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Someone once asked me what Ongytenes means.  It is Old English for knowledge.
That is what this site is about. I have always enjoyed teaching others.  So as a hobby,
I have set this site up to share knowledge with others.  I feel that to hoard knowledge is
wrong and to pass it on to the next generation enriches society.

So enjoy the information, and remember, pass it on

Latest Activity
  • For the past few weeks I been transitioning from Gambas 2 to 3.11. Only complaint I had with version 3 is the editor's spacing gets off as I type. 
  • I have switched from Ubuntu to Linux Mint since I found Mate more to my liking than Unity.
  • Have Started adding pages for programming. See the Code  
  • Have opened an Instructable's Account
  • Have taken time off from work to care for my parents who have been diagnosed with cancer. Not sure as how long my hiatus will be.
  • My good computer was destroyed by lighting. Resorted to using an ancient and slow computer. This will certainly crimp my rendering video tutorials.

Latest Video Uploaded

This is a short video that was created in response to a request on how text shadows can be implemented in OpenOffice.

The Linux Counter attempts to measure 
(through surveys and statistics) 
the number of people using GNU/Linux operating systems.
Current Linux Distros in Use:
Notice: Some machines multi-boots different distributions.
A person without knowledge is like a carpenter without tools.
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