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1. Ecoville. Build an eco-friendly town. You chose where everything goes, but don't forget to do research and check the level of electricity and pollution so they do not get out of hand!

2. Lâchez-prise. A monster took over the house! You must kill it by finding all the energy problems of the house!

3. Detritusvore. A memory game where every pair that you find goes into a big tube and is fed to the Détritusvore. He will then recycle all the materials into something great!

4. Réduisons nos déchets. Little movies and facts about trash and how to reduce them.

5. Le Calendrier des Gestes Ecologiques. Choose your character, type your name and go explore 12 ways to save energy and resources.

6. Ekoloko. Go on quests to go up levels and win prizes as you save the earth and make it a better place. You have to register for free in order to play this game. Once your character is created, you can go through the tutorial to learn how to play and then you'll be on your own.

7. Carburo.
Follow RN Carburo in his adventures to create a better planet! You're the detective here, he cannot do it without you!

8. Honoloko.
Choose your language and go play this board game. Every time you play, the questions are different and so is the outcome!

9. Hector le Castor. Discover all the secrets of water with Hector.

10. Professeur Atchoum.
Follow Atchoum in his adventures to protect the earth.

11. Un Samedi avec Lulu. Spend a day with Lulu to learn about creating less waste.

12. Moi, je trie. Learn how trash can be separated to be recycled.

13. Clim'Way.

14. Calcule ton empreinte ecologique.