"Welcome to the Palalyrn Cluster! My name is Drexelz (the Dralasite), and I am your host here. This dreary planet is Frigidia and you are in the system of Holm - the stepping stone to the Palalyrn Cluster. "

"Now, don't let the local weather get to you! I know you have had a long 40 day journey from Lynchpin (refer to Zeb's), but I think this website here will help you out a lot as it describes the entire star cluster for your exploration. In truth, if you take a look at the map to the Palalyrn Cluster, you may feel that it is not really umm... that clustered. "

"Well, one thing's for sure, we love living out here - the last frontier for us for beyond that is the Vast Expanse. There is a ton of other information that ranges from description of alien races (and NPCs) peculiar to the Cluster, to alien artifacts - mysterious items of power, and much more. "

"Please feel free to look around and do enjoy your stay here!"

For those of you who have visited the Palalyrn Cluster before (that is until Geocities' untimely demise), welcome back! As you can see, I am back with a vengeance and am in the midst of uploading and updating the website with much more material - do excuse the links that don't work. You may also notice from the paragraph above, I have taken liberty to rewrite the history of the Palalyrn Cluster. Instead of being 8500 light years away from the Core Systems, the Palalyrn Cluster has been re-sited to be just a short haul away from Lynchpin.

For those of you who have helped to archive the Palalyrn Cluster elsewhere, I salute and thank you! Please keep that as version one... I will be revamping some of the graphics here to make it version two. (Most of the new artwork is taken from Pixabay.) It's great to be back doing something I love - Keeping Star Frontiers alive! And do leave me a mail or a comment on what you want to see (see bottom of this page for the two links).

What's New? (20 Jan 2022)

    • Alien races - Two new races - Cayssix, aliens who dwell in water and Zhrr'zhsh, a silicon-based lifeform. Also, updated the Arantz and K'larr'gk [Xenopedia]

    • Updated star maps and planet renders for all existing star systems [Star Systems]

Star Systems of the Palalyrn Cluster

  • If you seek star maps as well as description of key star systems, then plumb the depths over here


    • The Palalyrn Cluster is a thriving and living place with unique things to discover. Take a look within and read up on artifacts/relics, flora and fauna, races, NPCs, Hazards, and interesting hobbies

Maps/Deck Plans

    • Alpha Dawn: Maps available here

    • Knight Hawks: Deck plans and rendered images available here


This is my contribution to the net community - a collection of short adventures and KH scenarios. Tell me what you think about it

    • Want to try Mission Impossible? Looking for ideas to spark a stagnant campaign? Then, check out Nemn Tiu's Missions

    • Knight Hawk Scenarios available here

New Game Rules

Sathar Frigate originally by Jeff Easley for cover of SFKH4

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