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2nd grade

1. Doeo. This site is a fun way to learn how to move your mouse fast and accurately. Try to catch as many doeos as possible! Can you beat Madame Alix?

2. Le grenier de Bisou. This site contains videos, games, and more! If you have a printer you can print coloring pages and masks.

3. Toupie et Binou. Have fun with Toupie and his friend Binou!

4. Bumba. Go help Bumba the clown clean his circus tent!

5. Inuk. Explore the ice with Inuk to find games and more!

6. Caillou. You can play alone or with an adult in Caillou's house!

7. Fungooms. Click, drag, enjoy!

8. Zéphir. Follow Zéphir the dragon in his world!

9. Envolerie. Games and stories that will help you in French and Math!

10. Picandou. Follow this cute hedgehog for some memory time, tables and other puzzles!

11. Tipirate. Quiz, songs, animals, online colorings and even things to print!

12. Max et Tom. Be better at math and reading with these exercises!

13. Planète Kid. Click on everything to find the games!

14. Promenade dans la maison. You create the story by choosing where you want to go in the house!

15. Pepit. Do the exercises in your age category!

16. Taka t'amuser. A lot of games to review what you learned.

17. Alpha Lire. Review or better your reading skills with this site!

18. Oui-Oui. Play with colors, balloons, labyrinth and more!

19. Le cercle enchanté. 12 months, 3 math and thinking games per month... All available now!

20. La planète des chiffres. Do you really know ALL the numbers to 100? Test yourself with this game!

21. Nelly et César. Play with the animals in the woods!

22. El Buho Boo. Click, push keys, drag, have fun with this cute website!

23. Les Canards. Use your head to understand how the ducks need to be arranged to go on to the next level...

24. La Poule. Can you help the chicken cross the roads and rivers?

25. Poisson Rouge. Explore this fabulous fantastic world, collect all the trophies and learn along the way!

26. Le Chat. Make this kitten purr, meow or play with your mouse!

27. Les Binettes. Align the smiley faces so that at least 3 of the same color are aligned...

28. A.B.C. Catch the letters of the alphabet, and then click on the broken pieces to form the letter again!

29. Boohbah. This will help you work on your mouse skills.

Bibliothèque virtuelle des maths. Where you can learn by practicing!

31. La Maison de Loupy. Learn how to better take care of your dog!

32. Wismo. Stories and games...

33. Signaline. Take care of your teeth better with the help this mouse!

34. Tibao. Explore l'Afrique avec lui.

35. Pomme et Marina. Learn while having fun!

36. Comptines animées.

37. Les Tibidous.

38. Boohbah #2

39. Bob le Bricoleur.

40. Cloudy.

41. Rue des enfants.

42. Carmen a la campagne.

43. Chateau du géant.

44. Chateau magique.

45. Mission spatiale.

46. Chez Polo.

47. EduClasse.

48. La planète des chiffres.

49. Les enfants.