grading requirement(s)

play civic mission(s)


criteria / assignment(s) / deadline(s) ? / grading(s)

the requirements for grading may be refined during the course. 
However, for clarity:


minimal requirement(s)

  • updated portfolios
  • completed basic exercise(s)
  • completed final project(s)
  • readable (individual) essay(s), of (say) 2-5 pages 
  • overall satisfactory presence in class
  • peer review(s)
Let there be no mistake, without an updated portfolio and a serious essay, no grading! 
And, I repeat, your (also intermediary) feedback will be highly appreciated!


First date of delivery and grading: october 30,
To qualify for grading, you have to submit an explicit request for grading!
After the first round of grading, there will be one other round of grading for
which a request has to be submitted by email to before 15 june 2016. 
For more information, see final grading!

about the essay (new):

The primary importance of the essay is to serve as a reflection and experience report on your approach, the track chosen, your initial skill level and what you learned along the way. Discuss the problems you encountered and how you solved them. Also you may include a brief evaluation of the course, that is how it worked for you. And of course you may discuss more serious topic(s), including technical and design issues. The overall length of the essay should be 2-3 pages, but no more than 5!


  1. concept -- idea & plan of approach
  2. application(s) -- code + documentation (online!)
  3. documentation -- about approach and use of technology
  4. essay -- with a suitable selection of topic(s)
When applying for grading all results must be available on your website, as well as in a zip package! 
At the beginning of the project, you have to create a web site that gives access to all deliverables. During the course of the project, the website must reflect goals, progress, and achievements, preferably by demonstration(s) of partial results.

No need to repeat that all deliverables must be made available from your website. Finally, for documentation use PDF or HTML. In particular, .doc files will not be accepted!