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1st grade

1. Oscar l'escargot. Review your numbers with this cute snail!

2. Pomme et Marina. Learn while having fun here!

3. Petit Ours Brun. Click on "Jeux d'éveil" to access the fun! Coloring, memory game and more here !

4. Tibooparc. There you can play some games online, and even print two game booklets to use when away from the computer!

5. Boowa et Kwala. From labyrinths and songs to dress up games, everybody can find something to have fun!

6. La Lune de Ninou. Explore Ninou's world and learn with her as you go!

7. Pingu. This penguin and his friend the seal have you work on your puzzle and memory skills!

8. Le monde de Zazou. Match the animals with their names, put sentences in the right order, and a few more games!

9. Les formes. Place the characters on their shadow !

10. Diddl. Play games, read stories, color or get crafts and recipe ideas from this adorable mouse !

11. La planète des chiffres. Choose what numbers you want to work on, click on the headphones and listen carefully to pick the correct number !

12. Minimops. This National Geographic website will let you play with music, puzzles, dot-to-dot activities and more!

13. El Buho Boo. Work on your computer skills... Push keys, drag things, have fun!

14. Kidzo. Play with puzzles, shapes, numbers and more!

15. Literacy Center. Work on your letters, numbers, alphabet and shapes.

16. Poisson Rouge. Explore this crazy world, collect the trophies and have a blast!

17. Le Chat. This kitten would love to catch your mouse... Will he get you?

18. Gogoki. Work on your numbers, connect the dots, and make things move!

19. Faust et Hubert. Watch this internet version of Tom and Jerry chase each other!

20. A.B.C. Catch the letters and then move the broken pieces to reconstitute them!

21. Bibliothèque virtuelle des maths. Where you can learn by practicing!

22. Les tibidous.

23. Que fait Picbille?

24. Que fait Picbille (#2)

25. Dédé et les cartons éclairs.

26. Dessins Mysteres.

27. Chez Polo