Middle School Large Group Festival

***Links will be updated below when they are available closer to the events**

Please follow this link to register your band for the NEIBA middle school large group festival.

Please follow this link to print an invoice for your registration fee for NEIBA middle school large group.

A note regarding programming for Middle School Large Group Festival:

Large group festivals allow the opportunity for bands/directors to establish a long-term goal which can be used as a motivational tool to achieve an exemplary level of performance, and provide Immediate feedback from adjudicators in a clinic setting which reinforces previous teaching while also offering fresh perspective.

With those things in mind, here are some things to consider when programming for a performance at Large Group


Most host sites allow a 25-30 minute window for set-up, performance, clinic, and tear-down. As educators, we want to strive for a superior performance but also allow for live feedback from expert clinicians.

Allowing a bit of time for them to work with your group is fun and educational for both students and directors.


Selections for Large Group contest should be of the art music variety; avoid pop or novelty selections (save them for your home concert!)

Choose contrasting styles - consider tempo, articulation patterns, etc.

Consider the quality of the work - look for good form, depth, and orchestration. High quality music can be found at all levels!


Recently there have been school programs in trouble all over the country for breaking copyright law at performances. To be in compliance, you must have THREE original scores - one to conduct from, and one for each adjudicator. Photocopies are not acceptable, unless the work is Out of Print, in which case you will need to secure the publisher’s permission to copy.


Contact Mike Davies at mdavies@crprairie.org