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23/9/2013: from facebook:

  • Let me express my gratitude for this course 

    First of all, I have three criticisms towards university courses in general (which is a *great way* to start  ). But instead of sharing these criticisms let me just give the compliments straight away  This course is the only course that has been able to handle all three criticisms that I have towards university in general.

    1) I spent 180 to 200 hours on this course (6 ECTS should be 168 hours). It was awesome, I loved the challenge 

    2) I first wanted to learn about jQuery (= client side web programming). Then I discovered I could do a jQuery project with my best friend (I would program he'd do other stuff). So I wrapped up my first project and started on the second one. Eventually I got excited by programming iPhone apps, so I kind of did that as well (as a third project) and made some money along the way (always nice  ). In my essay I was able to relate it all back towards one thing (exploring multimedia technology).

    3) I learned theory, oh god did I learn theory (at one point I was attempting to program multiple cores at once, that didn't end well  ). Right after that I had to program that theory, which is a challenge in itself. I also noticed that once I nailed it, I was able to understand the theory a lot better. Every ounce of theory that I learned, I used it as well.

    The most interesting lessons that I learned are in the previous paragraphs.

    So if you want to, you can do it to  You gotta be a bit hardcore about it (I was with my client acquisition  ) and you definitely need to feel enthusiastic, I'm just saying that it is possible. You can integrate *a lot* into this course. 

    If I would have to do it all over again and I knew what I knew now, then I would play the integration card a lot more. Instead of what I did now, I would pick up a 4th project as well make it really academical (e.g. augmented reality). Create a prototype app out of it in such a way that I can write a paper about it and then create that as a set up for my master project which sets things up for a PhD for studying augmented or virtual reality (a topic that I find interesting). Create a product in the meantime and setup a company and both pursue the PhD and building the business that I set up. But that's only with the knowledge of hindsight 

    Knowing what I know now, it is definitely possible. I just didn't have the knowledge of this possibility, that's why I am giving it to you guys 

    My opinion: best course ever.
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