Co-authored books


‘Social science researchers have been turning to archival work but there has been little in the way of discussion about what they are doing and why. This excellent book fills that gap. It combines intellectual engagement with accessibility, and practical discussion of working in archives, by four authors who convey their grasp of and enthusiasm for the endeavour. Whether you are experienced at archival research or new to it, you will gain a lot from reading The Archive Project.’

Rosalind Edwards, University of Southampton, UK

See here details of a series of symposia that the authors have been organising around the book and my talks on:

'Tracks and Traces' at the Edinburgh event: Tracing the Trace (January 2017)

Flying in the Archive at the London event: The power of the metaphorical (March 2017)

Copying in the Archive: Trance Reading Through Writing at the Cambridge event: The multiplicities of writing (June 2017)

Discourse and Narrative Methods: Theoretical Departures, Analytical Strategies and Situated Writings. London: Sage (with Mona Livholts) 2015


A book full of insights, theoretical trails for students to follow, and voluminous references to the diversity of scholarly work informing narrative and discourse. Livholts and Tamboukou provide an important corrective to overly pragmatic books that emphasizes the “doing” of a narrative study. They invite us to think deeply about talk and text, visual image and power, and to interrogate our situated positions as researchers - essential components of good scholarly work.

Catherine Riessman, Professor Emerita, Boston University