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Feminist Narrative Analytics: Letters, archives and gendered labour politics. In SAGE Research Methods Datasets, SAGE Publications Ltd., doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.4135/9781473963467

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Encyclopedia entries

(2016) Archaeology and Genealogy. The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies. doi: 10.1002/9781118663219.wbegss121

(2015) Education (Primary and Secondary Schools) and Gender, International Encyclopaedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Second edition, 117-120.

Conference Proceedings

(2020) ‘Doing New Materialisms: an interview with Maria Tamboukou by Beatriz-Revelles-Benavente’ in Matter: Journal of New Materialist research, 1(1), 153-174.

(2012) ‘Ordinary/Extraordinary’: Narratives, Politics, History. Open Democracy, 7-12-2012. This article forms part of an editorial partnership, funded by the Gendered Ceremony and Ritual in Parliament research programme at the University of Warwick and the Leverhulme Trust.

(2011) ‘Portraits of Moments’: Visual and Textual Entanglements in Narrative Research. Current Narratives, III, 3-13. Proceedings of the Conference: Losing the Plot Tangling with Narrative Complexity, Conference on Narrative Research organized by the Narrative Network Australia in conjunction with Victoria University. Melbourne, July 9-10, 2010.

(2011) ‘Archive Pleasures or Whose Time Is It?’ In Forum: Qualitative Research, special issue on Qualitative Archives and Biographical Research. Online at: http://www.qualitative-research.net/index.php/fqs/article/view/1733/3233

(2011) ‘Qualitative Archives and Biographical Research Methods. An Introduction to the FQS Special Issue’ In Forum: Qualitative Research, special issue on Qualitative Archives and Biographical Research. (with Valles S. Miguel, Corti Louise, Baer Alejandro)

(2010)'Αυτοβιογραφικές αφηγήσεις, φεμινιστικές γενεαλογίες' [Auto/biographical narratives, feminist genealogies]. In S. Ziogou-Karastergiou (ed), Γυναίκες στην ιστορία των Βαλκανίων: Ιστορίες ζωής γυναικών εκπαιδευτικών.[ Women in the Balkan History-Life Histories of Women Educators]. Thessaloniki: Vanias, pp. 23-30. (in Greek)

(2007) ‘Interior styles / extravagant lives: gendered narratives of sensi/able spaces. In Edward H. Huijbens and Ólafur Páll Jónsson (eds) Sensi/able Spaces. Space,Art and the Environment, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Cambridge Scholars Press, 188-207.

Blog Entries

(2019) The Living Archive: unlearning to recognize, entry for the Observatory of the Refugee and Migration Crisis in the Aegean. (in English and Greek)

(2017) On the joys and pleasures of reading, entry for the Auto/bibliography of the New Materialism network

(2017) On the adventure of women workers' education, International Women's Day 2017

(2016 )The Adventure of Education, BERA blog on 'Research Matters'

(2016) Almanac, entry for the Almanac of the New Materialism netwok, also published in the open forum of

MATTER: Journal of New Materialist Research , 2020 as Almanac II

Exhibition Catalogues

(2019) Imagining Gwen John [Yn dychmugu Gwen John], essay in English and in Welsh for the Exhibition Catalogue In Between the Folds are Particles, Anna Falcini, Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown Powys, Wales, April 6-June 5, 2019 and at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, 16 March - 11 May 2020)

(2018) Bodies, Forces and Rhythms, an introductory commentary for the Exhibition Catalogue, Mato Ioannidou, 2017-18: Body and Soul, Depot, Art Galley, Athens, November, 2018.

Research Interviews


Doing new materialisms: an interview with Maria Tamboukou

Maria Tamboukou, Beatriz Revelles Benavente

Educational Resources on-line

(2021) Border Women in Narratives of Forced Displacement in Greece, an interview in faculty.net, https://faculti.net/border-women-in-narratives-of-forced-displacement-in-greece

(2018-2019) Revisiting the nomadic subject, https://sites.google.com/view/revisiting-the-nomadic-subject/

(2017) Women Workers’ Education, https://sites.google.com/site/womenworkerseducation/

(2016) Gendering the memory of work, https://sites.google.com/site/genderingthememoryofwork/

(2016 with Moore, Salter and Stanley) The Archive Project, https://sites.google.com/site/thebookarchiveproject/the-archive

(2015) Sewing, Fighting and Writing: the book archive, https://sites.google.com/site/mariatamboukou/the-book-archive