District 1 Music Libraries

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Library contacts and locations are following.  

Please email the contact to inquire about borrowing music.

High School Choral Library:  District One Vocal Library:  Suzanne Proulx, Westbrook HS

High School Band Library:

High School Orchestra Library:

High School Jazz Library and past High School Jazz Programs

So. Maine Middle School Choral LibraryTracy Wheeler Williamson, Gorham MS

So. Maine Middle School Band LibraryKim Mathieu, Gorham MS

6th Grade - South - Choral LibraryAnne Kennedy, Saco MS

6th Grade - North - Choral Library:  Tracy Wheeler Williamson, Gorham MS

6th Grade - South - Band Library:  

6th Grade - North - Band Library: Kim Mathieu, Gorham MS


All-State Libraries:

“The MMEA Board is trying to gather any music that has been used in the past for Band and Orchestra All-State.  If you have been a manager or know someone that has been a manager or have borrowed All-State music, could you please bring the music to the All-State registration to be collected by Gina Provenzano.  You may contact her directly to make other arrangements at gprovenzanodistrictv@gmail.com

 Choral music has already been delivered to the Bangor Public Library and will be available soon.  Once the band and orchestra music is collected, this music will also be available to all music teachers free of charge (must have FREE library card) and can even be delivered free of of charge through library loans.   You will simply need to go to URSUS or call the library.  The Bangor Public Library has agreed to maintain this for the MMEA and we are most grateful.  

 Please spread the word!!”

MMEA District 1 Chairperson:  Allen Thomas:   mmeadistrict1@gmail.com

MMEA District 1 Webmaster:  Tracy Wheeler Williamson:  tracybwheeler@gmail.com