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5th grade

1. Doeo. Catch as many Doeos as possible in 40 seconds.... Not as easy as it sounds! Think you're good? Try this game in "hard" mode!

2. Lakanal. Math, games, French, discoveries are all over this site!

3. Echos d'école. A bunch of topics to study, all in games!

4. Matou Matheux. From algebra to geometry, this site helps you understand math and then quizzes you !

5. Pepit. Work on your math and French skills here

6. Ptit Clic. Tangrams, optical illusions and labyrinths are just a few of the games you can play on Ptit Clic !

7. Memot. Work on your vocabulary with this site. Create your own lists and this site will help you study !

8. Prévention Routière. Learn the rules to be safe on and around roads.

9. Soutien Scolaire. Get better at science, history, geography, math and French with this site !

10. Chez Louisette. Games, videos, stories, Louisette invites you in her world!

11. Jeffekol. Logic, literature, games, geography, this website offers a wide variety of subjects to study!

12. Exercices de Français. Reading, vocabulary, grammar, all the components of the French language are here for you to work on!

13. Bibliothèque Virtuelle des Maths. Virtual math library.

14. Jeux de Geographie. See how well you know the world...

15. Pomme et Marina. More French and Math games here!

16. EduClasse.

17. Takabosser.

18. Arcademics Skillbuilder

19. Revision sur les états du Nord et les capitales