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3rd grade

1. Le jardin de Pouce-Vert. Play with the animals to learn while having fun!

2. Chez Merlin. Work on your French, Math and Social-Studies skills on this neat website!

3.  Pomme et Marina. Learn while having fun! Math and French games here!

4. Wumpa. Explore the north pole and the ice with Wumpa!

Arcademics SkillBuilder

6. Chez Alice. Work on your math and reading skills here!

7. Jeux de Lulu. A bunch of games to make you think! Math, memory, observation games, pick your favorite!

8. Le Matou Matheux. From geometry to algebra, this site can really help you be better at math!

9. Pepit. French, Math, weather, days and much more can be practiced on this website!

10. Max et Tom. Work on your math, reading and sound skills with these fun activities!

11. Théo et Léa. Spend a day with Théo and Léa to identify the dangers of a house!

12. Prévention routière. Activities that help children be more aware of the right behaviors around cars!

13. Continette. An assortment of little stories.

14. Up to 10. A lot of free games and activities on this website!

15. Tralalère. Jokes, documentaries, games and more are available on this website!

16. Poisson Rouge. Explore this fabulous world for some crazy adventures!

17. La Petite Ferme. French and memory exercises around the farm theme....

18. Exercices de Français. Grammar, conjugation, reading, vocabulary, this site covers it all!

19. Il était deux fois. Interactive tales where you have to click on the images of the words of a certain color...

20. Kid Malin. Alphabetical order, organizing numbers and games are some of the things you can do on here.

21. Blob Ink. Using only your arrows, color the entire picture.

22. Rue 512. Use the arrows at the bottom to chose your game. You do not need to create an account to play.

23. Les Binettes. Get rid of the smiley faces by grouping them in 3's or more!

24. Tourne-pierres. Destroy the stones by grouping them in 3's or more.

25. Bibliothèque Virtuelle des Maths.

26. Do Ré Mi.

27. Les couleurs de l'orchestre.

28. Maths à pic.

29. Paires éclair.

30. EduClasse.

31. TakaBosser.

32. Taka t'amuser.

33. La guerre des maths.

34. Primaths.

35. Rapidus

36. Go Maths!

37. Champion des maths!

38. Additir.

39. Tank Maths.

40. Soustraction.

41. La bonne étoile.

42. La cible.

43. Complément à 100.

44. Exercices de maths (facile).

45. Exercices de maths (plus difficiles)