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1. Bout de Ficelle. An online painting gallery.

2. Sumo Paint. A free online version of PhotoShop.

3. Foundation Bemberg.
Learn about art and art history.

4. Decod'Art.Analyze, compare and contrast art pieces in this online magazine.

5. La Cartoonerie. Create your own cartoon.

6. Jackson Pollock. Your mouse becomes a paint brush and every click changes the color of paint you are using.

7. L'ABC du Décoiffé. A cute animated alphabet book.

8. Alpha Bazar. Random creative programming. Click on a picture at the bottom to see what will load and how you can interact with it.

9. Picasso Head. Browse the gallery or create your own Picasso Head.

10. Make Belief. Create your own comic strip.

11. Le Musée en 100 Chefs d'Oeuvre. Browse through 100 paintings, by century or by author.

12. Le Pop Art. A lot of information about the Pop Art movement.

13. La dimension BD.

14. Miro.

15. Des jeux pour decouvrir l'art.

16. Des robots en papier...