Teaching and Supervision

Undergraduate Courses

  • Social Theory: Classical and Contemporary Approaches, SY5008, Term A, module leader

  • Gender Studies, SY6013, Term B, module leader

  • Research and Dissertation, SY6002, supervisor

  • Constructions of Identity, SY4012, module leader

Graduate Students: supervision and examination

Completed PhD students

  1. Dr Cigdem Esin: Construction of Sexuality in the Narratives of Well-Educated Young Women in Turkey. (Director of Studies, UEL funded, degree awarded in 2009)

  2. Dr Sally Sales: Paradoxes of adoption (Director of studies, degree awarded in 2009)

  3. Dr Chrysanthi Nigianni: Queer: Corporealising the other. (Second supervisor, UEL funded, degree awarded in 2009)

  4. Dr Gudrun Loehrer: Cinematic Governmentality: A Cultural History of Tuberculosis and Malaria Health Films in the United States of the 1940s (Second supervisor, UEL funded, degree awarded in 2009)

  5. Dr Anthea Elizabeth Williams: Priests in the Making or Priests Already? - The Life Stories of Candidates for Ordination in the Church of England. (Director of Studies, degree awarded in 2010)

  6. Dr Diane Yeh:Re-imagining (British)-Chineseness: The Politics and Poetics of Art and Migration in Diaspora Space. (Second supervisor, UEL funded, degree awarded in 2010)

  7. Dr Linda Sandino: Life History Narratives in the Applied arts. (Second supervisor, degree awarded in 2010)

  8. Dr Ruth Ballardie: ‘Making gender trouble-Tomboys and their sisters’ (External supervisor for Monash University, Australia, degree awarded in 2010)

  9. Dr Solveigh Goett: Linking Threads of Experience and Lines of Thought: Everyday Textiles in the Narration of the Self (Director of Studies, AHRC funded, degree awarded in 2011)

  10. Dr Natasha Prescott: A genealogical exploration of the conditions of possibility for re-feeding to emerge as a treatment regimen (Professional Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, second supervisor, degree awarded in 2013)

  11. Dr Anna Hulusjö: The multiplicities of prostitution experience: narratives about power and resistance. (External supervisor for Malmo University, Sweden, funded by the Swedish Crime Victim, degree awarded in 2013)

  12. Dr Mary Lodato: ‘'Goldenslippers in the sand': institutional abuse in Ireland, redress and recovery (Second supervisor, degree awarded in 2015) Listen to Mary being interviewed about her PhD journey here

  13. Dr Sabrina Liccardo: Re-imagining scientific communities in Post-Apartheid South Africa: A Dialectical Narrative of Black Women's Relational Seves and Intersectional Bodies. (Commonwealth split-site scholarship between Witwatersand University, South Africa and UEL, degree awarded in 2015)

  14. Dr Gergana Zaidan: The role of space in learning: spatio-educational experiences of female students within Emirati Higher Education. (Director of Studies, degree awarded in 2016)

  15. Dr Camille Barbagallo: ‘The Political Economy of Reproduction: motherhood, work and the home in neoliberal Britain’. (Second supervisor, UEL funded, degree awarded in 2016). [You can watch aspects from Camille's research here].

  16. Dr Sharon Gallagher: ME and its discontents: Life Stories and Photo Elicited Diaries of a 'Severe' Chronic Illness. (Director of Studies, degree awarded in 2016)

  17. Dr David Cudworth: Negotiations of Power and Resistance: a spatial exploration of educational policy and practice with particular attention to the stories surrounding the learning and teaching of Gypsy/Traveller Children (external supervisor for the University of de Montfort, degree awarded in 2017)

  18. Dr Isabel Meier: Re-Locating Asylum Activism: Asylum Seekers´ Negotiations of Political Possibilities, Affective Borders and the Everyday (advisor, degree awarded in 2019)

  19. Dr Emma Jones: Can the Colonizer Listen? Ethnographic Encounters with Empowerment (UEL Excellence scholarship, second supervisor, degree awarded in 2020)

Current Students (MPhil/PhD)

  1. Graham Robertson: Speaking ‘freely’ & ‘frankly’ in a school context: A Foucauldian approach to ’schooling’ [Director of Studies, part-time]

  2. Athanasios Vlachakis: Students at Risk: a Foucauldian approach [Director of Studies, full time]

  3. Ope Raji: Domestic Violence: perspectives of African women in the UK (Director of Studies, full time)

  4. Bayan Karimi: Experiences of Kurdish women activists in the Kurdish Movement(s) in Iran-1979-1999 (Director of Studies, part- time)

  5. Pernille Svare Nygaard: Professional Women at Aarhus University. A cultural-historical and cultural-theoretical study of everyday life of female students at the profession-oriented educations at Aarhus University 1938-1968. Funded Phd scholarship by Aarhus University, Denmark (external supervisor, full time)

  6. Ruksana Beigi: Making Art with Early Year Practitioners (Director of Studies, part time)

PhD/MPhil External Examinations

  1. Dr Kate Brooks, ‘She appears a promising child’: The role of the C19th orphanage in categorising young care leavers in terms of productive labour- a critical case study of Muller’s New Orphan Homes’ Dismissal Books 1830s – 1890s, Bath Spa University, September 2022, degree awarded.

  2. Dr Graham Michael Calvert, ‘The Production of the Depressed Subject in Teaching: A Foucauldian analysis of teachers’ narratives of their encounters with depression', University College London, May 2022.

  3. Dr Sonja van Wyk, An autoethnography of spiritual development in an Afrikaner cultural context: A Wilberian perspective, University of Pretoria, South Africa, January 2022.

  4. Victoria Martinez, Afterlives: Histories of Women Concentration Camp Survivors in Sweden, November, Linköping University, Sweden. 60% seminar, November 2021.

  5. Dr Aleya James, Investigating Space and Subjectivities of Emirati Female Graduating Students in a Neoliberal City, Bath University, March 2021.

  6. Dr Sophie van den Elzen: Antislavery in the Transnational Movement for Women’s Rights, 1832-1914: A Study of Memory Work. University of Utrecht, Netherlands, 2021.

  7. Dr. Mireille Fauchon: ‘Don’t Believe the Papers’: Tales of Everyday Life Interpreted and Told through Narrative Illustration Practice, Kingston University, 2020.

  8. Dr. Michael Hall: Struggles for the soul of higher education: a genealogy of graduate employability, University of Winchester, 2019.

  9. Dr. Daniel Leyton: Affective Governmentality, Ordo-liberalism and affirmative action policy in Higher Education. University of Sussex, 2018.

  10. Dr. Aggeliki Sifaki: Greek Lesbian Teachers: School, Nation, Family, University of Utrecht, Netherlands, 2018.

  11. Dr Siobhán Madden: The Mermaids fight for freedom: voices of feminist community activists plunging through neoliberal times. National University of Ireland, Maynooth, 2017.

  12. Dr Manoela dos Anjos Afonso: Language and place in the life of Brazilian women in London: writing life narratives through art practice. University of the Arts, London, 2017.

  13. Dr Joanna Mensinga: My Body/Mind Tells me Things my Profession and Sometimes I Find Hard to Hear: A Narrative Exploration of how Social Workers and Human Service Workers Listen to their Bodies in Practice, James Cook, CQU University Australia, 2017.

  14. Dr Celine Kearney, Southern Celts: An Investigation of how People with a Celtic/Gaelic Background Live Out Their Traditions in Aotearoa New Zealand. Victoria University, Australia, 2016.

  15. Dr Joan Norah Healey. How Occupational Therapy Students Negotiate the Emotional Aspects of their Placement Learning, Sheffield Hallam University, Doctorate in Education, 2015.

  16. Dr LynseyPlockyn: Widening Participation - Biographies of student transitions to Higher Education, University of Southampton, Doctorate in Education, 2015.

  17. Dr Pablo de Monte: Of degrees and villas. Writing and reading testimonios of high school graduates from a shanty town in Buenos Aires in their attempts to access and succeed in post-compulsory education studies. This is not a thesis. UCL Institute of Education, 2015.

  18. Dr Connor Tiarnach O’Donoghue: An auto/biographical study of Irish masculinities. Trinity College Dublin, 2015.

  19. Dr Josephine McSkimming: Identity Formation and re-formation within and beyond Christian Fundamentalism, University of New South Wales, Australia, 2014.

  20. Dr Ian McGimpsey: Youth service assemblage: youth work subjectivity and practice in the context of changing youth service policy, Institute of Education, University of London, 2014.

  21. Dr Helen Cerne: Circling Lyna: narratives exploring Lyna Bryans, the Darebin artists and the self, Victoria University, Australia, 2013.

  22. Dr Barbara Droth: Live Art, Life Art: A Critical Visual Study of three women performance artists and their documentation, Sussex University, 2013.

  23. Dr Jane Plowright: Theorising the state of 'demoncracy' through the prism of 'quality' in higher education. Monash University, Australia, 2013.

  24. Dr Maria Fordham: Being and becoming a Specialist Public Health Nurse (Homelessness), University of Bedfordshire, 2013.

  25. Dr Eleni Stamou: Exploring Youth Identities and Educational Pathways: Habitus, Technologies of Time, Identification. Institute of Education, University of London, 2013.

  26. Dr Charanjit, Singh: ‘Biography and the Educative: A critical Examination of the Life and Artwork of Wilhelm Heinrich Otto Dix’, University of Southampton, 2012.

  27. Dr Zoe Milsom: ‘Interwar Headmistresses: Gender, Identity, Space-place, University of Winchester, 2012.

  28. Dr Karen Williams: An Emergent Methodology for Creating a Transcultural Spatial Narrative, University of Canberra, Australia, 2011.

  29. Dr Vera Marten, ‘Accounting for Islamophobia as a British Muslim: The centrality of the “extra-discursive” in the discursive practices of Islamophobia’, Manchester Metropolitan University, 2010.

  30. Dr Meritxell Simon-Martin ‘Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon (1827-1891): Education, feminism and Agency in Epistolary Narrative, MpHil upgrade to PhD, 2010.

  31. Dr Carol Taylor, ‘All Manner of Becomings: Identity, Power and the Spaces of knowledge production in A Level student research’, University of Sussex, 2009.

  32. Dr Annette Braun: ‘Becoming Teachers: Gender, Biographies and a Borderland professor’, Institute of Education, University of London, 2009.

  33. Dr Russell Walsh: ‘Obscenities offstage: Melbourne gay saunas and the Limits of Representation’, Victoria University, Australia, 2008.

  34. Dr Robert Jones: ‘A Critical Discourse Approach to Research Widening Participation’, Staffordshire University, 2003

PhD/MPhil Internal Examinations for the University of East London

  1. Dr Elena Fejdiova: Female Cosmetic Coalitions: How to be Women together through direct sales cosmetics, 2018.

  2. Dr Michaela Told: A Gender Perspective on Transnationalism of the Sri Lankan Diaspora Communities in Germany, 2014.

  3. Dr Nicola Samson: Narratives of women’s belonging: life stories from an east London street, 2013.

  4. Dr Mastoureh Fathi: Classed pathways: Narratives of Iranian migrant women, 2011.

  5. Betty Nigianni: ‘The critical aesthetic of modern urbanism: experiencing Athens’, MPhil, 2010

  6. Dr Amira Ahmed: Locals and Aliens: Maids in Contemporary Egypt, 2009.

  7. Dr Adania Shibli: Visual Terror: A study of the Visual Compositions of the 9/11 Attacks and Major Attacks in the “War of Terror” by British and French Television Networks, 2009.

  8. Dr Stamatia Portanova: Dance Technology and the material mutations of rhythm, 2006.

  9. Dr Betti Marenco: Body marking/Body Mapping: Technologies of shifting Subjectivity through skin shedding machines, 2004