New materialisms

My interest in the genealogies and philosophies of neo-materialm was triggered by my involvement in COST Action IS1307: 'New Materialism: Networking European Scholarship on 'How matter comes to matter' (2014-2018)

New Materialism

Networking European Scholarship on 'How matter comes to matter'


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Visual Lives: Carrington’s Letters, Drawings and Paintings, BSA/Auto/biography monographs, 2010

Journal Articles

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Doing New Materialisms: an interview with Maria Tamboukou by Beatriz-Revelles-Benavente’ in Matter: Journal of New Materialist research, 1(1), 153-174, 2020.

‘New Materialisms in the Archive: in the mode of an œuvre à faire. In Mai: Feminism and Visual Culture, 2019.

Feeling Narrative in the Archive: the question of serendipity. Qualitative Research, 16(2), 151-166, 2016.

'Archival Research: Unravelling space/time/matter entanglements and fragments. Qualitative Research, 14(5), 617-633, 2014

Blog Entries

On the joys and pleasures of reading, entry for the Auto/bibliography of the New Materialism network, 2017

Almanac, entry for the Almanac of the New Materialism netwok, 2016