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  • 3/11/2015: grading done, next round of grading: 15 december 2015
  • 2/11/2015: grading -- there are problems with the few servers: see  done / nol
  • in script(s):  particle(s) -- tutorial system & advanced -- CSS / ... html
  • email errors: / / / / /

3/11/15: via email: Re: MMA -- grading / server error(s)

The second round of grading (after the crash) is done!
All groups listed in
have passed.

For the groups in
there are still some issues, please check and when everything is OK send me an email (
so that I can complete your grading.

And, no it will not be possible to get information about your grades via email,
however after you learn your grade from vunet and want to argue for a lower grade or even a higher grade
send me an email with your argument(s) as to what and why!

As a final comment, I must say that I was rather pleased with what I saw in the portfolios and with what I read
in the essays. The overall sentiments about this course were not as negative as I feared,
and the work presented I found overall quite original and worthwhile, at times even impressive! 

2/11/15: via email: MMA -- grading / server error(s)

due to server error(s) a number of portfolios are not accessible,
this seems, however, not te be your fault, but due to the migration of the
few servers.

So far, 28 students have been graded, the groups are listed in
and a selection of my favorites in:

the portfolios that were not accessible are listed in
No need to say that I have send a (worried) mail to
and for those who are affected you may do the same!

Also my course registration site seems to be affected, however you may still submit your peer review(s) & feedback:

peer review(s):
submit --
results  --

submit --
results --

and of course, I must (!) apologize for the delay of the results ...


PS the list of portfolios (of groups that requested for grading)  not accessible:


27/10/15: via email: MMA -- (submit & view) peer reviews & feedback: wtf: FIXED!

now that everything is fixed,
you're cordially invited to submit your peer reviews and the course feedback (join the discussion, I would say!)

peer review(s):
submit --
results  --

submit --
results --

there is now one peer review and there are four course evaluations (=feedback),
I sincerely hope to see more!

27/10/15: via email: MMA -- peer reviews & feedback: wtf: FIXED!

unfortunately a lot of information got lost, I really regret that, and to be honest I blame the FEW system
support for unannounced changes disrupting PHP scripts that had been running for many years!

however, problems are there to be solved, so I put in the work to adapt my scripts to these changes,
and they seem to work well again (for the curious among you, I had to make the data transfer explicit,
which required some hours of tedious typing ...)

Anyway, even with the scripts working again, I cannot reasonably force you or even ask you to resubmit everything,
however (of course) I would appreciate it if you would take the trouble to submit your feedback to this course (again)
using the form in:

and no doubt your fellow students will still appreciate your reviews, which can be submitted using
as indicated in:

For clarity, due to the system disruption you do not have the obligation to do that,
but still I consider reviews and feedback worthwhile aspects of my courses, and so with
all my apologies (on behalf of the system maintainers :) I repeat my humble request for your reviews and feedback!

have a good day, with regards

26/10/15: via email: MMA --  peer review(s) / feedback: few system errors!

in response to an apology of one of the students for a late submission of the peer reviews,
I noticed that there has been an unannounced change in the way php scripts are dealt with
at the few server, this was a recent change, however it meant that all your reviews
and submission of feedback forms were lost and are irretrievable, which I find really a shame
and for which I sincerely apologize, eventhough it was totally out of my control,
and I am tempted to use the phrase: unacceptable!

However, your grading will in no way be jeopardized by this system failure,
so don't worry, the results will not be affected by the absence of peer reviews and evaluations
and will hopefully be available at the end of the first week of october.

And of course, I have asked for some clarification at the IT service desk, see below.

 with best regards

Anton Eliens

PS the mail I sent to:

er lijkt iets veranderd te zijn in de afhandeling van php scripts
in plaats van een de infromatioe uit een <form> krijg ik selchts lege lijsten van variabelen terug via  zonder de informatie die voorheen via de variabelen daar in beschikbaar was.

Is er wat veranderd?
En hoe kan ik ervoor zorgen dat de betreffende php scripts blijven werken,
zoals bijvoorbeeld:
aangeroepen via:

mijn globale installing was (en is)

php_flag register_globals on

maar wellicht dat dat niet langer adequaat is!

Graag hulp!

20/10/15: via email: MMA -- [10 more days] grading / peer review(s) / feedback

I see that the portfolios are coming along ... promising ...
... 10 more days before the deadline, as a reminder:

do not forget the peer review(s), see:

and, your feedback on this course will be appreciated, use the online form:

and, once more, for all of you, success with the completion of your work!

14/10/15: via email: MMA -- grading / peer review(s) / feedback

in case your were not present today, do not forget to submit a request for grading,
if appropriate, see:

also, do not forget the peer review(s), see:
and keep in mind that negligence in this respect will have an effect on your grade!

finally, I would like your feedback on this course, via the online form:

finally, for all of you, success with the completion of your work! 

PS somehow, some of the mails I sent end in spam, I do not know why, seriously, but I hope that
you will still be able to process the information, and for all mails sent you may look at:

12/10/15: via email: MMA -- presentation final project(s) / peer review(s)

this wednesday will be the last session, with:
  1. 14/10/15  presentation final project(s) & (request for) grading 


also, you need then (if you wish) to apply for grading,
I will bring a paper with your names where you can indicate whether you ready for grading
for the first deadline of octover 30, see:

Before the deadline, but after the presentation of your project(s), you have to submit your peer review(s),
as indicated on:
Omission of peer review(s) may result in lowering your grade with 1 point!

If for some reason you cannot be present, you may indicate your readiness for grading by email to
indicating your groupnumber and the members of that group.
In that case don't forget to indicate your absence in

see you wednesday, and be in time!

28/9/15: via email: MMA -- worst pages / concept(s) / portfolio(s)

first of all, don't forget to create & submit your worst pages:
in my round along the portfolios, I encountered one, indeed from group 07!

so far only a limited number of groups presented their concept, this wednesday those
who did not present have the opportunity to present their concept after the worst page election!

and, I made another round along the portfolio, for those well on their way, keep going, there seems
to be nice work coming along, and for the others: get started or give up!

and again, if you do not want or are not able to come to class, use:

and finally, I included some updates in the support page:


till wednesday, and be in time!

21/9/15: via email: MMA -- concept presentation(s)

this wednesday, there will be your concept presentation(s), that is your idea(s)
for your final application(s) as dealt with in the workshop last week, preferably
in accordance with the theme of ... data / visualisation(s) / game(s) ...
you will be given about 2-3 minutes per group, and use a limited number of slides,
(easily) accessible from your portfolio!

also try to include the title and a short description on your portfolio before friday, so
that I can see it on my next round through your portfolio(s), likely by the end of the week,
or the beginning of next week.
I look forward to see and hear your ideas, and remember
be in time!

15/9/15: via email: MMA -- workshop

... don't forget to take paper and pencil(s) tomorrow ...
see my previous email in:
and (try to) be in time! 

12/9/15: via email: MMA -- portfolio(s) / workshop

I had a first look at your (online) portfolios, that is those that were available, which is for less than half
of the groups, for those I included some comments in your status file, that can be accessed via

As a comment, a note to myself you may say, I wrote:
  • with a total of now 43 groups, I got after a first inspection 4 NOL, 19 NOP, so again that is slow, slow, slow, and I repeat my assertion that also LI students should learn a bit more elementary craft in their first year, eventhough the speed of many IMM students may suggest that it is not only (a lack of) skills but also attitude that underlies the delay!

For those not yet online, or without portfolio, don't despair, I understand that for some it is difficult to get started
and the deadlines for this course are soft, that is whenever you complete your portfolio you can apply for grading
until the 15th of june, 2016. However, I strongly advice you to make an attempt to get started,
and again as a re-assurement, if you take an explorative approach and deliver a decent enough portfolio
you will pass this course. It is my opinion that everyone of you should learn the basic skills of programming
in javascript and the development of interactive web applications. And that should be within the reach of all of you!

This wednesday, I will do a workshop on the basic theme of ... data / visualisation(s) / game(s) ...
think of data that you would like to collect of yourself, and how to visualize that ...

see you wednesday, don't forget to bring pencil(s) & paper, and be in time!

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