Nazi Germany-Apartheid Israel comparisons. Israeli Enemy/Israeli death ratios EXCEED Enemy/Nazi death ratios

Gideon Polya, "Nazi Germany-Apartheid Israel comparisons. Israeli Enemy/Israeli death ratios EXCEED Enemy/Nazi death ratios”, MWC News,  29 December 2008.

Nazi Germany-Apartheid Israel comparisons. Israeli Enemy/Israeli death ratios EXCEED Enemy/Nazi death ratios


The civilized world is shocked and appalled by the Israeli attacks on the densely populated Gaza Concentration Camp that - so far – has left 282 Occupied Palestinians dead and 900 wounded (120 critically). No doubt this appalling death and injury toll will rise.


The ostensible excuse by Apartheid Israel for its actions – and the excuse given for racist US and racist White Australian support for Apartheid Israel’s actions – is the barrage of rocket and mortar attacks on nearby towns coming from the Gaza Concentration Camp (guarded by the Israeli Navy at sea, and on land by the Israeli Army and by the Egyptian Army under acute threat from nuclear terrorist, racist Zionist (RZ) rogue state Apartheid Israel).


Yet if one assesses from official Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs data how many Israelis have ACTUALLY been killed by murderous Gaza rockets and mortars in the last EIGHT (8) YEARS the total comes to TWENTY THREE (23).


Without in any way diminishing these tragic deaths from morally wrong, idiotic, counterproductive Occupied Palestinian violence, one must put these violent Israeli deaths into the dispassionate context of HOMICIDE (as opposed to anti-Arab anti-Semitic, racist, holocaust-ignoring Western and Zionist propaganda about “genocidal threat” and  “terror” from “Islamic terrorists”).


Each year in the State of Israel (average 2000-2008 population about 7 million) about 15 people out of every million (i.e. 15 x 7 = 105 Israelis) are murdered by fellow Israelis who go “mad” from ANGER, greed, lust, fear, jealous or whatever – as compared to about 56 deaths per million per year in the gun-toting US (and about 200 deaths per million per year for African-Americans).


However the 23 “Israeli deaths from Gaza rockets and mortars” from intensely ANGRY Occupied Palestinians over the last 8.25 years (i.e. since September 2000) in the State of Israel (average 2000-2008 population about 6.6 million) corresponds to an “annual death rate” of 23 people/(6.6 million people x 8.25 years) = 0.42 per million per year - this lifts the Annual Homicide Rate in the State of Israel from 15 per million to 15.4; it lifts the Israeli Annual Homicide deaths from 105 to 108; and yields an “annual probability of Israeli death from Gaza rocket attack” of 0.4 per million (1 in 2.4 million i.e. similar to the risk of death from bee-sting, electrocution or shark attack) as compared to the vastly higher “annual probability of Israeli death at the hand of an acquaintance or relative” of about 1 in 100,000.


Should the Israeli air force make rocket strikes on Tel Aviv apartments or suburbs in which Israeli-effected homicides occur?


Yet such dispassionate analysis is resolutely IGNORED by the racist, anti-Arab anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, holocaust-ignoring Mainstream media of the Western Murdochracies who, at best, put the overwhelmingly democratically-elected Hamas administration of the Gaza Concentration Camp on the same moral footing as Apartheid Israel that polices its Gaza Concentration Camp using air force bombing employing state-of-the-art US aircraft and US bombs. Even the German Nazis in Nazi-occupied Europe (1939-1945; 30 million Slav, Jewish and Roma dead) or the British during the Kenyan Holocaust (1952-1960; over 1 million excess Kenyan deaths) declined to police their concentration camps using tanks and aircraft. Even Apartheid South Africa (except for the police shootings in the Sharpeville Massacre) stopped short of this Israeli level of barbarity in administering its Bantustan Concentration Camps.


Another way of seeing racist, genocidal Apartheid Israeli perfidy is by assessing population changes in Palestine since the racist, Zionist colonial invasion, occupation and genocide proposal got going in the late 19th century. Thus, according to a demographic analysis “Population of Ottoman and Mandate Palestine”, there were only about 25,000 Jews as compared to 450,000 Arabs in Palestine in 1880 and even by 1946 the Jews represented only 1/3 of the Mandate Palestine population.


US- and UK-backed Zionist occupation, dispossession, disempowerment and ethnic cleansing in the Holy Land has created over 7 million Palestinian refugees – the biggest single group of refugees in the world today (this now being challenged by the 6 million Iraqi refugees fleeing Zionist-promoted Iraqi Genocide and the 4 million Afghans and Waziris fleeing the Zionist-promoted Afghan Genocide). 1.5 million Arab Israelis live under draconian, Nazi-style, race-based Apartheid laws within Apartheid Israel.  In the Occupied Palestinian Territory since 1967, millions of people (currently 4 million, 50% children and 75% women and children) have been falsely, abusively and illegally imprisoned without trial for over 40 years – WHILE THE WORLD LOOKS ON.


Post-1967 Occupied Palestinian excess deaths (avoidable deaths, deaths that should not have happened) total 0.3 million; post-invasion under-5 infant deaths total 0.2 million; 2,400 under-5 year old Occupied Palestinian infants die avoidably EACH YEAR due to Israeli war crimes committed remorselessly for over 40 years in gross violation of the Geneva Convention; 85% of Arab Christians have fled the Occupied Palestinian Territory, adding to the & million Palestinian refugees - WHILE THE WORLD LOOKS ON.


However there is a wider dimension of the ongoing racist Zionist (RZ), Apartheid Israel  atrocity. Thus in my book “Body Count. Global avoidable mortality since 1950” it was  estimated that 1990-2005 excess deaths in countries partly or wholly occupied by Apartheid Israel total 24 million, the breakdown (expressed as “1990-2005 excess deaths/2005 population) were as follows (m = million; * indicates occupation by another major occupier in the post-1945 era) : ISRAEL [0.095m/6.685m =1.4%] - Egypt* [19.818m/74.878m = 26.5%], Jordan* [0.630m/5.750m = 11.0%], Lebanon [0.535m/3.761m = 14.2%], Occupied Palestinian Territories* [0.677m/3.815m = 17.7%], Syria* [2.198m/18.650m = 11.8%], total = 23.858m/106.854 = 22.3% .


However all of this is IGNORED by the racist, holocaust-ignoring Mainstream media, politicians and academics of the pro-Zionist, Bush-ite Western Murdochracies. The despairing humanitarian is then FORCED to draw comparisons between Israeli atrocities and those of the Nazi Germans which even the Zionists and Bush-ites ALSO regard as atrocities (while ignoring, of course, Zionist and Bush family complicity in Nazi German atrocities).


The Nazi atrocity with which I am most familiar is the murder or 0.2-0.4 million Hungarian Jews (including most of my wider family) out of a population of 0.7 million Hungarian Jews in 1944-1945. Most of the survivors and their progeny fled Hungary and Europe post-war or later in 1956.  The property of the survivors was confiscated by the Hungarian State (Fascist and Communist), this dispossession being recently endorsed by the EU to permit Hungarian entry into the EU.


By way of comparison, the race-based , racist Zionist (RZ) Palestinian Genocide has involved 0.7 million Palestinian refugees in 1948; post-1967 excess deaths totalling 0.3 million; confiscation of most of Arab land., homes, villages, towns, and even CITIES (Jaffa, Acre and Jerusalem); 7 million Palestinian refugees today; and continuing ethnic cleansing and Nazi-style, civilian – targeting violence by Apartheid Israel with US, UK, White Australian and EU country support.


Nevertheless, such comparisons do not move the racist Anglo-Celtic Murdochracies who only ostensibly shifted from evil anti-Jewish anti-Semitism  in the post-war era and have been practising anti-Arab anti-Semitism with appalling word and horrendous deed on a huge scale over the last 20 years. However what the Westerners MIGHT take seriously are Israeli Enemy dead/Israeli “death ratios” that VASTLY exceed the “death ratios” of the common Nazi foe in World War 2


Using data from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem, it is estimated The "death ratio" of "Palestinians killed by Israelis since September 2000"/"Israelis killed by Palestinians since September 2000" = 5,132/1,170 = 4.4.


Using data from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs  and from the UN Population Division  it is estimated that the "death ratio" of "violent and non-violent post-invasion Occupied Palestinian excess deaths" /"Jewish "Israeli" violent deaths from hostile enemy action, 1920-2008" = 300,000/3,670 = 82.


Using data from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UN Population Division, the "death ratio" of "avoidable post-invasion Occupied Palestinian under-5 infant deaths"/ "violent and non-violent post-invasion Occupied Palestinian excess deaths" /"Jewish "Israeli" violent deaths from hostile enemy action, 1920-2008" = 200,000/3,670 = 54.


Using data from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UNICEF, the "death ratio" of "avoidable Occupied Palestinian under-5 infant deaths, September 2000-2008" / "Israelis killed by Palestinians since September 2000" = 8.25 x 2,400/1,170 = 19,800/1,170 = 17.


Using data from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UNICEF, the "death ratio" of "non-violent avoidable Occupied Palestinian deaths from deprivation, September 2000-2008" / "Israelis killed by Palestinians since September 2000" = 8.25 x 2,400/1,170 X0.7 = 28,286/1,170 = 24.


By way of comparison and using data from a Wikipedia summation entitled "World War II casualties", in World War 2   the "death ratio" of "Jewish children murdered"/"German military deaths" was 1.5 million/5.533 million = 0.27; the "death ratio" of "Jews murdered"/"German military deaths" was 6 million/5.533 million =1.1; the ratio of "ALL civilians killed in WW2"/""German military deaths" was 41.909 million"/5.533 million = 7.6.


Using  current media reports and data from a Wikipedia article entitled "List of Qassam rocket attacks" (this data in turn deriving from Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs data), the "death ratio" for "Occupied Palestinians killed by Israeli airstrikes post-Christmas 2008, SO FAR"/"Israelis killed by rockets and mortars since 2000" =  282/23 = 12.


Arch-fiend Adolph Hitler ordered 10 reprisal executions for every German soldier killed by partisans and his order was translated promptly into the March 1944 Ardeatine Massacre in Italy involving a "death ratio" of "Italian prisoners"/"German soldiers" = 335/33 = 10.


Decent people around the World SUCCESSFULLY united in Sanctions and Boycotts against UK-, US-, White Australia- and Apartheid Israel-backed Neo-Nazi Apartheid South Africa for denying equal human rights to Africans, Indians and other non-Europeans and whose worst violent atrocity was the Sharpeville Massacre that killed 69 people, injured 180 and is remembered today as Human Rights Day (21 March) in the non-racist Republic of South Africa.


What can decent people do in the face of continuing, horrendously bloody, racist Zionist (RZ) Apartheid Israeli war crimes against about 4 million abusively imprisoned Occupied Palestinians?


Peace is the only way but silence kills and silence is complicity. Decent people around the World must, as a matter of URGENCY, (a) inform others and (b) URGENTLY act ethically through national and international, personal and collective Sanctions and Boycotts applied to ALL people, corporations and countries complicit in the war crimes and other gross human rights abuses of war-criminal, racist Zionist (RZ) Apartheid Israel.


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