box.” END QUOTE

Well I’m a pragmatist and I’ve decided not to use the Z-word anymore, at least for the present. The latest crimes of Ultrazionist Israel against the Palestinians and Lebanese are horrendous – an expected annual avoidable mortality of 43,000 (two thirds infants) if the economy and infrastructure destruction reduces these 2 countries to an “Iraq scenario”.

The Ultrazionist Israeli war crimes appear to be deliberately UNFORGIVABLE  i.e. designed to totally prevent peace and to produce (as does horrendous US passive genocide in Occupied Iraq and Occupied Afghanistan) an “endless war” that in turn ensures votes, control over regional resources (WATER for Israel, OIL for the US) and Arab despair. We always knew that Zionism was intrinsically racist but it has now reached a renewed stage of explicit “fast genocide” in Southern Lebanon with the Israeli Government now telling all Lebanese to “leave or die” (as with Palestinians in 1948).  The Z-word is now almost superfluous as a pejorative descriptive. The whole world is watching – impotently - as the renewed genocidal potential of racist Zionism is being realized in the Middle East.