US-Israeli State Terrorism. US & Israel World’s #1 Terrorist States


Gideon Polya, “US-Israeli State Terrorism. US & Israel World’s #1 Terrorist States”, MWC News, 13 March 2008.


US-Israeli State Terrorism. US & Israel World’s #1 Terrorist States


“TERRORISM” -  whether the civilian targetting “state terrorism” of countries such as the US, the UK and Apartheid Israel or civilian-targetting  “non-state terrorism” of Indigenous nationalist groups -  is EVIL.


“Terrorism” is defined by the huge, 2-volume Shorter Oxford Dictionary as “a policy intended to strike with fear those against whom it is adopted; the fact of terrorizing or the condition of being terrorized”. This article asks the question “who are the world’s worst terrorists?” and concludes that the US and Apartheid Israel are the world’s worst terrorists and the world’s #1 terrorist states on the basis of (A) US and Israeli support for terrorism and (B) of quantifying the “annual risk of death from terrorism” for particular targeted groups.


Immediately after 9/11 and the Bush Declaration of a “War on Terror” the term became entrenched in Western societies as intimately associated with Arabs, Palestinians, Muslims and Islam. Anti-Arab anti-Semitism and Islamophobia have now become entrenched in Western societies – and the most vigorous proponents of these racist obscenities are the Racist Zionists in their blind, racist support for violent US and Israeli imperialism in the Middle East,  Central Asia and elsewhere.


Racist Zionist (RZ)- and Racist Bush-ite (RB)-beholden, racist, lying, holocaust-ignoring Mainstream media utterly IGNORE the horrendous reality that “state terrorism” is vastly more deadly and dangerous to the world today than ”Muslim-origin non-state terrorism”. No doubt the latter is dangerous (especially in Indonesia where tens of thousands Christians have been massacred and millions terrorized by fundamentalist Muslim fanatics in recent decades and where 0.2 million Christian East Timorese were murdered by the nominally Muslim, US-backed  Indonesian Suharto military régime out of a total population of 0.6 million in the period 1975-2002) (see “Body Count. Global avoidable mortality since 1950” (G.M. Polya, Melbourne, 2007:  ) .


However the total Indigenous Asian excess deaths (avoidable deaths, deaths that did not have to happen) in the post-1950 US Asian Wars total 24 million and the post-invasion excess deaths in the Occupied Palestinian, Iraqi and Afghan Territories now total 0.3 million, 1.5-2 million and 3-6 million, respectively) - as compared to 7,000 Western civilian deaths from alleged “Muslim-origin non-state terrorists” in the last 40 years (this figure including Israeli settlers in Racist Zionist-conquered Palestine and 3,000 Americans murdered on 9/11 - although it must be noted that in November 2007 the former 7-year President of Italy, law professor, senator-for-life and intelligence intimate Francesco Cossiga asserted to a top Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera that the US CIA and Israeli Mossad had done 9/11 to enhance US and Zionist interests and that major Western intelligence agencies were aware of this) (see MWC News: ).


There is a HUGE difference between 24 million Asian excess deaths in Racist Zionist-supported US post-1950 Asian wars (and variously supported Apartheid Israel) VERSUS 7,000 Western civilians murdered by Muslim-origin non-state terrorists over 40 years (with 3,000 of these victims actually due to the US CIA and Israeli Mossad according to the eminent former president of Italy Francesco Cossiga) – UNLESS you assume (as evidently do the Racist Zionists and Racist Bush-ites) that ONE Westerner is worth 3,500 Asians.


US and Israeli State Terrorism (or US-Israeli State  Terrorism, USIST) has acted in TWO principal ways, by (A) supporting terrorists, including people that they now specifically call “terrorists” such as members of the religious Taliban and Hamas Indigenous movements) and (B) committing terrorist acts themselves. These aspects of US-Israeli State Terrorism are outlined below.


 (A) US-Israeli State Terrorism support for Indigenous Terrorism


1. The US and Israel have been involved in SUPPORTING what they would NOW call terrorists for many years in many countries (for a more complete survey see William Blum's "Rogue State", John Perkins' "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" and Philip Agee's "Inside the Company. CIA Diary").


2. The US supported the religious fundamentalist Taliban for a dozen years to overthrow the secular, progressive, pro-Woman, socialist  government in Afghanistan (excess deaths in Afghanistan in the period 1979-2008 now total about 10 million).


 3. The Israeli domestic secret service supported the religious fundamentalist Hamas as a fundamentalist religious counter to the secular Palestinian opposition to Israeli Occupation.


4. The US has widely supported what it now calls "terrorists" elsewhere around the world in terrorist violence and the overthrow of Indigenous Governments (notably in Latin America, Africa and Asia). An early example was the CIA-backed overthrow of the democratically-elected  Iranian Government in 1953 and its replacement by a brutal dictator  and the more recent CIA-backed military overthrow in 1987 of the multi-racial democratically-elected Government of Fiji lead by quietly inspirational Indigenous Fijian Dr Timoci Bavadra (for details see William Blum’s “Rogue State”).


5. Israel has a long record of terrorist involvement in Latin America, Africa and Asia  and an appalling record at the UN of backing US, UK and Apartheid South African racism and violence. Thus just this week Russia is about to deport an "Israeli commando" convicted in absentia for training drug cartel paramilitary militias in Colombia.


6. It is very likely from the above catalogue of terrorist crimes that both the US and Apartheid Israel use the Nazi “Rommel Option” to blackmail suicide  bombers and other terrorists into committing atrocities (Rommel suicided after being told by the Nazi Gestapo that otherwise his wife and children would also be killed and horribly so; the war criminal US,  Israel  and US lackey Ethiopia currently violently occupy Somalia, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan with captive populations totalling about 75 million).


(B) Huge ACTUAL “annual terrorism-related death risk” from US-Israeli State Terrorism


The US, the UK and Israel are the world's #1 state terrorists as clearly shown by publicly available "annual risk of avoidable death" statistics.   "Terrorism" means advancing your cause by generating "intense fear of death" and the "intensity" relates to the "annual risk of death".


The post-invasion “annual risk of violent or non-violent excess death”  from US or Israeli Occupiers in the Occupied Palestinian, Iraqi and Afghan Territories is 323 per 100,000 (Occupied Palestine, 1967-2008), 890-1,190 per 100,000  (Occupied Iraq, 2003-2008) and 2,100-4,200 per 100,000 (Occupied Afghanistan, 2001-2008 (see: MWC News: ).


These “annual terrorism-related death risks” from US-Israeli State Terrorism are VASTLY higher than the “annual risk of avoidable death from Muslim non-state terrorists” for Western civilians over the last 40 years in the US and the West (0.025 per 100,000) and in Israel (1 to 2 per 100,000) - risks comparable with the Western “annual risk of death at the hands of acquaintances or family members” (about 1 per 100,000).


All decent people are necessarily anti-racist, and humanitarian - they reject ALL racism whether it is horrendously genocidal, anti-Asian and anti-Arab  anti-Semitism of Bush America and Racist Zionist -run Apartheid Israel (post-invasion excess deaths in the Occupied Palestinian, Iraqi and Afghan Territories now totalling 0.3 million, 1.5-2 million and 3-6 million, respectively) OR the anti-Jewish anti-Semitism of the pre-WW2 Anglo-Celtic and European political Establishments and the German Nazis (6 million Jews killed in the World War 2 Jewish Holocaust).

Indeed the FUNDAMENTAL MESSAGES of the World War 2 Holocausts  - the Jewish Holocaust (6 million victims), the World War W2 Holocaust in general (30 million Slav, Jewish and Indian-decended Roma victims) and the “forgotten” World War 2 Holocausts in China (35 million Chinese dead from Japanese militarism) and India (6-7 million died in 1943-1945 from man-made famine in Bengal  and neighboring provinces due to a remorseless British “scorched earth policy”) -  are "zero tolerance for racism" and "never again to ANYONE".

Unfortunately, as indicated by the appalling "annual terrorism-related death risk" statistics above, the Racist Bush-ites and Racist Zionists are the world’s #1 terrorists in the world today - the ACTUAL "annual Muslim-origin terrorism-related death  risk” to Western civilians and Israelis  ranges from about 0.025 to 2 in 100,000 whereas the "annual death risk from US or Israeli Occupier terrorism " for Occupied Palestinians, Iraqis and Afghans is about 320 to 4,200 per 100,000.

The  world's #1 anti-Semites - the Racist Bush-ites and Racist Zionists - not only grossly violate the fundamental messages of the Jewish Holocaust, they are actively involved in Genocide Commission and Genocide Denial and are the world's #1 terrorists BY FAR.


Yet lying, racist, holocaust-ignoring Mainstream media and politicians in the Western Murdochracies utterly ignore these REALITIES with the consequences of entrenched anti-Arab anti-Semitism , Islamophobia, intense war-mongering (notably against remote, peaceful Iran) and horrendous war and occupation in a swathe of Muslim countries from Occupied Somalia to Occupied Afghanistan.


There has been an enormous PRICE paid for this in the West e.g. the $2.6 trillion cost to US taxpayers of supporting the Apartheid Israeli colony in the Middle East; the $3.5 billion accrual cost of the Bush Wars; and the immense losses in terms of public decency, international respect and human rights.


Thus the Patriot Act has grossly violated US civil rights. Anti-Terrorism Laws in Australia can send a person to jail for LIFE for giving money to support a  hospital in criminally blockaded Gaza run by the democratically-elected Hamas Occupied Palestinian Territory “Government” – while dual citizen Racist Zionists are free to bomb, shell and rocket Australian citizens in Palestine or Lebanon (as in 2006); free to come and go as they please and to bomb, shoot, abuse and guard 4 million captive  Occupied Palestinians, mostly Women and Children  (I have met such nice, “just obeying orders” Zionist “terrorists”  at dinner parties, birthday parties and other happy social functions in Australia); and are free to give huge amounts of money to support Apartheid Israel and Israeli State Terrorism.

What can decent people do? Silence kills and silence is complicity - please inform everyone you can about the ACTUALITY of US-Israeli State Terrorism and about the HUGE Racist Bush-ite  and Racist Zionist "terrorism hysteria" LIE that is devastating the Muslim  World from Occupied Somalia to Occupied Afghanistan and which now acutely threatens to destroy peaceful, remote Iran.