Welcome to the website of the Northeast Iowa Bandmasters Association

If you are a band director at a school in the Northeast district of the Iowa Bandmasters Association, we encourage you to become a member of NEIBA and participate in district-sponsored events. If you are not currently on the NEIBA mailing list, a link to fill out registration information can be found on the Membership page along with requirements for membership. Contact Laura Engelhardt (neibasecretary@gmail.com) with questions regarding membership.

Want to be more involved in the Northeast Iowa Bandmasters Association (NEIBA)? Contact a member of the executive board or a committee member about how you can be more involved.

Executive Board Members:

*President serves one year as elect, one as president and one as past president for a total of three years served; Secretary/Webmaster and Treasurer do not have term limits

Chad Allard (CAllard@cr.k12.ia.us), President 18-19

Dustin Bliven (dustin.bliven@decorah.k12.ia.us), President-Elect 18-29

Kyle Engelhardt (kyle.engelhardt@cfschools.org), Past President 17-18

Laura Engelhardt (neibasecretary@gmail.com), Secretary/Webmaster

Nicole Davis (neibatreasurer@gmail.com), Treasurer

Please see the committee page (available in the top navigation) for a list of Committee Chairs.