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1. Le Monde de Koda. Learn about the instruments, how to write and read music, rhythm, and more!

2. Les couleurs de l'orchestre. Learn about the different instruments that compose an orchestra, watch videos and play games!

3. Musique du Moyen-Age. Middle-Ages instruments were different than the ones today. Learn about them through stories, pictures and mp3's.

4. Le Laboratoire d'Instruments. On this website, you can manipulate and hear every instrument in the orchestra!

5. Instruments du monde. Travel around the world in a quest to find instruments that you do not know....

6. Musenvol. A lot of interactive activities to learn about instruments and music in general.

7. Do Re Mi. Direct an orchestra, learn about famous classical composers, and more right on this site!

8. Le Coin du Musicien. From antiquity to jazz and romantic music, you can learn about 11 different music styles here.

9. Théorie de la musique.