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Someone once asked me what Ongytenes means.  It is Old English for knowledge.
That is what this site is about. I have always enjoyed teaching others.  So as a hobby,
I have set this site up to share knowledge with others.  I feel that to hoard knowledge is
wrong and to pass it on to the next generation enriches society.

So enjoy the information, and remember, pass it on

Latest Activity
  • Updated my G+ Url. It is now
  • Updated my user profile on the LinuxMint site.
  • Using Gambas 3.9 and the editor's spacing has been fixed.
  • I'm back to posting videos on my YouTube channel. I have finally acquired a new computer that is able to do the video editing I needed.
  • For the past few weeks I been transitioning from Gambas 2 to 3.11. Only complaint I had with version 3 is the editor's spacing gets off as I type. 
  • I have switched from Ubuntu to Linux Mint as my primary Linux distro since I found Mate more to my liking than Unity.
  • Have Started adding pages for programming. See the Code  
  • Have opened an Instructable's Account
  • My good computer was destroyed by lighting. Resorted to using an ancient and slow computer with a defective video card. This will certainly crimp my rendering video tutorials.

Latest Video Uploaded

Noticed that Google Docs now have Speech recognition and just had to try it out. Found it does a pretty decent job. I tested it in Linux-Mint version 17.3.
Uploaded February 27, 2016

The Linux Counter attempts to measure 
(through surveys and statistics) 
the number of people using GNU/Linux operating systems.
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Notice: Some machines multi-boots different distributions.

An ignorant person is like a carpenter without tools.
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