High School Honors Festival 
Vocal Auditions 

Mixed Choir:

All Tenors and Basses

Top Scoring Sopranos and Altos Grades 9-12

Treble Choir:

Sopranos and Altos Grades 9-12

The solo song for 2017-2018 is:

Solo: Gia il sole dal Gange” from 24 Italian Songs and Arias, Shirmer

Sing measures 1-48 for Medium High Voice (S/T) or Medium Low Voice (A/B), no ornaments, in Italian.

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There are 3 components to the vocal audition:

1) Vocal (S/A/T/B) Solo: “Gia il sole dal Gange”.  

2) Sight Singing

        * The examples will use Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol and La.

        * The examples will be four measures long and will be mostly stepwise.  The example may include the skip of a 3rd ascending on the tonic triad as well as Sol 

           descending to Do.  

        * The example may include quarter rests only.

        * Any combination of whole, half, quarter, and eighth notes.  Eighth notes may exist in pairs or groups of four.

        * Sight-singing will be in the same key as their scales.  (Bb for low and F for high).

        * Students will hear I-IV-V-I followed by the tonic/octave starting note to prepare the ear.  

        * Students will be given a minute to look over the example prior to singing.

3) Pitch Matching

        * A series of three 3-note patterns in 2 registers in a comfortable range.

(NO Major Scale requirement for this audition.)


*On a different note, we also agreed to record the learning tracks at 60% tempo so that the students can tackle the more difficult songs without tempo inhibiting their progress.

*The mixed choir will be more competitive next year as we are making it a little smaller. Choir will be closer to 100.



Click the links below to see sight reading examples for the listed parts:

High Voice Sight Singing Example

Low Voice Sight Singing Example

Pitch Matching Example