focus group

education @ VU / course(s) / change(s) / professional(s) / attitude(s)



goal(s) -- comment(s) / facebook / outline(s) / opinion(s) / game(s)

  • programmeerdelen scheiden van portfolio, anders raken studenten het spoor bijster
  • verwachtingen aan studenten duidelijker maken
  • practicum inlassen waar je vragen kan stellen, met meer assistentie

change(s) -- outline(s) / request(s) / education(s)

  • personal portfolio(s), with identity, and obligatory (peer) review(s)
  • stress on skills, and (explicit) check for cheaters: PAC!
  • no flex/a3 anymore, only html5/js, canvas and associated libs
  • (planned) better explanation of assignment(s) and track(s)
  • stricter deadlines and explicit stress on grading requirement(s)!
  • and ... perhaps a focus group ..., ... any (further) questions?
... focus group [here]: means primarily a group of interested and (practically) involved students, to be assembled before or during the course, who may benefit themselves by participating, and who might contribute, also by giving technical support, to improving the course, and possibly be hired as student-assistant(s) ..., of which the honours-students may form (possibly only a sideways-related) sub-group  [] !

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