My past as Freedom Fighter

Following the outbreak of war and the foreign attacks against Lebanon, I was still a kid but I chose to fight for freedom: I joined the Lebanese Resistance Movement known as Tanzim ("organization"). I was among the founders of the Lebanese Forces, the unified armed resistance, the military wing of the Front for Freedom and Man, the political resistant coalition, which later became the Lebanese Front. Charles Malek who chaired the third session of the UN General Assembly's Third Committee in Paris, which drafted the text for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and, in 1951, succeeded Mrs Roosevelt as president of the Human Rights Commission & in 1958-59 and was president of the UN General Assembly's thirteenth session, was one of its prominent members with also, former President Camille Chamoun.

Bachir Gemayel (commander in chief of the Lebanese Forces and member of the Lebanese Front) who had the ambition to be President of the Lebanese Republic, assigned me as the new leader of the "Gamma Group", an institution (who succeeded to Dar al-Amal, a popular committee) led by Raymond Arab (alias Moni). Under my leadership, the "Gamma" was transformed into a real "think-tank" including specialists, academics & intellectuals (such as Georges Frayha or Freiha -former coordinator of the popular committees and chief of staff of Bachir Gemayel presidential campaign-, Joseph Maila, Selim Jahel & Najib Amiouni) to plan the building of a modern and strong state in all of its sectors. It was like a "shadow government" composed of eighteen branches equivalent to eighteen ministries. Selim Abou wrote a synthesis of the main lines of the project in his book "Béchir Gemayel ou l'Esprit d'un peuple" (p.p. 349-360). Following the assassination of President Bachir Gemayel (1982), I became an adviser of Fouad Abou Nader who was elected as commander in chief of the Lebanese Forces in 1984.