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4th grade

1. Doeo. Catch all the Doeos! This game demands very good eye-mouse coordination... Do you have what it takes?

2. Chez Merlin. Learn about math, French or social studies and then take the quiz!

3. Lakanal. Math, games, French, discoveries are all over this site!

4. Chez Alice. Reading and math games make it fun to learn!

5. Jeux de Lulu. Logic, strategy, observation and more games !

6. Matou Matheux. From algebra to geometry, this site helps you understand math and then quizzes you !

7. Pepit. Work on your math and French skills here !

8. Ptit Clic. Tangrams, optical illusions and labyrinths are just a few of the games you can play on Ptit Clic !

9. Alex. Explore a house with this robot to know more about safe behaviors!

10. Prévention routière. Learn the rules to be safe on and around roads.

11. Expert de la prudence. Be a "safety expert". Learn how to be safe in a wide range of settings.

12. Jeffekol.
Logic, literature, games, geography, this website offers a wide variety of subjects to study!

13. Click Souris. If you like to read and create your own stories, this site is for you!

14. C'est Pas Sorcier.A YouTube list of C'est Pas Sorcier videos! Pick your episode and enjoy!

15. Poisson Rouge. Dive in this imaginary world for hours of fun!

16. Exercices de Français. Reading, vocabulary, grammar, all the components of the French language are here for you to work on!

17. Kid Malin. This site contains math, French, crafts and recess sections...

18. William l'Hippopotame. Help William the Hippo find his mother... You must listen to the clues everybody gives you!

19. Blob Ink. Color the picture using only your keyboard arrows...

20. Rue 512. It's all games on here, but you still need to use your head to think! You do not need to register to play, just look at the bottom of the screen, use the arrows to pick you game and enjoy!

21. Tourne-pierres. Remove the stones of the same color by grouping them by 3's (at least!).

22. Bibliothèque virtuelle des maths. Virtual math library...

23. Pomme et Marina. Learn French and Math while having fun!

24. Paires éclair.

25. EduClasse.

26. TakaBosser.